How to Get China VPN on Android

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Do you wish to access social media apps on your Android mobile from within China? Does the Great Firewall of China restrict you from accessing favorite on-demand entertainment services? A VPN to China allows you to unblock popular sites and services from within the Mainland China. This guide will show you how to Get China VPN on Android device and bypass the geo-restrictions.



So how exactly do you evade restrictions while staying in China?

Thanks to a VPN, the Internet is entirely accessible from within China. A China VPN for Android masks your IP address with an overseas VPN server and allows you to access internet like a person who is located outside of China. With a VPN on your side, you get every bit of entertainment on your Android device without any restrictions.

Fortunately, the following services are tested and fully compatible with all models of Android devices and tablets. By using anyone of the below-mentioned VPN to China Android, you will be able to experience the internet like never before.

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Get China VPN on Android

Now when you know about the best VPN services for Android in China, here’s how to get China VPN on Android device:

  • Select a VPN service of your choice (best VPN providers mentioned above)
  • Next, make an account on provider’s website
  • Select a VPN package plan of your choice
  • Now, choose a payment method and make payment
  • Go to Play Store and download the provider’s VPN app
  • When downloaded successfully, install the VPN app
  • Next, open the VPN and connect to a US server
  • Upon successful connection, enjoy accessing unlimited sites and services that were previously blocked in your region

China VPN for Android

Since the last decade, strict censorship laws and web regulations have brought down giants such as New York Times, Wikipedia, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more services in China. The Chinese Government actively monitors each and every online activities of its users and instantly blocks any content or website that goes against the state’s interest.



The unavailability of many sites and platforms has smeared up the feelings of users who wish to access the internet for entertainment, research, socializing and other purposes. However, netizens find China VPN for Android to be the most suitable and safest solution to bypass the imposed geo-restrictions and access internet with a complete online freedom.

China VPN for Android Box

The Android Box delivers an interactive television experience by rendering blockbuster hits and live sports with just a click away. Similarly, on-demand entertainment streaming apps and games can also be played with an Android Box. While users get every bit of entertainment through amazing services, Chinese users are unable to use various apps and services like Youtube, Netflix and more.

However, the VPN services mentioned in this guide are the best China VPN for Android box which will help you out to get around with the geo-restrictions, so you can enjoy unlimited hours of entertainment from within China on your Android Box.

Best Free China VPN for Android

If we talk about the Best VPN Software Services, the majority of providers in the industry claim to offer services in China. When in reality they don’t even work over there. The reason lies on the standard firewalls and proxy servers located at the internet gateway. In addition to this, the Great Firewall of China uses rigorous censorship mechanism such as IP blocking, DNS filtering, URL filtering, Packet filtering and Deep Packet Inspection process to block sites and services that are against the state’s interest.

Similarly, aggressive censorship practices and strict monitoring processes have blocked over 18,000 websites and best free China VPN for Android as well. Fortunately, the above mentioned Chinese VPN services offer numerous state-of-the-art encryption tunneling protocols which pass the entire network traffic of a user through a secure overseas VPN server. This allows a user to gain seamless access to almost any blocked site on an Android device in China anonymously.

Final Words

For decades, the Government of China has been putting a ban on discussions and debates about topics including law enforcement brutality, Tiananmen Square incident of 1989, freedom of speech, Taiwan Independence and much more.

According to the Chinese Government, China has the right to control the internet according to its rules and regulations within its borders. But a VPN will enable you to evade the geo-restrictions and enjoy many entertainment services from your Android device in China.


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