How to Setup VPN on iPhone – Do’s, Don’ts & More

How to Setup VPN on iPhone – Do’s, Don’ts & More

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The official Apple support webpage on Setting up VPN on the iPhone is actually alarmingly irrelevant, insufficient and inadequate, so you can forget getting official help in setting up your VPN. The first thing I want you to do is to start taking control and accept the responsibility for your online privacy.

Firewalls and anti-virus will not cut it anymore if that is what you’ve been relying on to keep you safe so far. And you can’t go constantly updating your software in order to stay protected. The one-shot gun-shot solution (as I like to call it) is VPN.

VPNs have been under a lot of fire lately for being hard to study and research but that is only because they are so effective that it is almost impossible to develop accurate statistics on their usage. An individual under the cloak of a VPN is fully shielded, virtually invisible and yet fully mobile in his/her online presence.


How to set up VPNs on iPhone

This is a how-to tutorial for VPN for iPhone setup. The tutorial given below was tested on iOS 8 with the latest iPhone. But don’t worry if you are using any other version of the iPhone though because they all have the same VPN configuration features – more or less.

Step 1 – Start by accessing the ‘Settings’ in your iPhone.

iphone vpn setup

Step 2 – Scroll down until you see ‘General’ settings. You may see ‘VPN’ settings earlier but do not tap on anything but ‘General’ settings.

iphone vpn setup

Step 3 – Tapping ‘General’ will open out the general settings menu. Now search for the settings for ‘VPN’ in this menu. Scroll down slowly until you see the ‘VPN’ settings button and tap it.

iphone vpn setup

Step 4 – Now the device I used did not have a VPN configuration setup as yet, but you may not always find a device like that. If a VPN configuration has been setup manually on your device in the past, it will be visible at this point. Either way, the ‘Add VPN Configuration’ option will be clearly visible. Tap it and new set of fields will open out.

You may now select the protocol type of your choice and enter in the necessary configuration for that protocol. At this point, the iPhone will present you with the option of selecting either one of three protocols and each protocol will require a slightly differing set of configurations – as shown in the graphic below.

iphone vpn setup

Step 5 – Enter in the necessary details that the VPN setup wizard asks for but don’t hit ‘Save’ just yet.

Step 6 – Before you hit save, there is one last detail to take care of. Scrolling down on the ‘Add Configuration’ page will show you the option to configure proxy settings.

iphone vpn setup

Step 7 – Once you have configured proxy settings, tap ‘Save’ on the top right of the screen. On doing so, the VPN configuration wizard will bring you back to the VPN settings/listings page where your new VPN configuration will now be clearly visible. I named mine ‘Test’ while making this tutorial so it was visible like this after I tapped ‘Save’.

iphone vpn setup

Step 8 – Tapping on my new configuration began the process of connecting to the VPN based on the details I had provided.

iphone vpn setup

If you want to delete a configuration, tap the small information ‘i’ visible next to the title of the VPN configuration and the credentials you entered earlier will open out. Scroll down and this time you will see an option to delete the VPN configuration. Tap on it if you wish to delete it.

iphone vpn setup


Setting up VPN on an iPhone is a lot like setting up VPN on an iPad. The iOS has been designed to be VPN friendly so there is never any software clash and once setup the VPN is easy as pie to use. To learn more, look up more on setting up VPN on iPad or post a question for a lightning fast response to your query.


Choosing a VPN Service Provider for your iPhone

Keep in mind, either way, that unless your friend runs a VPN company, you will have to pay for good service. And by VPN services, I don’t mean the VPN you might be using to access your office workstation from home. I mean the VPN that gets you access to region-restricted internet content while encrypting your data.

And letting you remain anonymous and safe from the cybercrime plague that tends to crack and cripple Netizens when they least expect it. I’m talking encryption and protocols! I’m talking confidentiality that can kick the NSA’s keister!

So the first thing you have to do before picking up your iPhone to configure your VPN, is to identify which VPN service provider you want to use. Google around a little and you will see that the internet is over loaded with VPN service providers and review websites telling you which internet service provider to use and how you can setup VPN on your iPhone.

In this iPhone VPN setup, I will give you a list of the top VPN service providers currently functioning in the industry, as well as a list of the factors you should consider when analyzing different VPN service providers in search of a good one. That should give you everything you need to make an educated and informed decision.

