How to Watch NBA Online from Anywhere in the World

Watching live NBA matches inside the stadium is a dream for many, but impossible for others. The exhilarating action from one end of the court to the other is something basketball fans live for. Therefore, here is a guide to watch NBA online from anywhere in the world.

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The regular season of National Basketball Association (NBA) 2017-18 commences from October 17, 2017, and will go on until April 2018. After which, the playoffs will take place and determine which two teams will compete in the NBA Finals and become the coveted NBA Champions. Last three seasons have shown a fierce rivalry between Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers.

Last three seasons have shown a fierce rivalry between Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers. GSW beat the Cavs in 2017 finals and are the reigning NBA champions. This season is going to be no exception as both the teams have a strong lineup and we could see another final between GSW and Cavs.

What is the Best Way to Watch NBA Online From Anywhere?

If you’re wondering about the most efficient ways to watch NBA online, then we have created a step by step guide to help you cut the cord and watch NBA online. Here are the top methods to stream NBA online from anywhere in the world:

  • Broadcasting Channels
  • NBA League Pass
  • Sling TV

Note: Geo-restrictions & blackouts apply on all the methods mentioned above. Thus you will need a VPN to evade the imposed geo-restrictions and blackouts. Read on to discover how to escape these limitations instantly.

How to Watch NBA Online Using Broadcasting Channels

Just like cable TV subscription, various broadcasters offer live streaming of NBA matches. For this, we have created a list of official broadcasters who will provide live coverage NBA season games online.

But, not to forget, the following channels are exclusive to their countries, meaning that you will face the barrier of geo-restrictions when you try to watch them from abroad. But thanks to a VPN, you can access these channels online and enjoy hours of live HD streaming on laptops, PC, smartphones, Mac and more devices.

Here’s the list of official NBA broadcasters along with their unblocking solution:

Region League Pass (USD) Get it with
South Africa $12.53

for $2.92

Russia $18.70
UK $199.99 NordVPN – $5.75
Australia $30.70 ExpressVPN – $8.32

How to Watch NBA Online Using League Pass

NBA league pass gives access to live games, latest updates, scores, real-time stats, along with on-demand matches from  Playoffs and All-Star Games. Moreover, the cross-platform availability allows user to watch NBA games on iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, Playstation 3 & 4, Xbox One and more. Premium video-quality is an unbeatable offering of League Pass.

When purchasing NBA League Pass, you should consider two things:

  1. Various games on League Pass are blacked out
  2. Prices of NBA League Pass vary from region to region

Use a VPN to Evade Blackouts on League Pass

Due to a broadcasting agreement, NBA League Pass blacks out coverage of matches played by local teams. Now, if you try to stream NBA games on League Pass that are being played within your local broadcasting area, then you will unfortunately face a blackout.


Considering the situation, a VPN is a one-stop solution that instantly spoofs your location to a region where live coverage of NBA matches is available. In this way, a VPN will allow you to evade blackout on NBA games in your area.

Save Money on NBA League Pass With VPN

As we mentioned earlier, the prices of NBA League Pass vary from region to region. However, a VPN allows you to change your virtual location, enabling you to get NBA League Pass at relatively lower prices.

To determine which is the cheapest location to purchase NBA League Pass, we conducted a small experiment. By changing our virtual location using a VPN, we checked the price of League Pass from various destinations.

Based on findings, following are the locations from where you can get NBA League Pass at lower rates:

Region League Pass (USD) Get it with
South Africa $12.53

for $2.92

Russia $18.70
UK $199.99 NordVPN – $5.75
Australia $30.70 ExpressVPN – $8.32

How to Watch NBA in South Africa

NBA fans in South Africa can stream live NBA matches using local channels or any of the above-mentioned methods. Before the start of this season, NBA struck a deal with Econet Media where viewers can watch 500 NBA matches in South Africa, including NBA Finals.

However, if you don’t have a subscription to Econet Media, you can use any of the streaming channels from USA or purchase NBA League Pass. Both the options will allow you to watch NBA Finals 2017 live online. If geo-restrictions get in your way, then you can use a VPN to bypass geo-blocks and stream NBA matches in South Africa.

How to Watch NBA Online on Sling TV

The third method to watch live NBA matches is by using Sling TV. Being a top-grade cable alternative, Sling TV offers live streaming of popular and leading channels including ESPN, TNT, ABC, FOX and much more.

In just $20/month, you can watch favorite NBA matches on specified channels using Sling TV. However, the only hurdle on your way to Sling TV are the geo-restrictions. This is because Sling TV  is exclusive for citizens in United States and inaccessible for anyone outside the US.

But fortunately, a VPN will instantly allow you to get rid of the geo-restrictions placed on streaming of Sling TV outside the US. With a VPN such as PureVPN, you can change your virtual location by connecting to a VPN server located in the USA. This way, you can stream live NBA matches on Sling TV in HD playback quality from anywhere.

Wrap Up

The NBA Season 2017 – 18 is one that you cannot miss. With GSW strengthen their team and Cavs not far behind,  only time will tell who will be crowned as the champion.

That being said, there are various restrictions that might put your online streaming and live broadcasting of NBA matches on hold, if you live outside the United States. But, using any one of the methods discussed in this post, you can watch NBA online with ease.

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