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iZombie – Talk of the Town

Are you a comic fan? Forget that. Would you watch a living dead person, eating human brains, to not only survive as a human being, but to help solve the mysterious homicide cases as well? A loose adaptation of a comic by the same name, iZombie is all set to premiere on The CW on 17th March, 2015 in US.

iZombie is an upcoming television series that has been the talk of the social media for quite some time now. Rose McIver plays the lead role of Olivia Moore – a bright student of a medical college whose life takes a new turn after she attends a party where things go out of hands and a zombie feeding craze bursts on the scene.

The series features Robert Buckley, Malcolm Goodwin, David Anders and Rahul Kohli as well in the main cast. The pilot episode will be going on-air on 17th March, 2015 and the second and third episode will go on-air on 24th and 31st March respectively.

The first look of the show is pretty promising and we hope that it successfully manages to shrug off all the dirt that has been thrown towards it by the Walking Dead fans. In no way, are we trying to imply that it will be better than the Walking Dead but there are some fans who think that CW is trying too hard to find new TV shows for itself.

We have pretty much liked the first look of the show, in case you have missed it, watch it here right now.

Will Viewers outside the US be Able to Watch it?

Sadly you won’t be able to watch the pilot episode of iZombie on 17th March, 2015 if you live outside the US. Since The CW is geo-restricted and blocked from viewership in other countries, the show will only be available to the American viewers, unless you find a torrent (which is illegal in many countries) on the same date.

You must be wondering how you would be able to watch it then from a non-US premise. We advise our readers to sign up for a VPN service which will provide them with an American IP address, enabling them to access iZombie even from the remotest of the regions. We have always recommended the below VPNs for online streaming, check them out.

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How to watch iZombie outside US

When we say watching iZombie outside US is simple, trust us it is. You will need only a safe American IP address. It will allow you to watch iZombie from anywhere in the world. Many might argue that a proxy server can do the job as well, but remember! using a proxy server has no pros and has cons only.

A VPN service will work as a streaming shield to not only entertain you with CW’s iZombie and other well-renowned TV shows like The Flash, Arrow and Supernatural but it will also protect you. If you are wondering how to watch it online, please refer below to the prescribed process.

  • Select a VPN service that suits your needs the most.
  • Download and install its VPN Client on your laptop, TV or any other device on which you want to stream on. Remember, a VPN can be configured as well if the VPN Client is not available.
  • Once you have installed the VPN Client on your device, run it and enter the credentials that were given to you by your VPN service provider.
  • Select the PPTP tunnel, renowned for fast streaming, to encrypt your data. However, we advise you to connect to OpenVPN once you are done with the online streaming. It is considered as the safest protocol of all.
  • After you have successfully connected the VPN, select US as a server, and open The CW’s website and click on iZombie to watch it.

Fans Battle

The show hasn’t even started and people have already started criticizing it for being too lame and stupid. Honestly speaking, we actually like the idea and would be looking forward to watch it live on 17th March, 2015. We have collected some tweets that showed disdain and the unlikeable feeling towards the show.

Come on guys, give the show some slack! It hasn’t even premiered! We’ll be watching iZombie, will you be? Let us know what you think of the show and do you agree with our fellow Twitter users?


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