RankProvidersPrice ($)DiscountMore Info
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$2.88Per Month
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$2.75Per Month
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Using any one of these VPN providers will get you access to some of the best VPN service, servers and features that the VPN industry has to offer. These VPN service providers serve iPhone-friendly VPN services so that the installation and setup process is as easy as a walk in the park. Also, they will even go so far as to setup VPN on your iPhone for you if you find their tutorials to be too complicated (which they never are).

Setting up VPN in your iPhone – A Crash Course in the Basics

If you’ve read any of the other blogs on this website, you already know that I will offer you two methods to choose from to setup VPN on your iPhone. In fact, if you have seen the Matrix (or heard of it), then in the slightly modified words of Morpheus:

This is your last chance at online privacy. After this, there is no turning back. You take the automated approach – the instruction ends, you switch on your VPN client and surf whatever you want to surf. You take the manual method – you read on and I show you how to setup VPN on iPhone.

iphone vpn setup

The first way is to install a VPN client, which will relieve you of all major responsibilities and you will have to do nothing more besides entering in your user-name and password. It is the easiest way to setup VPN on iPhone.

Either that or you can use one of the many free proxies that are essentially half-baked, unreliable and inadequately secured gateways that will get you access to geo-restricted content but leave you exposed and vulnerable to the threats of malware and hackers.

The second way is to go into your iPhone VPN’s settings and manually configure your VPN settings. This will require you to coordinate with your selected VPN service provider (more on this later) and collect all the information necessary to setup VPN on iPhone.


Searching for a VPN Service Provider

When searching for a VPN service provider, the first thing you should know is that half the things you see on VPN websites are based on mere lies. So you have to be extra careful before you select a VPN service for your iPhone. Because setting up a malfunctioning VPN on your iPhone might put your online security at risk.

If a VPN website states that the VPN service provider has 500+ servers, then the first thing you need to know is that you will only get access to as much as 20% of that when you access VPN from your iPhone. This does not mean that the VPN service provider doesn’t’ have 500 servers+, this only means that the server offering for the iPhone platform is somewhat limited.

The second thing you need to come to terms with is that because your iPhone is a mobile device, you will require coverage that parallels your internet usage. If you have a habit of keeping your iPhone connected to the internet 24/7 (be it via WiFi, 3G or any other means) then know that you need 24/7 VPN availability.

Of course the VPN service provider will swear that service availability is 24/7 with no down time, but you will have to be a bit more careful if you are going to be paying for using VPN on your iPhone.

Check if the VPN service provider offers 24/7 LiveChat support. Test the support ticket system by opening out a few support tickets with some random questions relating to service availability for iPhone. Feel free to ask questions like:

How many servers will I be able to access on my iPhone? What if I want to use my iPhone VPN account on my computer? What VPN protocols can I use when I use your VPN service on my iPhone? Will using your VPN service have an impact on my internet costs? What do you do if one of your servers goes down and I want to connect to it? Do you offer a client application for the iPhone? Is there a free trial I can use on my iPhone before I buy your service? How soon do you process refund requests in case I am not satisfied?

Every VPN service provider will give you different responses to these questions and I want you to judge the speed and effectiveness of their responses before you select a particular VPN service provider and hit the ‘Order Now’ button.

I admit this is something of an exercise but you don’t want to waste money and risk getting robbed blind in the process. So the way I see it, you have reached a fork in the road yet again: either you use the list I compiled after years of VPN analysis and testing, or you spend the next day or two searching the net to find, question and correspond with VPN service providers.



Even though the main purpose of this post was to let our readers get familiar with setting up a VPN on their iPhones. But unlike many other VPN review websites, we did not shove the list of VPN service providers down the throats of our readers.

Instead we defined in eight simple steps as to how they can set up VPN on iPhone and how they can protect their online identities and can surf the internet freely. We have also highlighted some of the major factors and elements that are most often ignored while selecting the VPN services for iPhone.

Now that you are accustomed with the best VPN service providers for iPhone and iPads, we expect you to make smart choices than those who aren’t. You can also try some of the free VPNs for iPhone as well. The above tested VPN services have been tested thoroughly and are considered as some of the best VPN services for iPhones as of now.

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