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File sharing is controversial and is criticized by many, while at the same time millions of users still use the internet to download torrents. Torrenting is a fun way to watch and download all the latest media content, read books, listen to music, and install software applications through best torrent sites.

Torrent file is a pointer file that are downloaded from Torrent websites. These files are then uploaded to a torrent software, this is where the copyright content is downloaded directly to your system. Here in this guide we provide an easiest method on how to download torrent.

Before you get started, we remind you that watching free copyright material can compromise your online identity. Protect your online data, privacy, and activity by using the VPN for torrenting.

How Bittorrent File Sharing Works

BitTorrent networking adopts Peer-to-Peer (P2P) file sharing method. Torrent downloads many different small bits from various sources instead of downloading a large bits from a single source. This helps in faster downloading.

Another thing that you need to understand about BitTorrent file sharing is that it is all about swarming and tracking. The swarming method splits a large file into tiny bits and then shares it across a swarm of linked users. Tracking is the process where specific servers find these swarm of linked users.

These swarm members would then convert these files into usable files. During the entire process, .torrent file act as a pointer that helps user find other users, while enforcing quality.

How to Use Torrents

To download torrent, you require a special software that could read .Torrent File or the magnet file. Once you have downloaded torrent software, you can upload the .torrent file that you have downloaded from many Torrent website. It will ask you to download the torrent and meanwhile provide you with statistics on how much of the file is downloaded, seeders, and the downloading speed.

Fancy downloading a torrent? You’ve come to the right place for a crash course in torrents. In this article, I will give you a rundown of the following torrent download related areas but feel free to jump to your desired section. Then you can download your favorite content from torrent sites but learn how to spot fake torrent files.

Step 1 – Understanding Torrents
Step 2 – Accessing Blocked Torrent Websites
Step 3 – Finding Reliable Torrents And What To Look For
Step 4 – Downloading Torrents And Managing Torrent Download

Step 1 – Understanding Torrents

Using a Torrent is essentially nothing more than file sharing between people. The only difference is that it takes place over the BitTorrent protocol.
The BitTorrent protocol handles data-sharing differently than other protocols that handle the data sharing when you use other data transferring services.

Take your email for instance. Your email uses the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol and the Post Office Protocol to respectively send and receive email. How do these differ? The line that divides your email protocols and your torrent is the difference in size and continuity of data transfer.

Your email needs to send data only once – during which there is one computer sending data to one computer.

You can put as many people as you like in the address bar, but the transmission to each will take place individually; which is why everybody gets his/her own copy of your email. The BitTorrent protocol seeks to establish a connection instead of firing off one-time rounds of data to pre-designated recipients. The BitTorrent protocol over-simplifies sender and receiver identification, and over-complicates the actual sending and receiving of data between them. Confused?

SCENARIO 1: Imagine a private music teacher teaching one student – you are the teacher. When you ask your student to play a song, your student plays it for you, but all you get is a one-instrument solo. Your student plays and expects you to receive a one-instrument solo.

SCENARIO 2: Now imagine a setting in which you have a hundred students sitting in front of you; each with a different instrument. When you ask them to play a song and each one of them plays their instrument, you end up with a complete and beautiful song. In this case, each student will be essentially playing individually, but the combined product that you will receive will be of a full-fledged song instead of a one-instrument solo.

The first scenario explains how data transfer takes place over your email. The second scenario explains how data transfer takes place over BitTorrent. You are welcome!

Step 2 – Accessing Blocked Torrent Websites

Once you become familiar with torrents, you will make two observations. The first: torrents are the best way to find and download movies, software, games, songs, e-books and just about everything that can be put on a hard drive. The second: effective and efficient torrent download is impossible without a VPN. Every time a torrent website becomes mildly popular, it is immediately thrown to the cyber dogs and subjected to blocks and bans by ISPs and courts around the world. Using VPN to download torrents is the best one-shot gun-shot solution.

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When selecting a VPN to facilitate torrent download, there are a few factors that need to be given priority. Simply any VPN provider won’t do. A torrent friendly VPN will provide you unlimited bandwidth, unlimited download, a full range of protocols, adequate encryption (at least 256-bit), and 24/7 tech support.

I always recommend starting by messing with tech support. If you get live-chat tech support, ask the VPN provider if they facilitate torrent download. If they respond in affirmative, ask them for a server list displaying loads. This is critically important because it will impact your download speed. There is no such thing as a man who does not appreciate a good download speed.

Split-Tunneling is a great way to use a VPN during Torrent download. If your VPN service provider provides you Split-Tunneling, you will be able to ensure that only the only data sending/receiving that takes place through your VPN is that which is required for your torrent download session. This way, your torrent will be able to benefit fully from your VPN service while the rest of your internet activity (and all data sending/receiving involved) takes place through your ISPs general traffic. All of the activity is essentially still taking place over the internet of course, but by using your VPN’s split tunneling feature, you can ensure that your torrent gets its own personal internet highway.

Anybody can post anything on a torrent website and the same applies to downloading. There are no regulations and no requirements that individuals have to fulfill before uploading and/or downloading torrents.

Step 3 – Finding Reliable Torrents And What To Look For

Before you download a torrent, make sure you spend a little time trying to understand the Torrent website’s rating scale. Almost every good torrent website has a rating system to rate the reliability of available torrents. This works in parallel with a rating system to rate the reliability of torrent uploaders.

For instance, the famous Pirate Bay website has a rating system in which colored skills represent the reliability of the torrent uploader. The skull system is easy and user-friendly. If you don’t remember what reliability level a certain colored skull represents, a simple mouse-over should suffice and show you what the skull stands for. The green colored skull represents a ‘VIP’ user, the purple colored skull represents a ‘Trusted’ torrent uploader and the blue colored skill represents a ‘helper’.

