How to Watch Outlander Season 3 on Starz Outside the US

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Outlander is a British TV series based on the novel written by Diana Gabaldon. The story revolves around the married nurse who comes across a handsome Highland warrior. The Starz Network is proudly broadcasting all the thirteen (13) episodes of “Outlander” season 3.

Starz previously called as StarzPlay, is a US video on demand streaming channel. However, you cannot enjoy the live streaming of the channel if you are living outside the US due to geo-restriction issue. Hence, you will have to use a VPN to watch “Outlander” season 3. Here is the list of five (5) best VPN services that includes:

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How to Watch Outlander on Starz

You can watch your favorite British TV series on Starz by paying $8.99 per month. You should join Starz Network to avail a 7 days free trial feature. After finishing the trial period, you will need to pay the said amount. By doing so, you can watch numerous TV shows and movies. Considering the popularity of Outlander, this does not look a huge amount.


However, you should keep this fact in your mind that Starz is geo-restricted. The US viewers can gain access to the live streaming of Outlander season 3. Thus, you must use a VPN if you are residing outside the US by hiding your IP address.

Furthermore, you can efficiently encrypt your connection through a VPN and secure your online identity. You can explore our above VPN lists to select a VPN service that suits your streaming demands.

How to Watch Outlander on Kodi

Fortunately, nobody can deprive you from the right to watch Outlander season 3 outside the US. To achieve this objective, you can try Kodi. Kodi is an open source media server that allows you to enjoy streaming of geo-restricted content free.

The media server uses third party add-ons and for this purpose, you must install Covenant extension. After installing, you should click on TV Shows and search for “Outlander”. Hence, you can watch all the three seasons of your favorite TV show in a hassle-free way.

Thus, you can watch outlander on Kodi through Covenant add-on hassle-free. However, you should connect to VPN service of your choice from the list given above before streaming Outlander on Kodi. By doing so, you can watch your favorite TV show on Kodi outside the US.


How to Watch Outlander on Popcorn Time

The “Outlander” fans can install Popcorn Time, a torrent streaming service on their devices to watch this epic romantic series. The application offers an attractive interface that allows you to explore your preferred TV shows and movies. Moreover, you can check details of series/episodes /file with trailers/ synopsis and star ratings. Just write “Outlander” in the search box and start streaming the show instantly.


Beware; you can become a victim of DMCA notices. Hence, you should always use a VPN for Popcorn Time while streaming any TV show or movie on Popcorn Time. Thus, you will be able to attain the required level of online anonymity.

How to Watch Outlander on Netflix

Netflix is one of the best online streaming services in town. Like Hulu and Amazon Prime, Netflix is a paid streaming service. After subscribing to the service, you can watch all the famous TV shows and movies including “Outlander” through a single click. Still, you will have to use a Netflix VPN to overcome the problem of geo-restriction if you live outside the US.


How to Watch Outlander on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is another streaming service striving hard to compete with other streaming services. The service has introduced its own product by the name of Prime Video. It is a paid subscription service available at the cost of $2.99 for the first six months. And you can also explore your streaming by using Amazon Prime VPN

Through 7 days free trial feature, you can find your preferred TV shows and movies. You can even enjoy the streaming of “Outlander” by clicking on the TV shows category.


How to Watch Outlander on Hulu

Like Netflix and Amazon Prime, you can use Hulu to fulfill your streaming desires. Through 30 days free trial feature, you can check all the content of the website in detail. Similarly, you have to pay $7.99 for the service after completing the trial period. If you are living outside the US then you should buy a Hulu VPN. Hence, you can continue enjoying streaming of Outlander by tackling the issue of geo-restrictions imposed on Hulu.


Wrapping Up

If you have watched the previous two seasons of Outlander, you would know the importance of third season. We hope that you will successfully overcome the issue of geo-restrictions while watching Outlander on Starz outside the US. After reading our guide, you can try streaming options like Netflix and Hulu to enjoy streaming of Outlander through a VPN.

Do share your feedback about the show and experience while using a VPN with us in the comments section below.

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