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Having gone on-air for the first time on 17th December, 1976; TBS has been in the entertainment industry for nearly 40 years now. Turner Broadcasting System, a subsidiary of Time Warner Group, owns the channel and has subjected it to various revamps since its beginning. The headquarters of the TBS are located in Atlanta, Georgia and the channel uses the slogan “very funny”.

The slogan reveals the nature of the programming as well, the broadcast has been this way ever since the channel redesigned the logo in 2004. According to a latest survey, TBS is watched in 83% of the households in America. Apart from running the sitcoms, the channel covers some sporting events such as Major League Baseball (MLB), NASCAR and Professional Wrestling as well.

Watch TBS Live in the United States

Since the channel is available on all the cable providers, you can watch your favorite TBS Comedy shows anywhere in the US. If you are bound to travel from New York to Washington and you do not want to miss the latest episode of The Family Guy or The Big Bang Theory, you can enjoy the TBS live streaming with your TBS app.

Apart from watching these awestruck TBS Comedy shows, you can watch your favorite MLB and other sporting events as well. Depending upon the speed of your internet connection, you can get the crystal clear reception on your iPads, iPhones, tabs, smartphones and laptops as the channel provides 1080i resolution picture format.

Unblock and Watch TBS Online Streaming outside the US

Since we have already made it very much obvious, the channel is highly restricted for viewership within the territories of the US. If you are working anywhere in the world, except for the American region, you will be denied the access to the channel instantly. Even the long lasting friend, United Kingdom, gets a shrug from the US when it comes to restrictions.

If you are looking to make the burden fall off your shoulders, download and install a VPN in your device. With a VPN, you will be able to access the TBS website with ease, BUT you will need to have a valid subscription of any of the cable provider that supports TBS. Take our word, subscribing to a VPN service for the sake of laughter and a few adrenaline rushes is not a bad deal at all!

Here are some of the best VPN services that unblock all your favorite TBS Comedy shows with TBS live streaming.

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TBS App for Laptops, Smartphones, iPads and Tabs

Ever since the advent of the latest gadgets, all the channels have made sure to keep their pace up with the growing needs of the industry. TBS, too, followed the suite of other channels and has designed its app for all the popular smartphones, tabs, iPads and other devices to make sure their viewers are in touch and fully updated with the schedule and episodes of their favorite TBS shows.

What does the TBS app offer, you might ask? Well it offers you a wide range of extra clips from the TBS shows, the latest episodes of the popular TBS comedy shows, episode guides, gives you the option to schedule the TBS shows so you can get notified by the app, when the shows are available on TBS live streaming. The TBS app is absolutely free and requires Android 2.3 or above version to run on Android devices, and needs iOS 7 or above to run on iPhones and iPads.


Having been in the industry for nearly four decades, TBS feels obligated to provide its viewers with the best transmission that could cheer them up. With TBS shows like Friends, The Big Bang Theory, The Family Guy and Meet the Smiths on offer, we think it is doing a pretty decent job at making the people laugh when they are sad. Not to forget the sporting events, it is a perfect gift for those who are sports lovers and like to watch light-hearted TV shows.

The only complaint we have with TBS is that, it limits its access to the American viewers only. A channel with such great comedy shows and coverage of sporting events should be made available universally. But, unless that happens, we recommend everyone to try their luck with one of the above mentioned VPNs for TBS live streaming.

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