How to Access Pokémon Go in Iran

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So now you can’t catch ’em all in Iran. The ever so popular Pokémon Go has been banned this morning in the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Iranian High Council of Virtual Spaces has officially announced a ban with some unspecified “security concerns”. Surprisingly, Iran has become the first country to restrict Pokémon Go. But for Pokémon fans, hopes are still high. Fortunately, now you access Pokémon Go in Iran without facing any restrictions with a VPN!

Following VPN services will allow you to play the game with zero restrictions. With a range of optimized overseas VPN servers, reliable tunneling protocols, 24/7 customer support, these VPN services will mask your IP address with a US server, so you can access Pokémon Go hassle free in Iran:

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How to Access Pokémon Go in Iran on Android

Now that you have one of the preferred VPN services, you’re all set to enjoy the game on your Android device. Here’s how to access Pokémon Go on Android:

  • Choose one of the Android VPN service (specified above)
  • Make an account on the provider’s website
  • Download the VPN app on your Android device
  • Next, install the VPN app on your device
  • Open the freshly installed VPN, enter your login credentials and login
  • Now from your VPN app, select a US server to connect
  • Once connected to US server, go to Play Store
  • You will be able to find the Pokémon Go in the Play Store
  • Download the game on your device and install it
  • Enjoy playing the most adventurous game on earth while living in Iran

How to Access Pokémon Go in Iran on iOS

For iOS users, you can stay creative with your sleuthing at any hour of the day without facing any restrictions. One of the methods to access Pokémon Go on iOS is by connecting to a VPN service (via US server) and then access iTunes. Your iTunes should show apps from US store, allowing you to download Pokémon Go app and enjoy the game.

The second method is to manually change the location of your iTunes. This might look like a tedious task but do not fret, using the following steps, you can easily access Pokémon Go on your iOS device:

  • On your iOS device, go to settings and select iTunes & App Store
  • Enter your Apple ID and sign in
  • Now, click on your Apple ID and a selection menu will appear.
  • Select “view Apple ID”
  • A menu will appear, select Country/Region
  • Next, choose Change Country or Region
  • Now select your new country and hit next
  • Accept the terms and condition to proceed
  • Choose a payment method
  • Enter billing address and hit next

The Secret Behind the Ban on Pokémon

Being a fresher in the market, Pokémon Go stands among the most popular games around the world. Since its release, the game has been downloaded by more than 100 million players across the globe. The reputation lies behind the location-based and reality gaming experience. However, Pokémon in Iran, US, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and many other countries faced massive criticism for causing accidents and violence among public.

In Indonesia, the government has imposed a ban on police officers from playing Pokémon Go during duty hours. Shockingly, in France, a gamer was detained last month after being located on a military base while playing the game.

Access pokemon go in iran

The restrictions on Pokémon Go have been imposed in the United States as well, where the Governor of New York has claimed to ban about 3000 registered sex offenders (on parole) from accessing Pokémon. The ban is imposed to protect minors who play Pokémon Go.

Final Words

In Iran, the ban on Pokémon started to rumor since last month. The government was seeking a response from creator of the game, Niantic Labs, for possible restrictions. The restrictions are assumed to be related to the duration of gameplay, location restrictions and more. But Pokémon Go has eventually faced a ban in Iran and gamers won’t be able to play the game like they did before.

To get around with the restrictions, users can choose one of the specified VPN services mentioned in this guide and instantly access Pokémon Go in Iran safely.

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