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Looking for a VPN that allows you to watch Netflix in Australia? Look no further. You have come across the right page that will guide you regarding the VPN services that work smoothly in Australia and will allow you to unblock Netflix in Australia.

Netflix, an online movie and TV shows channel, has gained popularity among the masses of different regions. Yet, it operates within a limited region with limited access to ensure the quality of its content. Full access is only available to the residents of US – leading users from other countries to use VPN to access Netflix in their particular regions.


Is Netflix Coming to Australia?

As of September 2014, Netflix does not operate in Australia which means that users from Australia are not allowed to access Netflix exclusively. People are tired of waiting and relying on rumors about the expansion of Netflix into other regions. After all, the shows available online today will not be online next year!

To gain full access over the contents of Netflix in Australia, you will have to use a VPN that will help you bypass the geo-restrictions. We have compiled some of the tweets from Aussies to express a general sentiment about Netflix that prevails in the Australian society.


Bypassing Geo-restrictions to Unblock Netflix in Australia

Frustrated from the limitations set for Netflix in Australia? Welcome to the club! We have perfected a one-step method that will not only provide you enough bandwidth to help you access full contents of Netflix but will also protect you from the potential threats of cybercrime and online surveillance.

We have listed down five best VPNs that will help you to unblock Netflix in Australia, allowing you to stream the full range of content that it offers. The listed VPNs have been selected on the basis of their performance and packages.

Choose any of the VPNs as per your requirements and enjoy the latest movies and TV shows on Netflix in Australia. In addition, you can find out about the top 10 VPN providers for Netflix USA and watch your favorite content in Australia.

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Stats of Netflix’s Aussie Users

It would not be wrong to say that Netflix has made a huge impact on the people of the land down under. According to a report of DailyMail, there are 200,000 users of Netflix in Australia who access it through different VPNs to watch movies & TV shows on-demand.

The picture below suggests that Netflix in Australia has grown tremendously since January 2013. It has tripled within a year with users accessing it through different VPN servers.

Netflix in Australia

Why do People Opt for Netflix in Australia?

Even though Netflix has not even launched in Australia as of yet, yet people in great numbers access it through different VPNs. Raising questions about the reasons because of which people access Netflix via VPNs and the benefit that it offer to the masses.

The answer is pretty simple. It provides them with great entertainment at prices lower than other entertainment service providers like Foxtel and Quickflix. The reason why the number of users of Netflix in Australia keeps rising is that people don’t mind paying the small VPN subscription cost for access to Netflix in Australia.


Streaming Popular Shows through VPNs on Netflix

The joy of streaming the movies and TV shows online on Netflix is unmatchable. It is one thing to go through the painful process of downloading movies/shows and another to just “stream” them. VPNs that offer great bandwidth and protocols to their users allow them to experience the joy of streaming.

With VPNs that best suit your requirements, Netflix can be easily accessed in Australia without any hassle.

You can watch your favorite TV shows like House of Cards, Arrested Development, Orange is the new Black and Breaking Bad. All these TV shows are exclusively available on Netflix US and you can get the access to these programs by equipping your computer or device with a VPN.


Author’s Recommendation

There is no denying the fact that Netflix has brought a new vision to the world of internet. With options that vary from streaming online movies to TV shows, it brings a lot of refreshing content for a user to choose from.

Netflix is currently operating from the US and is also available in some European countries. However, it is yet to make a passage in to Australia. But that isn’t stopping people from still accessing Netflix in Australia through VPN services.

Not only are they able to stream the latest updates but they are also doing it over the internet while remaining secured and protected from cybercrimes.

We have tried to cover the best VPNs that give you access to Netflix in Australia relatively easily. You can unblock Netflix at your ease through the VPNs we suggested and enjoy all the latest content that is available on the servers of Netflix US.

Get your Netflix fix before you miss out on the best movies & TV shows! Good luck!

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