How does China block VPN

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Netizens across China have been questioning about how does China Block VPN? The Great Firewall of China has been designed and built to scan, track and block all the websites, tools, and services that are against the State’s interests. Over sixty administrative regulations and extreme censorship laws have been implemented by the state-owned ISPs and telecom organizations to impose censorship measures. For years, netizens have been using VPN to bypass the restrictions, but the firewall has now begun to block VPN users as well.



So how exactly does the Great Firewall of China Blocks a VPN?


A VPN circumvents the imposed geo-restrictions by masking an IP address of a user and routing the entire network traffic through encrypted tunnel. However, the Great Firewall now uses a Deep-Packet Inspection (DPI) method to identify a VPN user first and then eventually blocks the user connection.


Good News for Chinese Users!  Individual testing and user reviews suggest following tested China VPN services to bypass the Deep-Packet Inspection method. These VPN services forward your entire network traffic to a more protected protocol (TCP443),  allowing you to evade the great firewall of China and enjoy accessing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and much more.


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Best VPN to Evade The Great Firewall of China

As China’s censorship practices are getting more sophisticated, security researchers and privacy experts are rigorously discovering ways to bypass the censorship techniques. At the beginning of 2011, VPN users reported about the termination of their connection for using a VPN. This unveiled the ability of the great firewall to learn, discover and block the connection of users.


However, the best China VPN services mentioned above use notable methods to forward the network traffic to TCP 443 so that the user becomes completely anonymous to the firewall. This circumvents the Deep-packet inspection process and allows a user to access all geo-blocked sites and services from within China safely and anonymously.


Final Words

The political background of the Chinese Internet censorship links to the famous saying of the paramount leader Deng Xiaoping:


China’s Internet controls and measures are considered to be most extensive and advanced than any other censorship regulations in the world. The law-enforcement agencies don’t only block websites but also monitors the online activities of each user. Considering the strict censorship laws and threats to users data privacy, Chinese VPN offers state-of-the-art method to bypass the great firewall of China and allow users to enjoy a true online freedom.

The listed VPN providers are the only services which protect you from Deep-packet Inspection process of Chinese firewall. Get one the listed Chinese VPN, get anonymous and enjoy accessing unlimited blocked websites and services from within the Mainland China.

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