Why Can’t I Access Twitter & How Can I Unblock Twitter

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Is your Twitter blocked? If you are looking to unblock twitter, you will be glad to know that you are now part of the global war against cyber censorship. All you really need to unblock twitter is a VPN, and here is a list of the top VPNs to unblock twitter, but DO NOT use any one of them without reading the rest of this How-To. Trust me, you wanna know how deep this goes.

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In order to unblock twitter, you first need to know what it is that is blocking Twitter access for you. If you cannot access Twitter right now, it is because of one of the following two reasons:


Blocking Twitter through DNS Poisoning

DNS Poisoning: The most common way in which most countries block Twitter is through DNS poisoning. DNS stands for Domain Name System and is basically the phone book of the internet. In layman terms, when you type in the name of a website, the text you type is compared against the Domain Name System for the corresponding IP address. At that moment, you are essentially connected to the system holding the server name that you beckoned for by typing in its domain name. Simply put, the DNS system is a handy way to translate the website names into their corresponding numeric (and obviously difficult to memorize) IP addresses.

DNS Poisoning

DNS poisoning was initially considered to be nothing more than a hacking technique. This happens when you type in a URL, and the Domain Name System recognizes the website name, but since it is poisoned (somebody messed with the host tables), it takes you to a different website. Sounds familiar? Yes, that is how most of the websites are blocked.

google dns

Exploiting DNS to Block Twitter: The Domain Name System works at two levels: local and external. Every time you enter in a URL, the local Domain Name System is searched for the entry. If the entry is not found in the local Domain Name System, your request is forwarded to the external Domain Name System. Governments are able to intervene by messing with the DNS table that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) keeps.

Your ISP is instructed that all requests coming for a particular URL are to be replaced with a ‘Not Available’ page in the Domain Name System. Your ISP has no other option but to either comply with the government or face sanctions. So you end up seeing any page that the government wants you to see – instead of the page that you actually wanted to see.

How much of the internet you can actually access depends on your ISP. Your ISP is part of a global network and it users’ IP addresses to identify the different countries to which users belong. Currently, ISPs in countries like China and Turkey are required (mostly by the government) to identify local IP addresses, and block them from using Social Media Networking websites like Twitter.

How to Unblock and Access Twitter

Method 1: DNS Services

A common way to unblock Twitter is to use DNS switching services. They are usually free and easy to use. Download the app from the website, activate it (usually with your email address) and it will route your requests to an external DNS without going to your ISP’s DNS. However, there are two disadvantages of using free DNS switching services to unblock twitter.

google dns

Don’t jump for joy just yet though, Google DNS doesn’t usually work anymore.

No Data Security: The first disadvantage is the cost of unblocking twitter through these apps/services. They claim that the DNS service is free but actually make a fortune by accessing (and recording) your data stream and selling it to third-parties. You will unblock twitter, but you pay with your privacy and data security.

DNS Sites Blocked: The second disadvantage is that this method may not always work. ISPs that implement DNS poisoning now setup fake DNS servers named after popular DNS services. This means that if you use Google DNS in Turkey, you will be routed to a Turkish server and never manage to access Google DNS. All the popular and reliable DNS services have been blocked out this way.


Method 2: Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A VPN is the most widely accepted way to unblock twitter. The use of VPN to unblock twitter is gaining popularity rapidly. This is mainly because a VPN allows internet users to unlock twitter from a variety of different platforms, while also unlocking other blocked social media websites. Here is how it happens:

Basic Level Solution: Instead of messing around and jeopardizing user security and data privacy, a VPN simply switches your IP address and routes your data through an ultra-secure VPN server under the cover of the new IP address. Your ISP (and anybody else who processes your data packet) thinks you belong to the country in which the VPN server is located.

Complete Data Security & Privacy: Using a VPN to unblock everything including twitter is the best way to protect your data and online identity. Censorship laws that block Twitter are generally used to implement online surveillance. This means that the government wants to know what you are up to every time you go online. A VPN is the ideal anti-surveillance tool. Not even your ISP will know what you doing because all your data traffic will be encrypted.

encrypted vpn

Why is Twitter blocked?

If your Twitter is blocked, one of the following three has to be true for you:

  • You are sitting in Turkey
  • You are sitting in China
  • You are sitting in an office/school/college/university

If none of these three apply and yet your access to Twitter blocked nonetheless, then ask yourself: did you try restarting your system? (pun intended)

Keep Calm

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