How to Stream Champions League Quarter Finals with a VPN

How to Stream Champions League Quarter Finals

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Behold! The Lineup for the Quarter Finals

What a quarter final it is going to be. The matches are going to be intense than ever before. Each contender is skilled in its own special way which will through a powerful challenge for the other to overcome. Here is the lineup for Champions League quarter finals:

  • Manchester United vs. Bayern Munich
  • Barcelona vs. Atletico Madrid
  • Real Madrid vs. Borussia Dortmund
  • Paris Saint-Germain vs. Chelsea


Reasons for Which You Can’t Miss Champions League Quarter Finals

I don’t know about you guys but the lineup is giving me Goosebumps. These are the matches you wouldn’t want to miss for anything. Looking for reasons? Good luck with that because there are too many to count; but, let me just jot-down the important ones for you.

Reason #1: Barcelona and Real Madrid in the quarter finals – who wouldn’t want to see them take on each other again. If you watched Barcelona vs. Real Madrid, the heat of the match won’t be hard to recall. And who can forget Messi’s hat-trick goal. Each second of the game was a game changer till the nail biting match came to epic conclusion: Barcelona 4 – 3 Real Madrid.

Reason #2: Excellent comeback by Manchester United after embarrassing loss against City; somehow Manchester United maintained its position in the quarter finals. Bayern Munich however isn’t an easy contender to overcome. Bayern Munich, with a powerful formation, has climbed its way to the top. And something tells me that they haven’t come this far to lose.

Reason #3: Real Madrid takes on Borussia Dortmund to march its way to the semi-finals. Moreover, Real Madrid looks forward to settle its score with Barcelona. And if this happens, it will be an epic battle between giants. Will Cristiano Ronaldo be able to score glory; or his dreams will be shattered by the one and only Lionel Messi – there’s only one way to find out.

Reason #4: Paris Saint-Germain takes on Chelsea in the quarter finals. Equipped with a strong formation, Chelsea defeated Arsenal with a significant margin of 6 – 0 in its previous match. Chelsea, with its eyes of the trophy, is charged to take on its new competitor. Nevertheless, with never-back-down attitude, Paris Saint-Germain has something else planned for its rival.


How to Watch Champions League Quarter Finals

If you are not the current subscriber to the media channels that will show Champions League quarter finals, don’t sweat. There are many alternate ways of watching Champions League quarter finals.

I know many of you were unable to watch exciting matches between the contenders as you were busy seeking alternatives and unfortunately couldn’t find one. Furthermore, many of you must have been victims of geo-restrictions; because, epic events like this are just incomplete without them.

Your quest ends here! No more searching alternative; no more messing with the DNS settings; no more cheap proxies to screw with your security. I present to you the viable and secure alternative to watch Champions League quarter final without any hassle. I present to you, 5 best VPNs to beat all geo-restrictions and watch Champions League quarter final on any device you prefer.


 Barcelona vs. Atletico Madrid – Prediction and Analysis

This is going to be a historic match between the fierce contenders – Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. Barcelona managed to maintain its dominance on one of its toughest rivals (Real Madrid); but, taking on one of the finest Spanish football clubs isn’t going to be easy.

Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, each club is an expert in its own expertise and style. They will come face-to-face fourth time this season. Ironically, all of the previous matches between the contenders had come to an abrupt end – all of the matches were draw.

As far as the prediction for the match is concerned, I would like to quote Xavi’s words here.

Barcelona, for its history, is perhaps a slight favorite; but, if we look at how both teams are playing now, we are on the same level“, said Xavi Hernandez, Barcelona’s Midfielder.

champions league

Real Madrid vs. Borussia Dortmund – Prediction and Analysis

Last season, Real Madrid’s dream to reach the finals was shattered by Borussia Dortmund. Yes! Real Madrid didn’t make it to the finals, thanks to Borussia Dortmund. However, a lot has changed since then.

Real Madrid has been performing rigorously and taking down its competitors through their invulnerable formation. On the other hand, Borussia Dortmund isn’t much lucky this season. Many of its players are injured, including Blaszczykowski, Schmelzer, Gundogan, Bender and Subotic.

Furthermore, it has been reported that Robert Lewandowski, the one who netted 4 goals against Real Madrid last season, has been suspended and forbidden to play against Real Madrid this Wednesday. So, it can be said that the odds are definitely in favor of Real Madrid here.

champions league

Manchester United vs. Bayern Munich – Prediction and Analysis

Even with outstanding strikers like Rooney and Van Persie, Manchester United couldn’t stop its competitors from claiming dominance. Despite of their poor performance in the previous matches, Manchester United somehow made their way to the quarter finals. So, it can be said that this is just a lucky season for Manchester United.

Bayern Munich, on the other hands, is more dangerous than ever before. However, they must not take their competition lightly. Manchester United has not been performing as expected; but, they are one of the toughest contenders to go head-to-head.

Nevertheless, Bayern Munich’s confidence is at the peak now especially after their win against Arsenal. Bayern Munich has also defeated Manchester City, a club that earned an outstanding win against Manchester United with an astonishing 3 – 0 on the board. If Manchester United repeats the same mistake (sloppy defense), Bayern Munich will beat United with an ease.

champions league

Paris Saint-Germain vs. Chelsea – Prediction and Analysis

This is Paris Saint-Germain’s second consecutive appearance in the quarter finals. Ironically, since 1995, PSG hasn’t made it to the semi-finals. Chelsea, on the other hand, has become the-next-big-thing after their 6 – 0 victory against the hot favorite, Arsenal.

Chelsea is one of the fierce contenders. Chelsea is confident than ever before and looking forward to make its 7th semi-final appearance in Champions League. As far as this match is concerned, Chelsea certainly has an advantage as reflected by its past performance in the league matches.

Champions league

Wrapping Up

Looking at Champions League quarter final contenders, it can be said that we have got excellent matches lined-up. It is time to chant the name of your beloved strikers and supports your preferred football club. This is going to be one hell of a showdown for the semi-finals so you would not want to miss it for anything.

You have probably missed previous events and wasted a lot of time in search for the alternatives to bypass geo-restrictions and cope with streaming concerns. There’s not much time left, Champions League is about to end.

Grab your VPN now and say goodbye to all censorship issues and geo-restrictions prohibiting you to chant the name of your favorite football club. Share the glory with your stars; watch them climb their way to the semi-finals – with a VPN.

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