However, simply considering the uploader’s reliability rating for torrent quality is not enough. Also look for a Download count and go through the comments section to understand how post-download user experience fared. You will be able to learn more from user comments than you will be able to glean from the torrent description provided on the website.

This is just one example and there may be different rating systems on each website. Some torrent websites, such as KickAssTorrents, go the extra mile and verify torrent content and quality for torrent downloaders. If the website allows users to ‘upvote’ and ‘downvote’ torrents, I suggest you steer clear of them as a measure of the torrent’s reliability. This is because different users choose to cast their votes at different points in time. Some do it to identify that they downloaded the torrent, and some do it to express what they think of the subject of the torrent’s content. The reasons can range from a pure desire to help others to casting a vote for the sake of clicking.

Seeders are computers on the network that are giving data while peers (also called leechers) are computers on the network that are recieving data. Try to find a torrent that has a large number of seeders. A torrent with a large number of seeders will generally also have lots of comments in the comments section.

Instead of looking at the positive and negative votes on a torrent look at the torrent content. See if the files (and their file sizes) in the torrent are adequate considering the content that the torrent title promises to deliver. Remember, anybody can put just about anything in a torrent and upload it under just about any name. If you come across a potential hoax or malware threat, be sure to report it immediately to the website administrator.

download torrent

Step 4 – Downloading Torrents And Managing Torrent Download

So you selected a VPN to access the best torrents out there and you found a torrent you think is good enough to download? The next step is to install a torrent client. A torrent client is a centralized torrent management system that works as the command center for all your torrent downloads (yes, you can download multiple torrents at a time). Torrent clients work essentially like airport terminals. Only they route torrent data traffic instead of aircraft. You cannot possibly download a torrent without first downloading a torrent client.

When you download the torrent of your choice from a torrent website, the torrent client will kick in and ask you to identify where you would like to download the torrent. The torrent file you download is not the data you are looking for – instead it contains information on the data scatter for the torrent components. Executing it using the torrent client will essentially activate a download sequence in your torrent client where you will be able to monitor and control the progress of the download.

Through the torrent client, you will be able to see the following data transfer metrics for each torrent you click on (in your torrent client’s torrent list):

  • Time elapsed so far in torrent download
  • The estimated time remaining for your torrent download to finish
  • The downloaded data size
  • The uploaded data size
  • The number of systems broadcasting the torrent – seed count
  • The number of systems receiving the torrent – peer count
  • Upload and download data limit may also be visible

Keep an eye on the left hand side of the torrent client. It will divide your torrents into categories with respect to the torrents you have downloaded, the torrents you are seeding and the torrents you have completed. Besides this, you will also be able to see active and inactive torrents. Frequent torrent downloaders will be able to learn how to see the individual download progress for each file in the torrent as well as the status of peers on the torrent’s network.

Where to Find Torrent Movies and Music

When you have downloaded torrent software and have understood how torrent file sharing works, then you have to find Torrent websites that could lead you to the right pointer files. Check out for the best Torrent websites that will let you find torrent Movies, TV Shows, Music, Books, and so much more.

There are torrent websites that contains many different categories of Torrents, while some of the torrent websites contain specific materials. Search a name of the movie in the search bar of these websites and download the pointer files. Once the download is complete, head towards the Torrent software and upload the pointer file. You will be able to watch any media content once the download ends.

How to Spot Fake Torrent Files

Torrent websites contain Torrent files that can be uploaded by anyone on the internet. Anyone can upload a malware and conceal it under fancy movie or music name that could attract a torrent user. Once that file is downloaded, your system gets compromised and is watched by cybercriminals and snoopers all around. The sad part is, any new torrent user will fail to notice fake torrent files.

Here are some of the ways to spot fake torrent files:

  • Higher seed, but few comments
  • Always check the verified status
  • Only trust AVI and MKV files for Movies
  • Never trust WMA, WMV, TAR, and ACE files
  • Always read comments
  • Confirm the movie release date from IMDB

One way to spot fake torrent file is to check their seeds along with its comments. Spammers uses the tool to increase their number of seeds up to 10,000 and that will want you to click on the file. However, it will have only a few comments which will mean the file is fake.

Also, do check for the verified status. Major torrent websites employ a committee that confirms whether a torrent file is a fake or works perfectly well. Further, you can check the movie release date on IMDB website because fake files are mostly found under the movie title that hasn’t been released to tempt people into downloading.

You should take notes that AVI and MKV files are trustable, but never trust WMA, WMV, TAR, and ACE files. Lastly, whatever you do, always read comments.

Torrent Reviews

Advertisements could really haunt torrent users when downloading torrents. They could pop-up from all ends, thereby creating a negative perception about torrents. Search your way for the best torrent download websites.

Torrent websites could be blocked in your country and that is why we have a VPN to unblock these websites. Download torrents all you can with a VPN and stay safe online.

Wrapping Up

On a related note, torrent clients are now available for just about all platforms and devices in existence. You don’t need to switch on your laptop to download a torrent when you can do it on your smart-phone. But be careful because VPN and data packages differ when hand-held device based data transfer is involved. Generally speaking, there are two precautions that you need to take when downloading torrents on hand-held devices (these include smart-phones, tablets and phablets)

  1. Unless you are using a WiFi, double check with your cellular service provider on download tariffs and limits.
  2. Make sure that your chosen VPN provider offers unlimited data download on your device. Download limits for devices and computers tend to differ in some cases.