How to watch 2014 NFL games streaming live online

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Millions of Americans will be glued to their TV Screens, iPads, Tabs and smartphones this weekend to experience the thrills and excitements of a new NFL season.

With players ready to make everlasting impressions on the minds of their fans this season, the eagerly waiting NFL aficionados will do their best to cheer on their local teams.

To say that chills run down the spines of the fans at the start of a new season is to say what Walter White is to Jesse Pinkman. It is an understatement at its very best.

Yet, one thing that threatens to spoil all the fun this season is the TV blackout. Fans have stopped worrying about the game being broadcast in their respective local regions.

It is a great shame that an NFL season will kick off weighed down by federal rules that are least bothered about sports fans in the blind pursuit to protect the league.


Brace Your Self for the NFL Transmission Black Out, Again!

The Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) sports blackout rule forbids cable and satellite companies from telecasting a game that is supposed to be blacked-out in a particular local broadcast region.

The blackout rule started in 1973 and is not only limited to NFL but is also applicable to other leagues. It is implemented when, under the rules of NFA, a home game fails to sell out 72 hours prior to the kickoff.

Even though the blackout rule was originally thought up with the objective to increase the ticket sales, facts do not endorse this notion anymore. Being aware of the facts, FCC in a meeting last December voted unanimously to bring an end to the rule, accepting the fact (based on records) that blackouts are not helping increase ticket sales – and that these rules have become crippled.

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1 Sure Fire Tip to Access the NFL Game Pass

Those who are familiar with VPN and its advantages, realize that they can still watch their favorite teams play regardless of restrictions. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) lets you access geo-restricted and blocked content by masking your IP. It also provides you security so that your online identity can be protected and becomes untraceable by online surveillance.

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With help from a VPN, one can register for an NFL Game Pass, even from the US when the content is blocked and geo-restricted for US residents. The NFL Game Pass broadcasts ALL the games online and works on several devices including PC, Android, Mac, Tabs, Smartphones, Xbox and iPad.

If you wish to access the NFL games freely, a VPN will reroute your traffic through an IP that will have a different server location (one where the NFL transmission will be active). This way you will not only be able to watch your favorite teams play but you will also be able to stream while keeping yourself away from any online surveillance that can possibly track your online activity.


Help Other NFL Fans…

Don’t forget to share your NFL blackout experience and how you plan on enjoying the games this year in the comments sections!

Interested in unblocking more restricted content to get more from your internet? Click here for details about Top Unblocked Games of 2016.

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