How to Watch US Netflix in China; Get All Possible Solutions

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Restrictions on US Netflix in China

For the first time in China’s internet history, you cannot actually blame the Great Firewall of China because of some specific content’s unavailability in the region. As it happens to be the case, Netflix blocks its own access if you are trying to access it from a region where it does not offer its services.

US Netflix in China does not work. If you are travelling to the Chinese region, you will be slammed with a geo-block error indicating that your IP address is not allowed to access any of the movies, TV shows and documentaries offered on Netflix US.

Can I Watch Netflix in China?

Absolutely! Watching Netflix in China is not as difficult as it seems. You only need a good internet connection with high speed and a little knowledge of how the proxies and VPNs work. The technologies that we have just mentioned are used to replace your IP address with other in order to provide you access to blocked websites and services.

But knowing the nature of Chinese government and authorities, we recommend all our readers to unblock Netflix through a VPN service in China. If you are an advocate of net neutrality in China and looking for a service that could give you access to all blocked American websites and streaming services, VPN service is your best bet!

How to Watch US Netflix in China

There are two solutions to put an end to your misery of not being able to watch Netflix in China. You can either use a proxy that is free and provides access to restricted websites but makes you highly vulnerable to malware and surveillance agencies or you can use a paid VPN service that enhances your IP address to provide you access to Netflix.

As you would imagine, the paid option is much better than using a free proxy service. The VPN also shields you from the spammers, malware, Great Firewall of China and hackers. We have some of the selected VPN service providers that are reportedly working in China. Check them out.

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Is Netflix Coming to China?

After successfully launching its services in Australia and New Zealand earlier this year, Netflix now plans to expand its services in the Asian region as well. We are already aware of the fact that Netflix will be available in Japan in by the end of 2015 but a source inside Netflix tells that it also plans to expand its services to China as well.

While the news is encouraging for the US expats living in China, it only seems a distant reality as of now. China is known for its extensively strict censorship policies, entering the Chinese market would mean making a separate space for American content in the Chinese region.

Problems and Challenges Faced by US Netflix in China

According to recent stats, 649 million internet users are based in China. Such staggering numbers have convinced Netflix to not only introduce its services in China, but also to export the movies and TV shows that are being produced in China right now.

But what happened with Facebook, Twitter, Google and Youtube (all American websites and streaming channels) is not hidden from anyone. China has not only banned them, but has also released its own version of the aforementioned websites. Netflix, on the other hand, seems reluctant to include a local partner (Chinese company) while it plans to move ahead with its plan.

Netflix’s stubbornness may shatter its dream of making its service available in the Chinese region. The Chinese authorities are hell bent on making things difficult for foreign entertainment industries in China. The authorities have done everything to protect the local industry and therefore have set strict terms and conditions for anyone wanting his service to work in China.

If Netflix is to work in China, it will have to get eight licenses from the Chinese government. Otherwise, the users can forget about watching Netflix in China unless they are using a VPN service to do so. Some recent stats suggest that Netflix is loved and cherished even by the Chinese people who, after the season 3 of House of Cards was released, pirated it more than 60,000 times within a day!


The recent development suggests that Netflix is willing to operate even in China now but the increasing demands of the Chinese government and authorities to protect the local media possess a serious threat to Netflix. The prospect of Netflix in China is promising as it has the most internet users in a single country, but would it be able to capitalize on it? That remains a mystery.

Anyway, if you are looking to stream the US Netflix in China, you will need a good internet connection with a VPN service. By changing your IP address, you will be able to watch shows like House of Cards without having to pirate them.

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