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TVPlayer is a streaming service only available in the UK that streams Free Live TV Channels i.e. BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and 5, and Dave. The service is absolutely free, but viewing premium TV channels there is a monthly subscription.

TV Player is however geographically restricted. It means, anyone accessing the website from outside UK will not see any video content. In fact, all they would see is a message that says ‘content is only available in UK’. Here you need a best VPN that unblocks geo-restricted websites.


Here is a guide on how to watch TV Player outside UK where you could stream tons of Live TV channels including Football World Cup 2018. You can watch these channels over a web browser, or through a mobile screen with TV Player app.

VIDEO Guide on How to Watch TVPlayer Outside UK

Here is a Video Tutorial that describes how you can watch TVPlayer Outside UK:

How to Watch TV Player outside UK

TV Player is an English streaming service, which means people from outside UK cannot access the service until you have a VPN service running. A VPN service would let you connect to a UK server and will trick the website into thinking your original location is from UK. Hence, it will allow you to watch TVPlayer outside UK.

We have listed down some of the best UK VPN service that unblocks TV Player from outside UK:

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How to Watch TV Player outside UK with a VPN

Step 1: Choose a VPN from the table provided above

Step 2: Go to its website, download its VPN app for your device

Step 3: Once downloaded, connect to a UK server

Step 4: Once connected, visit TV Player website

Step 5: Click on Watch Live menu located at the top

Step 6: A media player window will appear and at its right side you will find various channels

Step 7: Click on any channel and start streaming British TV Shows and IPTV channels.

How to Watch World Cup 2018 from Anywhere for Free

Football World Cup is about to head towards Round of 16 stage and that is where everything becomes interesting. The best 16 teams will fight to claim their place in the Quarterfinals. Therefore, never miss a moment which is about to be revealed in few days, and that is why we recommend you to watch the World Cup for FREE if your country doesn’t broadcast any World Cup matches.

TV Player is the streaming service where you can watch Football World Cup for free outside UK. However, as discussed earlier, this streaming service is geographically restricted. Meaning, you would need a VPN to watch its content live in your country. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Subscribe to a VPN from the table provided above

Step 2: Download its app for Windows, Android, or iOS from VPN website

Step 3: Now connect to a UK server

Step 4: Once connected, visit TV Player website

Step 5: Choose ITV (Official World Cup Broadcaster) from the options on the right side

Step 6: Now start streaming Football World Cup

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TV Player USA

TVPlayer is not available in the US as discussed earlier, but people in the US or around the world can still access the website and view its content with the help of a VPN. If you’re present in the US, a VPN will change your US IP with a UK IP when you’re connected to a UK server. As a result, you can all the content of its website.

To watch TVPlayer in USA, you need to follow the steps that are highlighted below:

Step 1: Subscribe to any of the VPN provider mentioned in a VPN table in this guide

Step 2: Download its VPN app by visiting their website

Step 3: Enter Username and Password > Connect to a UK server

Step 4: Visit TVPlayer website

Step 5: Click on Watch Live option > Now start streaming Live TV Channels.

TVPlayer Free Option


When going for a free TVPlayer option, you get to view 5 popular channels to stream it live on TVPlayer website. These channels include BBC One, ITV, Channel 4 and 5, and Dave. You can either watch it on your mobile screen, computers, or tablets.

TVPlayer Plus Premium Option

TVPlayer premium option shows you over 100 channels in which it streams up to 37 premium channels. Its monthly subscription costs £5.99, but it comes with a 14-day free-trial. You can get the free-trial version and watch the Football event and after that it is up to you if you need to continue with the subscription.


Its annual subscription is even more fun that costs £59.99 with first 2 months free. As a result you save up to 17% in the entire year.

TV Player Compatible with Devices


TVPlayer is compatible to almost all devices that are popular with online users. Firstly, the device is available in Play Store, iTunes, Windows Store, and at Amazon. The devices include Amazon Fire TV Stick, Smart TVs, Windows 10, Roku, Xbox One, Apple TV, Freesat, Humax 3, and EE TV.

The Wrap Up

TVPlayer is a popular streaming choice when it comes viewing free streaming Live TV channels. It offers you to watch BBC One, ITV, Channel 4 and 5, and Dave. ITV is the official broadcaster of Football World Cup and that is where you can watch the streaming live. However, the TV Player app and website are geo-restricted, which means you require a VPN to gain access. This guide tells you exactly on how to watch TVPlayer outside UK.

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