How to Unblock Torrent Websites in Australia

Published 2016-12-15 By: Aazim Akhtar

The Australian Federal Court has ordered Internet Service Providers (ISP) to block five of the biggest torrent websites throughout Australia. The court has given 15 days to ISPs to take any necessary measures to restrict these websites. Here are the five torrent websites that will be blocked in Australia:

Once the websites are blocked, anyone who tries to access them in Australia will be hit with a landing page, displaying a warning message that the website cannot be accessed.

So far, Foxtel, Telstra, Optus, Dodo, iiNet, M2, TPG and few other ISPs have complied with the court order and will take reasonable steps to disable access to such sites. Some of the ways through which ISPs can block torrent websites in Australia are through DNS blocking, IP address blocking, URL blocking, or any other technical method they deem necessary.

That said, a question arises: Is there a way to unblock torrent websites in Australia?

Use a VPN to Access Torrent Websites in Australia

Since some of the methods that will be used by ISPs to block torrent websites include IP address and DNS blocking, an Australian VPN becomes the ideal solution to overcome this problem. Its IP cloaking ability will help you change your virtual location and access any blocked website in Australia.

In addition, these VPN services will also hide your true identity, encrypt your internet traffic, and make you anonymous when you use torrents. To help you select, we have shortlisted the best VPN providers you can use:

How to Unblock Torrent Websites in 5 Simple Steps

Just follow these five simple steps and you’ll be enjoying unrestricted access to torrent websites throughout Australia:

  1. Select a VPN from the above mentioned table
  2. Create an account and signup for the service
  3. Download and install the VPN app on your chosen device
  4. Launch the app and connect to server outside of Australia (for example USA)
  5. Upon successful connection, access the torrent websites in Australia

Why Are Torrents Websites Being Blocked in Australia?

For many years, different ISPs and right holders have been trying to block websites that facilitated piracy. However, neither could come to an agreement on how should the websites be blocked and who would pay for it. Previously, copyright holders took action against the people who infringed copyrights, like in the case of Dallas Buyer’s Club.

This time, they have gone straight to the torrent websites themselves, requiring them to be blocked throughout Australia at ISP level. So far, five torrent websites have been ordered to be blocked within 15 days, including the ever popular The Pirate Bay but you can use Pirate Bay VPN for your security and anonymity.

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Final Verdict

Now if you’re torrent enthusiast and used anyone of the five torrent websites that will be blocked in Australia, then this guide is for you. By using anyone of the VPN services mentioned in our post, you can unblock these torrent websites in Australia.

Each of these providers has servers located in numerous regions around the world, offer military grade encryption, and leading edge protocols. Not only that, a VPN also hides your real identity and makes you anonymous over the internet.

Keep a lookout for this space, as we will be bringing you more updates as the story unfolds.

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