How to Watch UEFA Super Cup in 5 Easy Steps

How to Watch UEFA Super Cup in 5 Easy Steps

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One of the most watched football matches, the UEFA Super Cup is contested on an annual basis between the existing champions of UEFA Champions League and Europa League. While many like to watch UEFA Super Cup live; only a few get the opportunity to watch the match in stadium. Since UEFA Super Cup is presented to the winner at the end of the match without any other team contesting for it, the critics have labeled it a mismatch very often.

This year the UEFA Super Cup will be played at Boris Paichadze Dinamo Arena in Tbilisi, Georgia on 11th August between Sevilla – the winners of Europa League and Barcelona – the winners of UEFA Champions League. Anyway, if you are planning to watch the free pixelated streaming, we would advise you to go through the manual we have created for you so you can enjoy watching some quality football action on your devices.

How to Watch UEFA Super Cup Online

While watching the match live in a stadium is always fun, sometimes you are forced to sit out and watch it on your TV set or personal gadget. If you happen to be in a region where the access to streaming is restricted, we would advise you to follow the below steps to get connected to witness the magic of football in flow!

  1. Select a VPN service with a server in Georgia or any other country where the match is being live broadcast and sign up with it.
  2. Connect to a server where the streaming is available.
  3. For better results, opt for paid channels and sign up with them. If you already have an account with them, you do not need additional subscriptions.
  4. Find the link of the live match.
  5. Click on it and start watching it!

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Pure footballing genius on display…

We are going to share with you a few short clips of Messi literally toying with the opposition. We hope the Sevilla superstars do not wake up the demon that lives beneath him, because if they did, Messi would single-handedly win the Super Cup for Barcelona.
Let’s begin with the genius showcasing his talent like a boss!

Left, right! Left right! And pass it on….

Free kick just outside the box? Easy Peasy Lemon Sqeezey!


Pure gold.


Clinical finish.


Sliding tackle what?


UEFA Super Cup Free Streaming

You can also rely on the classic old way of finding yourself a suitable free link for streaming but that too comes at a cost. It costs you your online privacy. So before you do that, we recommend empowering your online security with one of the above mentioned VPN services or any antivirus software. Since the free links are usually ad-supported, a single click on any ad may land you in trouble by downloading a malware or hacking/spy software on your device.

Stats Trivia

If the stats and trivia are to be considered for predicting a final winner, Barcelona clearly leaves Sevilla behind with making 8 appearances in the UEFA Super Cup so far. But we think it would be injustice to Sevilla, if we not mention that they were the runners-up in the UEFA Super Cup 2014 when they faced Barcelona’s arch rival – Real Madrid.

Out of the three appearances that Sevilla has made, it has won only one UEFA Super Cup. Barcelona on the other hand, has made eight appearances and has been the runners-up in four while winning the other four UEFA Super Cups. The stats go in Barcelona’s favor, but their recent pre-season form suggests they might struggle a bit if Sevilla decides to turn up for good.

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