How to Watch English Premier League on Kodi

Is English Premier League (EPL) is greatest football league in the world? This is a question asked by millions of football fans. But one thing is for sure, Premier League has been known to throw up unpredictable results, crazy soccer moments, passionate fans, intense rivalries between clubs, and some of the best players in the world.

If you don’t want to miss a single moment from EPL, you can watch English Premier League on Kodi. There are different channels that broadcast different matches from EPL all around the world. With Kodi, you can access these channels and watch your favorite club compete for Premier League supremacy.

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How to Bypass Geo-Blocks to Watch EPL on Kodi

But before start streaming Premier League matches, there’s one problem. Numerous channels that show EPL are region blocked. You won’t be able to live stream matches on these channels unless you are located in the desired location. Here is what happened when we tried to stream EPL on a Kodi channel that was geo-restricted:

How to Watch English Premier League on Kodi

So how do you unblock these channels and watch EPL on Kodi?

The best tool to unblock different broadcasting channels to watch English Premier League on Kodi is through a VPN service. The server spread offered by a VPN allows you to lift these geo-restrictions and watch Premier League football on Kodi. Here are some of the best Kodi VPN services you can choose from:

RankProvidersPrice ($)DiscountMore Info
$3.25Per Month
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$5.75Per Month
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8 Best Add-ons to Watch English Premier League on Kodi

There are various add-ons that you can use to watch EPL on Kodi. However, not all of them are the best as some only show matches of selected clubs while others are plagued with ads. To help you out, here are the 8 best add-ons for Kodi EPL 2016 Live Stream and the channels that you can use:

CastawayLive Sport >
Live TV >
SportsDevilLive Sport > Firstrowsports
Sports TV >
VidTimeVT SE > Live Events
NJM SoccerUK Sports
ZemTVSports > PTC Sports
Sports > Mona
PhoenixPhoenix Sports > VC Sports > Live Channels
EvolvePhoenix TV > Sports
Evolve Sports > beIN Sports
cCloudSports > Sky Sports
Sports > BT Sport

Within these add-ons are various channels such as,, BT Sport, beIN Sports, and Sky Sports that you can use to watch EPL online. If you are stuck behind geo-restrictions then don’t worry, with the help of a VPN you can unblock any channel and enjoy Premier League football on Kodi.

How to Install Add-ons to Kodi

Now that you know how to watch English Premier League on Kodi, here’s how to install the best add-ons:

  • Download the add-ons (usually in form of ZIP files) for Kodi
  • Now open Kodi, go to ‘System’ and then click on ‘Settings’
  • Next select ‘Add-ons’
  • Choose ‘Install from zip file’
  • Find the zip file on your system and then select it
  • Once the add-on is installed, an ‘add-on installed and updated’ notification will appear at bottom right corner
  • Now go to ‘Videos’ and click on ‘Add-ons’
  • You should see the newly installed add-on
  • Click on the add-on, navigate to your desired channel & enjoy EPL on Kodi


English Premier Leagues 2017/18 has all the makings for one of the best seasons in history. What makes us say that? Some of the top managers have hit ground running in EPL this season. With Pep Guardiola, Jose Mourinho, Arsene Wenger, Jurgen Klopp, and Antonio Conte all competing in the same league, you can expect a lot of drama along with breath taking football.

You can watch English Premier League on Kodi by using the above mentioned add-ons and channels. These add-ons will help you catch all the action from the world of EPL and you won’t miss a single moment. And, if geo-restrictions stop you from enjoying live EPL matches, just select a VPN from above and unblock the channels from anywhere.

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