How to Set up Surfshark on iPhone in Hong Kong – Easy Guide

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We see how much the use of mobile phones has surged in the last decade. Apple’s iPhone alone has more than 1.2 billion users in the world. With growing cyber risks and crimes, almost everyone’s personal data on phones is at risk.

Fortunately, a Virtual Private Network brings security protocols and privacy protection to secure user data and identity on the network. Some VPNs also come with dedicated apps to protect your phones. Surfshark is one of the best VPN for iPhone in Hong Kong and can be set up easily on different Apple devices like Surfshark on Apple TV in Hong Kong etc., offering ultra-fast servers, security features, and a defense mechanism at incredibly low rates.

Surfshark is the one-stop solution for protecting your sensitive data and bypassing censorship on iPhones. You can learn more about the features in our detailed Surfshark review Hong Kong.

We will discuss the importance and method of using Surfshark on iPhone in Hong Kong in this post:

How to Set up Surfshark on iPhone in Hong Kong – 4 Easy Steps

Surfshark on iPhone enables the encrypted transfer of data to allow anonymous browsing on the network. Surfshark provides a safe online platform for iPhone users without trackers, advertisers, and malware senders.

You can easily set up Surfshark on iPhone in Hong Kong in the following 4 steps:

We present detailed instructions for each step to get Surfshark on iPhone in Hong Kong below:

Install and log in the Surfshark App on iPhone in Hong Kong

Wondering, ‘Can I use Surfshark on my iPhone in Hong Kong?” yes, you can! Just follow the steps below to install the Surfshark iPhone app:

Step 1: To begin with, navigate to the App Store on your iPhone and launch it.

launch-the-apple-app-store-in-Hong Kong

Step 2: In the search bar, type Surfshark.

type-surfshark-in-app-store-in-Hong Kong

Step 3: Select the Surfshark app from the list of search results. After the page loads, click on the download sign to start the installation. You may have to enter your FACE ID or Apple ID password for installation.

download-surfshark-on-your-device-in-Hong Kong

To log into the Surfshark app, close the App Store after the installation is complete.

Step 4: Locate and tap on the Surfshark app icon on your iPhone to open.

Step 5: Read the Surfshark privacy policy and terms and conditions appearing on the screen. Click on Agree & Continue.

Step 6: You can log into the app as an Existing User if you have already purchased the Surfshark subscription plan. But if you don’t have a subscription, simply sign up with the Create Account option.

log-in-to-surfshark-in-Hong Kong

Step 7: Enter your email address and password used during registration and press login.

enter-sign-in-details-in-Hong Kong

Connect to the Surfshark VPN on iPhone in Hong Kong

After you log in, the Surfshark homepage appears on the screen.

Step 1: You can protect your data and communication with Surfshark on your iPhone. Press the Quick Connect button to connect to Surfshark’s nearest available server.

click-the-quick-connect-button-on-surfshark-in-Hong Kong

Surfshark app also lets you choose the default connection type by visiting the Locations tab. You can select either the Fastest server or the Nearest country.

choose-frome-fastest-server-or-nearest-country-in-Hong Kong

Step 2: If you are trying to connect to the VPN for the first time, you will have to add VPN configurations to your iPhone. Without these settings, Surfshark on iPhone in Hong Kong can’t create and maintain the VPN secure tunnel. On the pop-up message appearing on the screen, press Allow. In case you face any connectivity issues you can get help from our guide of Surfshark not working in Hong Kong.

add-vpn-configurations-to-use-surfshark-in-Hong Kong

Step 3: The connectivity status will start appearing on your Surfshark app homepage. If the VPN gets connected, you will find it working on your screen. Your internet connection is now protected and shielded.

You can find details about your VPN connection appearing on the Surfshark homepage. You will find your new IP address and the total data transmitted over the VPN.

surfshark-connected-on-iphone-in-Hong Kong

Choose server locations of your choice on the iPhone in Hong Kong

If you are looking for a fast server in a particular location, Surfshark lets you connect to over 3200 servers available in 100+ countries.

Step 1: You can connect to a server manually by navigating to the Locations tab. You can get a complete list of Surfshark locations under this tab. Find your desired location and press on the flag icon next to it. Surfshark will connect you to the location immediately.

surfshark-locations-list-in-Hong Kong

Step 2: The bubbles next to the location indicate how loaded the servers are at that time. The first bubble against Andorra shows that a few users are using it. Whereas the bubble with Argentina displays that the server is not overly loaded.

surfshark-server-traffic-load-in-Hong Kong

Step 3: In the Surfshark app, you get two other tabs, Static IP and MultiHop, on the top.

The two tabs have the following functions:

  • Static IP: Surfshark assigns you the same IP address on each connection request
  • MultiHop: Surfshark connects you via two separate VPN servers located in different geographical regions for enhanced security

other-tabs-in-locations-list-in-Hong Kong

Manage Surfshark features and settings on your iPhone in Hong Kong

In the Features tab of your Surfsharf VPN app in Hong Kong, you will get 3 different options.

  • CleanWeb: This feature blocks malicious sites, malware-infected files, ads, and trackers on the network.
  • Kill switch: It prevents your online activities from leaking by disconnecting you from the internet if the VPN connection drops.
  • NoBorders mode: It allows people to successfully use Surfshark in restrictive regions.

In order to configure the Surfshark app according to your own preferences, you can explore the Settings tab.

