How to Watch Sky Sports Online In Australia

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When it comes to watching your favorite sports be it Tennis, hockey, football, cricket especially IPL 2018 and others, nothing comes close to Sky Sports. Yes, you have read it right. This is because Sky Sports has a huge fan following from all around the world.

Surprisingly, there are Sky Sports lovers in Australia those who want to access the live coverage of their desired sports channel. Read our guide to explore different ways on how to watch Sky Sports online in Australia.

Watch Sky Sports Online In Australia

Sky Sports has been satisfying the craving of football fans, cricket fans, rugby fans, formula 1 fans, and golf fans for many years. The UK based sports channel provides nonstop actions from various genres of sports from around the world. Unfortunately, if you are living in Australia or anywhere outside UK, you won’t be able to watch Sky Sports online.

The broadcasting right of different sports on Sky Sports restricts viewers to watch their favorite teams, players, or clubs compete outside UK. Geo-restrictions are one of the major reasons why you cannot watch Sky Sports online in Australia. And, if you do try to access the service from any other region then you will be presented with a message highlighting ‘Invalid IP address’ or ‘This service is not available in your country’. So how do you get rid of this message?

Watch Sky Sports Online In Australia

In order to access Sky Sports in Australia, you will need a tool that changes your virtual location (IP address). A VPN is the best tool to achieve this as its ability to mask your original IP address with a UK based IP address will enable you to unblock Sky Sports in Australia. To help you select, below listed VPN providers have numerous servers located in UK and will allow you to live stream your favorite sport in HD quality from Australia.

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Steps by Step Guide to Watch Sky Sports in Australia

  1. Select a VPN for Australia.
  2. Sign up for a best VPN service.
  3. Download & Install the VPN service on your chosen platform.
  4. Connect to a VPN server based in UK.
  5. Now access Sky Sports & setup an account or just sign-in if you already have an account and enjoy live sports action without any hassle.

Australian Viewers Trying to Access Sky Sports

Sky Sports has a tremendous following and great viewership in Australia. We looked up different social media channels and found the viewers trying to access the service from Australia. Here is one viewer asking about how to watch Joshua Parker fight while being in Australia:

Interestingly, we found a response of one Redditor commenting on ESPN and Sky Sports collaboration to broadcast Formula 1 2018 World Championship.

Thus, the formula 1 fans can watch all the races on Sky Sports in the UK.

Why Sky Sports is Not Available in Australia?

The answer of this question is crucial and needs proper justification. The famous sports channel has to acquire licensing rights to broadcast each sporting event. Therefore, Sky Sports need to buy licensing rights physically to offer live media content.

Sky Sports Unavailable in Australia

If you try to access Sky Sports in Australia, it means the channel has purchased the licensing rights for Australia exclusively. Thus, you are unable to explore your desired content of Sky Sports on your preferred devices in Australia.

Likewise, you cannot access to different media streaming services such as BBC iPlayer and others in Australia. Likewise, you can explore our guide on best VPN for Australia and free VPN for Australia to unblock Sky Sports in Australia. 

How Sky Sports is Blocking Access in Australia?

Interestingly, different official broadcasters from all around the world follow the notion of region blocking in true letter and spirit.  When you try to access geo –restricted content from another country, you will anticipate the issue of geo-limitations.

How Sky Sports Blocks Access in Australia

This region blocking principle works based on identifying IP addresses of the users. Therefore, you have to connect to VPN service before accessing to region blocked content. By doing so, you are able to spoof your online location and attain alternate IP addresses from your VPN providers.

This is how you can gain access to your favorite media content like football, cricket and so on from anywhere.

Sky Sports Alternatives in Australia?

Fortunately, you can still accomplish your sporting cravings through different channels that offer live sports coverage. Here is the list of channels other than Sky Sports you can opt to watch your favorite sporting events in Australia:

  • Fetch TV
  • Optus Sports
  • Foxtel
  • TenPlay
  • 7Live
  • beIN Sports

Wrapping Things Up

Sky Sports is the ultimate platform for watching any sports of your choice. With its seven different sports channels, you can live stream current sports events or watch the highlights from previous games on Sky Sports.

In addition to live matches, you also get exclusive content such as pre-match or post-match interviews, backroom videos, news headlines, and all the latest developments from various sports.

The only problem that you will have in accessing Sky Sports in Australia will be geo restrictions. However, with a VPN by your side, this problem can be easily resolved. By connecting to its servers located in UK will enable you to watch Sky Sports online in Australia.

We expect you would like our detailed guide on “how to watch Sky Sports Online in Australia”. After exploring this guide, you are able to use a VPN that allows you to watch Sky Sports coverage in Australia hassle-free.

You can share your feedback to add something to the story in the comments section below.

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