Cisco VPN Error 412 – Fix Your Cisco VPN Problems & Issues

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Those who connect to the computers of their work places through a VPN client experience VPN Error 412 more often. It is advised to everyone to check the nature of error, if they are ever stopped from getting connected. VPN Error 412 is said to occur when your VPN client detects that the desired VPN server as unresponsive.

Possible Reasons of Error 412 in VPNs

Check out the several possibilities that might be bogging you down from getting connected to your work station.

1) Your firewall is probably on which is ultimately blocking all your connection requests to the ports UDP 4500/500 and/or ESP.
2) You are trying to connect through TCP port but the port 10000 for NAT-T is already chocked.
3) Poor connection speeds and bad internet connections might prove out to be the difference between connection and disconnection. A VPN accompanied by good internet service never encounter all such issues!
4) If the NAT is enabled on your device from which you are trying to establish a connection from your VPN client, and the NAT-T is blocked on the VPN server, you would end up getting VPN Error 412.

Quick Solution for VPN Client Error 412

Check out the solutions for VPN Connection Error 412.

1) If you are using a Wi-Fi to connect your VPN, disconnect it and connect through a cable network.
2) Since we have already mentioned that the firewalls work proactively to block all the connection attempts, turn it off, restart your VPN and then try to reconnect it. If the problem remains there, make sure to allow your firewall to accept the connection requests from the port 500, port 4500 and the ESP protocol.
3) Make changes to your profile by enabling the NAT-T/TCP protocol and allowing port 10000 on the firewall.
4) Make use of the editor in your profile and change ForceKeepAlive=0 to 1.
5) Cisco VPN Clients are run on UDP ports 500 and 62515. Make sure you set up your firewall accordingly.
6) The last step is to check if your VPN client is sending and receiving the packets. Do so by running this command “netstat -s -p ip 60″ in the search box to see if it is functioning prope

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