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FX Network is a US based cable and satellite television service that was launched on June 01, 1994. It is a sub-ordinate of Fox Group Entertainment. It competes with premium cable channels like Showtime and HBO and offers programs that match the standards of the aforementioned channels.

It is an on-demand application service and provides many of the critically acclaimed TV shows and movies.

It offers original TV series, comedy shows and series, as well as reruns of Hollywood blockbusters and sitcoms of broadcast networks. The headquarters of the FX Network are situated in New York. It is one of the most popular TV channels in US with the stats for 2013 suggesting that 85.08% of households access it regularly.


How to Unblock FX Network

Many people are denied access to FX Network live stream just because of their geographical location. And because of that, they miss out on some of the amazing TV shows and movies that run on the FX Network. If you do not live in the US and want to watch FX Network live stream from your home, you can switch your IP address to anonymously bypass geo-restrictions using a VPN.

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Using a Virtual Private Network or a VPN bypasses all the geo-restrictions and limitations to give you access to blocked websites. At the same time, it encrypts your data and makes it indecipherable for hackers and online surveillance agencies. It cloaks your IP address with one of its own IPs (from a country in which the website in question is accessible), thereby allowing users to watch FX Network live stream.


Restrictions on FX Network

The FX Network is only available in the US. Technically speaking, it has restricted and limited the access of its content to the users who are subscribed to its channel and live within the premises of the US. Even US residents who are travelling abroad are not able to access it from other countries due to geo-restrictions.

Much like the TV channel, the FX Network live stream is also only available for users who reside in the US. If internet users try to access it from a non-US IP address, they will be prompted with the following message on their screens.

FX Network live stream


Shows to Watch out

The channel offers some of the best TV shows that are popular among the masses. We decided to share the trailers of some of the TV shows that are exclusively broadcast by FX Network.

The Bridge

The Bridge is a crime-thriller drama series. Shot in Mexico and America, it is a story of two detectives who put in efforts to investigate a serial killer who has taken Mexico and America by storm.



It is a comedy-crime drama inspired from the movie of the same name. The series is an Emmy Award winner and features Billy Bob Thornton and Martin Freeman famous for playing the character of Dr. Watson in the BBC TV series, Sherlock.


Sons of Anarchy

It is a crime drama television series about an outlaw group of motor-bikers who operate in a town in California. It went on-air in 2008 for the first time and has 7 seasons to its credit to date.


List of TV Providers

Upon connecting with a VPN to watch FX Network live stream, you will be asked to register with the channel’s website. Following the registration, you will be given a list of TV providers to sign in. The channel supports almost all the TV providers. Yet, if you do not find your TV provider in the list, click on the “Find Out More” option.

FX Network Android App

The FX Network has a free Android App for the smartphone and tab users. You can easily find the app by searching for “FXNOW” in the Google Play store. It gives you access to Hollywood blockbusters, hit TV serials and popular comedy shows.

If you want to watch movies and TV shows on FX Network Android App outside the US, get a VPN for ultimate freedom and security to stream all content from anywhere in the world at any time.

FX Network iPhone App

The channel has a free app for iPhones and iPads as well. The app is available on iTunes App store. It can be found very easily and has a user-friendly interface. It is an on-demand service provider and offers the best TV shows and movies to the users who reside in the US.
But if you wish to get hands-on experience of streaming even outside the US, you should equip your iPhone and iPad with a VPN. Not only will it enable you to stream online but it will also make sure that you are safe and secure from all sorts of cybercrimes.


The channel has long been a source of entertainment for viewers in America. It has encapsulated the ingredients of entertainment and brought them on to one platform from where it delivers the best TV shows and Hollywood blockbuster movies to its audiences.
However, the public in other regions are prevented from accessing these sources of entertainment. To overcome the hindrance of geo-restrictions, we recommended the use of a VPN – the only way to access blocked content through a safe and secure online connection.

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