Unblock Spotify with VPN to Listen to Your Favorite Songs

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Spotify is a commercial music streaming website. It has tens and thousands of songs in its library that are available for free for the users. The users can browse the songs by artists, genres, record labels, albums or playlists.

Spotify offers free as well as premium music to its users. Free songs are sponsored by ads whereas premium gives you an uninterrupted access to your favorite songs.

Spotify was launched in 2008 by a Swedish Company. It has its headquarters now in London, UK and Stockholm, Sweden. It has become a very popular source of streaming and downloading songs for the users since its launch. The recent stats of May 2014 suggest that it has around 40 million users with 10 million paid subscribers.

Unblock Spotify

Spotify’s Limited Accessibility in Popular Travel Destinations

Who doesn’t like to travel while listening to their favorite songs? Even though Spotify has it’s a huge library, it is still inaccessible in many countries that are famous for their tourism. People who travel/migrate to the regions where it is inaccessible miss out on the fun and entertainment that only Spotify can provide.

Due to the geo-restrictions and limitations, almost half the population of the world is unable to access Spotify’s music library. It leaves them wondering how to unblock Spotify to access tons of songs without having to pay anything.


Bypass the Geo-restrictions with a VPN

Ever wondered how to unblock Spotify? How to get access to the latest and traditional old songs on Spotify? With a VPN, you cannot only stream your favorite songs online but you can also sign up to get Spotify Premium for free on 30 days trial. Sounds fun, no?

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A VPN allows you to stream and download the songs on Spotify by replacing your original IP address with an IP of a region where Spotify is available. This way you will not only be able to stream your favorite songs online, but if you sign up to get Spotify Premium for free trial, you will get access to ads-free songs and will be able to download whatever you want.


General Perception about Spotify Among the Masses

Spotify is a great source for entertainment for masses all over the world. Those who have access to it, generally feel lucky to have it in their devices. And those who belong to regions where it is inaccessible, feel unlucky for not having their hands on this digital library of songs.

We have compiled a few tweets that will give you a general perception about Spotify among the users.


How to Get Spotify Premium for Free?

If you want to stream ads-free songs and want to listen even if you are offline, you should get Spotify Premium. It provides you with a 30-days free trial which you can cancel at any time. And it provides you with the access to thousands of songs at your fingertips. With Spotify Premium you can download the songs whenever and wherever you want at your ease.

To get Spotify Premium for free, you will need to sign up and register with Spotify. It will notify you with different packages that it has on offer, however, we recommend you to sign up for free trial of Spotify Premium and use afterwards if you wish to continue. If you are in region, where it is inaccessible, get a VPN and sign up for free trial of Spotify Premium to access your favorite songs.


Spotify App for Android

Spotify has a customized App for Android. The users who have Android smartphones and tabs can easily access the songs on Spotify without any hassle. It allows them to create their own playlists, browse and stream the songs by their genres, artists, labels and albums. You will get access to free songs with ads in between.

Should you choose to get Spotify premium, you will be able to download ads-free songs and you will get much more clarity of the audio. If you wish to access Spotify from a region where it is inaccessible, it is recommended for you to equip your device with a VPN first to enjoy the streaming and downloading.

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Spotify App for iPhone

Keeping the iPhone and iPad users in mind, Spotify has designed its App for iPhone as well. With the mobility provided, the users can stream all their favorite songs that are sponsored by ads and the users are allowed to create their playlists as well. However, with iPads the users can play the songs anywhere at any time.

With Spotify Premium in your devices, you can download and stream all your favorite songs absolutely ads-free online. If you happen to travel or live in a region where Spotify is inaccessible, get a VPN and turn your iPhones and iPads into smart music players by accessing Spotify.

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Spotify gives its users a wide range of options to play and download the songs. If you are trying to listen to free songs, they will come with interruptions of ads in between. And if you wish to access Spotify Premium, you will get absolutely ads-free songs and will be able to download to listen anywhere at any time.

However, Spotify comes with certain restrictions and limits its access in many countries. Many users are not able to listen to their favorite songs. To combat these restrictions, it is advised to equip your devices with a VPN so you can stream and download your favorite songs anywhere without being bothered about your privacy and security online.

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