How to Fix VPN Connection Error 800 – Easy Solution

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If you are a VPN user, you might have encountered VPN Connection Error 800 at some stage. It can be said that it is perhaps, one of the most common forms of VPN errors. Error 800 usually disrupts your VPN connection while you are trying to establish it.

Now there are quite a few possibilities that might result in the failure. The error may emerge on your screen because it might be due to an outstretched VPN server or there may be a problem in constructing the security framework.

While considering all the possibilities, one has to keep the router firmware in mind. It can also play a big role in VPN Error Code 800. If you are trying to set up the VPN manually, negligence or one mistake can also lead to the Error 800 while setting up the VPN connection.

How to Fix VPN Connection Error 800

As stated above, it is one of the most common forms of errors and you can also fix it manually. If you are wondering how you can do that, please follow the easy steps discussed below:

  • Whenever your screen prompts VPN Error 800, always check the VPN IP address at first. Your VPN username and password are also very important. Make sure to double check them if they are correct or not.
  • Permit the firewall and router settings from PPTP and VPN connection.
  • Now permit or open the PPTP and VPN TCP Port 1723 and protocol 47 for VPN connection.
  • Now select VPN Properties and scroll until you find Security tab. Switch your VPN connection type to Point-to-Point Tunneling (PPTP)
  • The final step needs you to check the VPN IP address again and eradicate “http://” and “/” in the server address. Your VPN should work now.



Whilst VPN Error 800 is one of the most common forms of errors, it can be fixed by following the above steps. The solution should work for all the VPN providers, but if the problem still does not go away, we advise you to contact your VPN service provider respectively.

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