How to Watch Manchester United vs. City Live with a VPN

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United or City

Finally, it is happening. Finally, it is here – Manchester United vs. Manchester City is scheduled tomorrow. Which Manchester side would you cheer for? It is going to be a great match between two toughest contenders. There’s no great rivalry than Manchester United and Liverpool’s but the clash of Man U and City also seems to earn significant consideration.


The Rivalry

It all started in 1881 when Manchester United (formerly named Newton Heath) defeated Manchester City (formerly named West Gorton) with 3 – 0 on board at the final whistle. Afterwards, Manchester United beats City again in their first league match by the difference of 3 goals (Manchester United – 5 : Manchester City – 2).

It was a huge disappointment for City fans till now. And then, it happened. Manchester City defeated Manchester United with outstanding figures on board 3 – 0. Despite of this exceptional win, Manchester United was dominant over City throughout the historic matches.

In 1989, Manchester City scored yet another noticeable win against Manchester United with 5 – 1 on the board after final whistle. But afterwards, Manchester United successfully dominated City by significant margins. A glimpse to the past is well reflected by the statistics prescribed below.

Match Statistics

Issues You Might Face to Watch this Clash

This is a match you will not want to miss for anything. Meanwhile, there are different issues you might face. Geo-restrictions come to haunt you unexpectedly. As a matter of fact, these restrictions become more intense at events like this.

These restrictions will confine your access to the content you wish to seek – from content I mean Manchester United vs. Manchester City battle. So, don’t let these restrictions ruin your plans. Geo-restrictions however aren’t the only concerns here.

The trend of adopting censorship by countries has significantly boosted with the passage of time. Censorship won’t allow you to access particular content because some hypocrites believe that it is not suitable for viewers. Seriously! Who gives them the right to decide what’s suitable for us to watch or access.

Cumulatively, these restrictions and censorship issues can ruin your plans for this match especially if you live in pro-censorship countries like China, Iran and recent addition to the list Turkey. Need a solution for this? Use a VPN – an optimal remedy for all geo-restrictions and censorship issues.


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Here are a few simple steps to watch Manchester United vs. Manchester City live with a VPN:

  1. Buy a VPN that best serves your needs and preferences.
  2. Download FREE VPN client from your service provider’s official website.
  3. Install VPN client on your device (PC, Mac, Linux, DD-WRT Router, iOS and Android devices etc).
  4. Enter your authenticated username and password.
  5. Select a server you wish to connect.
  6. Hit connect and wait for the connection to be established.
  7. You’re done! Say goodbye to all geo-restrictions and censorship issues.


Final Thoughts

It is going to be a great match between Manchester United and City. Manchester United lost a crucial match against Liverpool (Manchester United’s oldest rival). It was an embarrassing 3 – 0 defeat that ignited the critics.


Overall game play was disappointing, critics said. Rooney and Persie are one of the toughest and reputable players in their league. Hence, expectations associated with them are always high. Unfortunately, this time, their performance in the match couldn’t justify their legacy.

Brendan Rodgers, Liverpool’s manager said:

The dominance in the game was very apparent from the beginning right the way through. We could have had maybe three or four more. We’ll remain humble as a team and a group and focus on the next game”.

But Rooney knows how to silence his critics. Manchester United earned a historic 2 – 0 win against West Ham United on March 22nd. This sends a loud and clear message: “We are not the team that gets played every time”.


Manchester City, on the other hand, is dangerous than ever before. On March 22nd, City won an outstanding match against Fulham F.C. with a massive score of 5 – 0.

So, when it comes to Manchester United vs. Manchester City. It is not only the teams competing. As a matter of fact, it is going to be: Wayne Rooney vs. Yaya Toure, Robin Van Persie vs. Carlos Tevez, David Moyes vs. Brendan Rodgers. No matter which Manchester suffix you support, you will not want to miss this match for anything.

Van Persie vs. Carlos Tevez

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