VPN Error 720 – Quickly fix all the VPN IP Related Issues

VPN Error 720 – Quickly fix all the VPN IP Related Issues

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VPN Error 720

Are you familiar with VPN Error 720? If you nodded in answer then you have come at the right place. Considered as one of the common VPN errors, the VPN Error 720 possesses no harm to your online security and your device. If you ever notice the window popping up on your screen, highlighting the VPN Error 720, know this for a fact that you can get rid of it in a few simple steps.


What does VPN Connection Error 720 Say?

If you have never encountered the VPN Error Code 720 before, we will tell you what message it prompts on your screen. A small window pops up on your screen that reads, “A Connection to the remote computer could not be established”, now there can be only be a single reason as to why the VPN connection Error 720 takes place at the first instance.

It’s important to note that it does not occur because of a problem with VPN, but it might have something to do with your VPN server. It is highly likely that the IP address that you are getting does not belong to the IP range that you have mentioned in your VPN server. We will tell you how you can change it in just a few simple steps.


How to Fix VPN Error 720?

While the error might put a halt to your progress, remember that you can solve the issue by following these steps:

1) Access “Network and Sharing” and select “Change Adapter Settings”
2) You will see “Incoming Connection” written over there, right click on it and scroll down your message to “Properties” and select it.
3) Select the “Networking Tab” followed by “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)”
4) Now select the “Specify IP address” and enter a range of IP addresses or your IP address. Once you have followed all these steps. Restart your device and try reconnecting it.



The VPN Error 720 is a common error that is faced by thousands of users on a daily basis. You can easily get to the root of the problem and can solve it in a few minutes. However, we recommend to all the readers and VPN users to contact their respective service providers if the problem remains unresolved.

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