Step 1: Open the Settings menu. Within that menu are VPN Settings, App Settings, My Account, and Get Help options. Following are the roles of each one of these tabs:

surfshark-settings-on-iphone-in-Hong Kong

  • VPN Settings: Using this tab, there’s an auto-connect mode, along with features like a kill switch, Bypasser, and Tunneling protocols to choose from.
  • App Settings: You can enable and disable the Dark Mode and change the app’s language.
  • My Account: In this tab, you get your account details, like your subscription plan, email ID, login code, and more.
  • Get Help: It offers adjustment options related to troubleshooting and VPN performance.

Step 2: In the Account tab, Surfshark has your subscription information. You can find your subscription expiry date and a simple button to log out of your account.

Step 3: The next one is the Help tab with troubleshooting options, privacy policies, terms and conditions, and subscription information.

You can contact the Surfshark agents instantly from this tab. If you face any technical issues in the app, you can also forward your Surfshark diagnostics report to the agents. You can even check the frequently asked questions section to get more information and guidance on common issues.

By following the above instructions and steps, you can get Surfshark on your iPhone instantly. In case of any queries, you can easily contact Surfshark customer service support via email and live chat, available 24/7.

Get Surfshark on iPhone in Hong Kong 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Why Should You Use Surfshark on iPhone in Hong Kong?

Surfshark is the one and only VPN that works with iOS. It is compatible with many iOS devices and many other devices as well as it is one best VPN for multiple devices in Hong Kong, such as iPhone 11, iPhone SE, iPhone X & others. Surfshark brings many useful features for iPhone users to facilitate their online activities. The question arises whether Surfshark Netflix Hong Kong works on iPhone and other channels such as Hulu, HBO, BBC iPlayer; it does. The main focus of this VPN is on user security and privacy preservation.

Some of the many reasons to use Surfshark on iPhone in Hong Kong include:

  1. Protect Your Online Identity: Surfshark has strong privacy protection features that protect user identity from being revealed on the internet. With the MultiHop option, an iPhone user can connect to two different VPN servers simultaneously, masking the IP address twice. Moreover, the kill switch mode disconnects the iPhone immediately after the connection drops, securing the identity.
  2. No Log Policy: Surfshark follows a strict no-logs policy, collecting no data from your iPhone. The VPN app does not save your browsing history, activities, personal information, and sensitive data. Additionally, none of your logs are recorded by Surfshark, unlike other premium VPN providers that collect and sell user data to government agencies and third parties.
  3. Fast VPN Speeds: In the Surfshark speed test in Hong Kong, it showed remarkable performance, unlimited bandwidth, and no data caps. You can experience the best streaming services and downloading speeds without ISP throttling with Surfshark on your iPhone. This app allows you to enjoy out-class gaming and smooth browsing without lags or buffering on your iPhone.
  4. Tons of Server Options: Surfshark has a wide network coverage around the globe, with more than 3200 servers in 100+ countries. With this app, iPhone users can easily connect to any desired server available and use multiple server options offered by Surfshark. On top of this, the NoBorders mode allows users to access restricted content from anywhere, bypassing all limitations.
  5. Easy-to-Use Application: Surfshark on iPhone in Hong Kong has a convenient and beginner-friendly interface for iPhone users. All tabs are properly aligned, sectioned, and accessible. The features have short descriptions displayed under the options to learn about their usage and functionality. You can contact the customer support service in case of any queries or assistance.
  6. Block Ads & Malware: Surfshark for iPhone provides a stable and reliable service without any external distractions. The smart CleanWeb feature blocks pop-ups, trackers, and advertisers from monitoring and accessing user data. It further prevents malware-infected files from being received by iPhone users, protecting their online presence from all spheres. Users can enjoy distraction-free browsing, streaming, and downloading.
  7. Unlimited Device Connections: The best thing about Surfshark VPN is that it allows unlimited device connections simultaneously, which is rare in premium VPN providers. With Surshark on iPhone, you can easily connect as many devices as you want under a single subscription. It can let you perform different activities on different devices in a safe and secure environment.
Get Surfshark on iPhone in Hong Kong 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

FAQ – Surfshark on iPhone in Hong Kong

Yes, Surfshark works on all iPhone devices in Hong Kong having versions above 13.0.0 or an architecture equal to or over 64 bits. Surfshark is compatible with a large range of devices, such as

  • iPhone 11 & 12
  • iPhone 6, 7, 8 Plus
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone 12 mini

Yes, Surfshark is one of the best VPNs for iPhone in Hong Kong, equipped with advanced AES-256 bit encryption, top-grade security provision, and complete privacy preservation. Above all, it comes with numerous useful features at an extremely affordable rate, which is nothing compared to the competitors. Surfshark has a transparent privacy policy and a verified internal security auditing system, which makes it ideal for iPhone users.

Yes, you can easily install Surfshark dedicated app on your iPhone in Hong Kong. You can use Surfshark on any iPhone device with a version over 13.0.0. The Surfshark VPN works incredibly well on iPhones.


Surfshark is the most affordable VPN with top-notch security features and high-level services in Hong Kong. Surfshark doesn’t compromise user privacy and safety using military-grade encryption and multiple privacy preservation mechanisms.

Surfshark on iPhone in Hong Kong gives it the protection it deserves while elevating usability and improving accessibility. With Surfshark on iPhone, you can experience the best browsing, streaming, and gaming within a secure and reliable platform.

Surfshark covers all your devices under a single subscription. There’s Surfshark free trial in Hong Kong service for iPhone users as well. You can even try this VPN with iOS compatibility for a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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