How I Started Using a VPN Service & Why You Should Too

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While sipping hot coffee through the lid of my cup, I put the newspaper aside and turned on my laptop to check if I had received any feedback from the clients or not. By profession, I am a freelance movie review writer and a daily-life journalist, who has a knack for getting himself in trouble for publishing the truth without fearing the outcome.

I had received emails; lots of them but they were all from my editor asking me relentlessly if I was covering the new development in the ‘Technology’ beat. Apparently Australia, Canada, France and Germany had decided to retain their internet users’ data – a move that had come a little too late, considering their counterparts in the US and UK had been doing it for ages.

The news was too good for me to pass so I decided to write a detailed report, indicating why these countries felt the need for conducting online mass surveillance and how it would affect the internet users of those specific regions. Much to my surprise, the users of all the regions gave mostly negative feedbacks about the data retention policies that were introduced in their regions.

I decided to dig deeper to find out what annoyed the users the most. After a few hours of research on the internet and interviewing different internet users, I was able to understand what was at stake and why each and every one of them was irked. With text messages in your phone to access to your personal email addresses and pictures, everything was to be spied on.

The concern was genuine and the users were right in asking their respective governments to take their decisions of surveillance back. Tracy, a social worker, asked her mates in Australia to come out in big numbers to oppose the decision of data retention. Similarly Davy, an accountant by profession, hated the idea of sharing his balance sheets with others.

Since I was keen to hear the story of the other side as well, I was informed that all the governments had decided to do so to curb down the threats of terrorism in their regions. It would be suffice to say that it was a move that had the right motives but a wrong execution. Rickie, one of the many annoyed users, told me that he had turned to VPN services to protect his data.

Amazed by his suggestion, I decided to include the VPN services in my story as well. As it turned out, I was the only man who didn’t know anything about the VPN services; perhaps due to me being a non-technical person. A VPN service keeps you safe and protects your personal messages, pictures, information and all data from being spied on.

What proved out to be a cherry on top was the fact that VPN services provide servers all across the world to ensure you are free to choose your own desired server to get the best connectivity results. I really wanted to get hold of software that could keep my laptop safe, for obvious reasons, from the threats viruses, hackers and malware and suffice to say I got one!

When I talked to the representatives of a few VPN service providers they told me that it works on a few algorithms to provide you the online piracy and accessibility to any website in the world. While I was still awestruck by the fact how I never came across a VPN service, I thanked God that I finally did!

Today I am writing this short write-up for VPNRanks to let their readers know that having a VPN is truly a blessing. Today I feel safe using the internet with VPN service running in the background. I know what I am doing and I know nobody is going to access my personal details without talking to me first.

I can unblock whatever I want, and I can click anything I like without fearing that my country’s government would be interested in it. They will never be, you might ask, why? Because they will never be able to get hold of my data due to the online protection I receive from the VPN providers.

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