How to Access Gmail in China With 100% Safety and Anonymity

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World’s most popular email service Gmail can now be accessed from within China. Launched in 2004, Google’s Gmail now serves about 1 billion active users worldwide. The service offers unmatchable features including 15GB space, Effective Mail Management, Multi-Language support, Social Network Integration and much more. However, strict censorship laws in China have left users unable to access hundred of sites including Gmail. Fortunately, now you can access Gmail in China with a VPN.

These Chinese VPN services offer state-of-the-art servers located across major regions of the world, 24/7/365 customer support, excellent apps for mobile, desktop and MAC  OS X and everything that you need to access Gmail safely in China:

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How to Access Gmail in China

Now that you have a Chinese VPN service, you’re all set to unblock Gmail along with every other site on earth which is inaccessible in China. Here’s how to Unblock Gmail in China:

  • Choose one of the best Chinese VPN service (specified above)
  • Next, make an account on VPN provider’s site
  • Download the VPN app on your device
  • Now, install the VPN software on your device

Gmail in china

  • Open the VPN software, enter your username & password and proceed

Gmail in china

  • Next, connect to a US server

Gmail in china

  • Upon successful connection, open your browser and enjoy using Gmail hassle-free from within China


Note: For our step-by-step guide, we have used PureVPN to unblock Gmail due to its 500+ servers and a broad range of strong encryption tunneling protocols that delivers top-notch privacy and 100% anonymity.

Why is Gmail Blocked in China?

China has been widely acclaimed for using most aggressive web censorship techniques. Today, nearly 3000 sites are blocked in the People’s Republic of China, including tech giants like Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, YouTube, Yahoo, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Snapchat and many others. The ban is due to web regulations of China which prohibit pornography, violence, hatred speech, defamation and discussions on state policies.

To get around with the situation, Chinese residents find VPN as the most suitable and safest solution to bypass restrictions and access Gmail in China. A VPN masks your original IP address with one that belongs to an overseas VPN server, allowing you to access Gmail from another country.

In addition to this, the providers specified above offer exceptional security features such as Internet Kill Switch which protects your identity from getting leaked whenever a VPN connection fails.

How Does China Block Gmail

Censorship in China is imposed through GFW (Great Firewall of China). The GFW uses most extensive network filtering techniques to monitor, detect and filter any online activity that goes against the interest of Chinese government. Moreover, when a Chinese resident tries to access Gmail, his request is identified by the GFW and his access to Gmail is eventually blocked.

To handle the restrictions, there are few ways to access Gmail in China. However, the most economical and safest approach is to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Safety Measures to Take Before You Access Gmail in China

Even though a VPN gives instant access to Gmail but IP leaks and DNS leaks can put you in trouble. If a VPN connection fails while you’re accessing restricted sites in China, your actual IP address and other confidential information may get leaked to your ISP, cyber police and hackers. To stay safe online, users can take the following safety measures:

  • Choose a provider that offers Internet Kill Switch (providers specified above)
  • Make sure you’re connected to VPN when accessing restricted sites, emails, online banking or any other confidential information on internet
  • To stay at safe side, it’s best to select a provider with zero activity logging policy
  • Never store your Gmail credentials in browser’s cache.

Final Words

Now that you know about the best solutions to access Gmail in China, you can easily evade the Great Firewall of China and explore the internet with 100% online freedom. A VPN is surely a one-stop solution for safe, reliable and instant access to Gmail, Snapchat, YouTube, HBO, Fox Go, BBC iPlayer and more sites.

The VPN services mentioned in this guide offer top-notch security with robust tunneling protocols, 100+ servers located across main parts of the world and pocket-friendly plans for your ease. Using one of the specified VPN you will be able to explore the internet like never before.

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