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How to Watch Channel 5 Live Outside UK

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Channel 5 is a UK based TV channel which was launched in 1997. It has been subjected to a lot of revamps and rebranding lately and now  offers a wide range of programs to its viewers. But it mainly broadcasts entertainment programs such as reality shows, TV shows, game shows and imported TV shows.

Channel 5 is the fourth most popular channel in the UK as of September 2013. Channel 5 UK does not target a specific audience and offers a great deal of programs that cater to the needs of audiences of all the ages. It also offers 5 News and sports events that are usually not covered by other broadcasters.


How to Watch Channel 5 Live outside the UK Region?

People who are denied access to Channel 5 UK (due to their non-UK IP address) often wonder about how to watch Channel 5 live? How is it possible to access all the TV shows, game shows and reality shows without being physically present in the UK you ask?

If you wish to watch Channel 5 live outside the UK, you will need a UK VPN. It will replace your IP address with one of its IP addresses (from the UK) from which the contents can be accessed easily. As a result, a Virtual Private Network or VPN allow you to bypass geo-restrictions (and limitations) and unblock all the blocked websites. It also encrypts your data through different protocols to make it more secure and protected.

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Restrictions on Channel 5 UK in the UK Region

Channel 5has restricted its content to the UK region only. People who are travelling abroad or living outside the UK are not able to access Channel 5 UK. With the geo-restrictions and limitations imposed, it becomes fairly impossible for viewers outside the UK region to stream live the contents of Channel 5.

If you are trying to stream Channel 5 UK with a non-UK IP, you will be prompted with the following message on your screen.

Restrictions on Channel 5


Channel 5 App for Android

Channel 5 UKhas its own app exclusively for Android. The application is free and can be downloaded anywhere at any time. It is available of Google Play and it is currently compatible with Samsung, Sony, Motorola, Nexus, HTC and Hudl devices.

It gives users access to a wide range of programs originally broadcast by Channel 5 UK to programs that are imported from American TV channels. If you wish to access these programs while living outside the UK, you will need to equip your smartphone or tab with a VPN to do so.


Channel 5 App for iPhone

To cater the needs of iPhone and iPad users, there is a Channel 5 App for iPhone as well. It is easily available on iTunes and can be downloaded anywhere at any time. To provide the best streaming results, it is recommended that you use this app on Wi-Fi only.

If you want to stream programs while not being physically present in the UK, you should arm your iPhone and iPad with a VPN. It will not only give you access to Channel 5 UK but also give you ultimate protection against the likes of cybercriminals and online surveillance agencies.


Presence of Channel 5 UK on Social Media

Channel 5 UK is very popular among the masses on the social media as well. It has a very active social media team that manages its accounts on Youtube, Twitter and Facebook very well. It has around 63K subscribers on Youtube and keeps uploading new videos each day. Need I say any more?

It has 51K followers on Twitter and makes sure the followers do not miss out on their favorite TV shows. It keeps its followers updated with its tweets about the latest episodes of their favorite TV shows.

It has 84K likes on its Facebook page and keeps the audiences updated with its post on latest TV serials.




Channel 5 UK has been catering to the needs of different audience segments of audiences for a long time now. It promises a lot to offer to its viewers with its content ranging from news to reality shows. It has proved out to be a great source of entertainment for its viewers, with all types of programs and shows..

However it has limited and restricted its contents to UK only. If one wishes to access it outside the UK, he will not be able to do so unless he connects with a VPN. A VPN will help him bypass all the geo-restrictions and he will be able to enjoy his favorite TV shows while remaining safe and secure. Problem solved!

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