The Best Free VPN to Change Location on Roku In Hong Kong In 2024

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In today’s digital era, accessing geographically restricted content has become a significant hurdle for streaming enthusiasts in Hong Kong, especially on platforms like Roku. Its expansive library of streaming channels becomes limited due to regional restrictions.

My guide introduces an easy solution: using the best free VPN to change location on Roku in Hong Kong, enabling access to a world of unrestricted streaming. While Roku devices don’t support VPN apps directly, there are workarounds like VPN-enabled WiFi routers, virtual routers, AirPlay, and screen mirroring for easy access across all Roku devices.

My meticulous research has pinpointed the Best free VPN for Hong Kong that are effective and ensure your digital footprint is securely masked. With over 35 free VPNs tested, I found that ExpressVPN, though not entirely free, offers a robust trial that’s ideal for Roku. Let’s dive deeper into the viable options.

Quick Overview: Best Free VPN to Change Location on Roku In Hong Kong In 2024

Exploring the best free VPN options for Roku reveals that security, accessibility, and user convenience are paramount. Here’s a quick look:

  1. ExpressVPN: Best Free Trial VPN for changing location on Roku in Hong Kong. It offers a premium trial experience and unlocks global Roku content with unparalleled speed and security.
  2. Windscribe: Best Free VPN to Change Location on Roku in Hong Kong: Stands out with its 10GB/mo data cap and robust privacy features, making it a top pick for budget-conscious streamers.
  3. ProtonVPN: Secure Free VPN to Change Location on Roku in Hong Kong: Prioritizes your digital security without compromising on streaming quality, perfect for the privacy-minded Roku user.

Detailed Analysis and FAQs

Best Free VPNs to Change Location on Roku in Hong Kong (In-Depth Analysis)

In my journey to uncover the ideal VPN solution for Roku users in Hong Kong, I meticulously evaluated more than 35 VPNs. Now, let’s dive into a thorough examination of my top recommendations.

1. ExpressVPN: Best Free Trial VPN For Changing Location on Roku in Hong Kong

ExpressVPN-in-Hong Kong

ExpressVPN sets the standard for VPN services, and its free trial helps Roku users access a broader range of content securely.

Server Locations

ExpressVPN boasts an expansive network of servers across 105 countries, offering unrivaled access to global content. For Roku users, this means being able to bypass geo-restrictions with ease. Its extensive server list is tailored to meet the needs of US users, ensuring reliable connections and streaming quality.

For more details, check out the ExpressVPN server list For Hong Kong Users.

My Testing Experience with Changing Location on Roku

During my meticulous testing, ExpressVPN on Roku in Hong Kong provided seamless access to geo-restricted content by connecting through various global server locations. The experience was straightforward, demonstrating ExpressVPN’s capability to bypass content restrictions easily.

Streaming Capabilities

Many users encounter Roku channels restricted by location, which limits access to certain content based on geographical boundaries, that’s where a Roku VPN comes in.

ExpressVPN shines in its ability to unlock streaming services via Roku. The ExpressVPN MediaStreamer in Hong Kong feature is a standout, allowing for DNS-based unblocking that’s perfect for devices like Roku, which don’t natively support VPNs. This feature is particularly useful for accessing geo-restricted content without compromising on streaming quality.

Speed Test

The ExpressVPN speed test in Hong Kong boasted download speeds of 89.42 Mbps and upload speeds of 84.64 Mbps. These speeds ensure that streaming on Roku is smooth and buffer-free, even in 4K. This makes ExpressVPN one of the fastest VPNs available, ideal for data-intensive activities.

ExpressVPN-speed-test-in-Hong Kong

ExpressVPN provided the best speeds for Roku.


The security features of ExpressVPN are robust, offering AES-256-bit encryption alongside advanced security protocols. The ExpressVPN kill switch in Hong Kong ensures that your data remains secure, even if your VPN connection drops unexpectedly. This level of security is crucial for protecting your online activities and personal information while using Roku.

