How to Get Twitch TV Unblocked With VPN

How to Unblock Twitch TV Instantly with a VPN

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Gear up eSports fanatics! The largest on-demand video game streaming service Twitch TV can now be accessed from anywhere. Watch unlimited live streams of Dota 2, HearthStone, League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Overwatch & other games, you can watch the best gamers show off their skills.

Having over 100 million monthly visitors & 1.5 million broadcasters, Twitch TV offers one-touch access to playthroughs & live broadcasts of mainstream video games. That said, Twitch TV is a subsidiary of Amazon Inc. and is exclusive to US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Spain & Italy. This means you won’t be able to access Twitch TV from outside of the specified regions.

So how exactly do you access Twitch Prime from anywhere?

If you want to bypass the imposed geo-restrictions on Twitch TV, then following best VPN services will allow you to get Twitch TV unblocked from anywhere instantly. Also, high-speed streaming servers, 24/7 customer support and economic plans with these VPN services will ensure top-grade streaming experience at all times:

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How to Unblock Twitch in Simple Steps

Now that you know about the best possible solution to unblock Twitch Prime, you’re all set to enjoy unlimited streaming of exciting eSports matches. Here’s how to get Twitch TV unblocked at school, workplace, public networks and almost anywhere in the world:

  • Choose from one of the best VPN for Twitch Streaming
  • Go to official website of selected VPN provider & make an account there
  • Choose a VPN package plan of your choice and make payment
  • Download and install VPN application on your device
  • Now, Launch VPN software, log in to your account and connect to the US server
  • Next, Go to official site of Twitch TV and enjoy unrestricted access to thousands of eSports matches

How a VPN Helps to Get Twitch TV Unblocked From Anywhere

Twitch TV achieved about 45 million unique viewers in October 2013 and set a record by becoming the fourth largest source of peak traffic in the US. But sadly, geo-restrictions have blocked fans from accessing Twitch TV in various regions. We conducted an experiment to show how to unblock Twitch at school and different geo-restricted regions instantly.

First, we tried to access Twitch TV without a VPN and received following error message:


After connecting to the US server of VPN:


As soon as we connected to the US server of VPN, we were able to access Twitch Prime within a matter of seconds. In addition to this, we were able to stream matches from Dota 2, League of Legends, Counter Strike and more games on our mobile, laptop, and tablet.

Twitch Proxy vs Twitch VPN

Apart from a VPN, there are several other unblocking solutions available in the market, and proxy is among them. However, due to lack of encryption protocols and privacy features, proxy services are often banned by Twitch. On another hand, a VPN offers robust privacy, security, and anonymity to subscribers.

Comment from discussion Best VPN for Twitch?.

We suggest users the option of a VPN, primarily because of its wide range of servers spread across the world. With that said, services mentioned above are the best VPN for Twitch streaming who offer streaming-optimized servers across major regions. They will ensure high-speed HD streaming of gaming matches in every corner of the world.

Final Words

Besides being an elite video-game streaming platform, Twitch TV offers music streaming as well. While millions of subscribers from the US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Italy & Spain stream exclusive matches on Twitch TV, fans from rest of the countries can connect to VPN for Twitch streaming.

This guide will help gamers to bypass the restrictions placed on Twitch and get twitch unblocked at school, workplaces, and geo-restricted territories. A VPN is no doubt a perfect solution to achieve one-touch access to Twitch TV.

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