How did the Internet react to the leaked photos of various Celebrities?

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I am sure that by now you must have heard that Nude photos of “Hunger Games” star Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande and Kirsten Dunst, among many others, were leaked online. This is the biggest celebrity scandal in recent memory.

These images were initially posted on 4chan and the user claimed that he hacked the Apple’s iCloud Server! Talk about a huge lapse in Apple’s security. I am surprised that no celebrity has sued Apple over this!

Anyways, I am a huge fan of Jennifer Lawrence and I was disgusted when I heard the news. She was one of those celebs who didn’t want to show any skin but sadly the hacker got to her.

I didn’t even try to look up her leaked pictures on the internet; not because I am at work; because I respect her privacy. The Internet is also mixed with different reactions most of them say that they will not look up the picture but we know better than that.

This could happen to anyone, which is why we have constantly emphasized on the fact that people should use some sort of Firewall or a VPN to prevent these attempts.

Your pictures don’t have to be on iCloud to get stolen, hackers can steal that information from your phone when you connect to a public wifi… and you do not want that!

Getting back to the point I have compiled some reactions I found on the internet courtesy of Twitter, Reddit and Imgur. Here they are (PG-13 warning from here on out):

Overly obsessive couples asking if their SO has seen her photos.



When people found out about these photos.


This even led to a creation of a subreddit called /r/thefappening which contains all of the leaked photos.

Then there were others who showed their genuine concern for Jlaw and other celebrities by protesting on the internet.

For the people who congratulated the Idiot who posted her Photos.

People who genuinely felt sorry for her



Good guy Perez Hilton apologized and removed her photos.



A direct message to the hacker

“God will not forgive”



Mixed reaction?!?!

These things can easily be avoided if the big tech companies would spend some money on upgrading their security systems instead of reaping more and more money out of their customers. Because we all know that once something goes on the internet it can never come off.

And for the people who are wondering why my article was JLaw centric, I have two reasons:

1. Because I am a huge fan.
2. Because others have no problem in showing their skins….

Have a nice day.

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