Ease of Use/Compatibility

ExpressVPN stands out for its wide compatibility with various devices, not just Roku. Whether you’re using Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, or even Wi-Fi routers, ExpressVPN has a solution. This extensive device support ensures you can protect all your devices with a single VPN account.

Customer Support

ExpressVPN’s customer support is available 24/7, assisting with live chat and email. Their team is knowledgeable and responsive, ready to help with any setup issues or questions you might have.

Pricing & 30-day Money-back guarantee

ExpressVPN offers competitive pricing plans, starting from HKD 52.04/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) - Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free, emphasizing the value you get from their premium features. While it may come at a higher price point than other VPNs, the quality of service and the range of features justify the investment.

To understand the value and pricing options, consider exploring the ExpressVPN free trial in Hong Kong for a hands-on experience without upfront commitment. Additionally, my ExpressVPN review in Hong Kong offers further insights into its features and benefits, making it easier to decide if it’s the right VPN for your needs.


  • Extensive server network across 105 worldwide.
  • Exceptional speeds with download speeds of 89+ Mbps
  • Strong security features, including AES-256-bit encryption and a reliable kill switch.


  • Premium price point, although justified by the service’s quality and features.

2. Windscribe: Best Free VPN to Change Location on Roku in Hong Kong

Windscribe-in-Hong Kong

Windscribe is the best free VPN to change location on Roku in Hong Kong, offering a blend of generous data allowances, strong privacy features, and reliable performance. Based on my tests of smooth streaming, it is the best free VPN for Roku as well.

Server Locations

Windscribe boasts a robust network with servers in over 63 countries, and 11 free server locations, providing ample options for Roku users to access geo-restricted content worldwide. This wide coverage ensures that users can enjoy a diverse range of streaming content regardless of their location.

My Testing Experience with Roku

Using Windscribe with Roku has proven to be a smooth and reliable experience. By connecting to Windscribe’s servers, I bypassed geographic restrictions and accessed a wider array of content on Roku, with minimal impact on streaming quality or speed.

Streaming Capabilities

Windscribe’s ability to unlock geo-restricted content extends beyond just Roku, offering compatibility with other streaming devices like Windscribe on FireStick in Hong Kong. This versatility makes it a great option for users looking to enhance their streaming experience across different platforms. For insights on using Windscribe with FireStick, check out.

Speed Test

In my Windscribe speed test in Hong Kong, it displayed commendable performance, achieving download speeds of up to 65.12 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 34.75 Mbps. While not the fastest VPN available, these speeds are adequate for streaming HD content on Roku without significant buffering or lag.

Windscribe-speed-test-in-Hong Kong

Windscribe speeds are pretty good for a free VPN Roku.


As a VPN for Roku TV, Windscribe takes security seriously, employing strong encryption methods and privacy protections to keep your online activity secure and anonymous. Whether streaming on Roku or browsing the web, users can trust Windscribe to safeguard their digital footprint.

Customer Support

Should you encounter issues with this VPN, such as Windscribe not working in Hong Kong.


  • Generous free data allowance, making it suitable for regular streaming on Roku.
  • Wide server coverage with over 63 countries, allowing for a broad selection of geo-restricted content.
  • Robust privacy features to keep your streaming activities secure and anonymous.


  • Speeds can be inconsistent across different servers
  • The free version has limitations on server access

3. ProtonVPN: Secure Free VPN to Change Location on Roku in Hong Kong

ProtonVPN-in-Hong Kong

ProtonVPN is highly regarded for its strong focus on security and privacy, making it an excellent choice for Roku users who prioritize protecting their online activities.

Server Locations

ProtonVPN provides access to a network spanning over 1,400 servers across more than 60 countries. This extensive coverage allows Roku users to enjoy a vast selection of geo-restricted content from around the globe, enhancing their streaming experience with a wide variety of options.

My Testing Experience with Roku

While ProtonVPN is known for its security, my testing revealed that it also excels in unlocking geo-restricted content on Roku. The connection was stable and reliable, enabling access to a broad spectrum of streaming services without compromising on privacy or security.

Streaming Capabilities

ProtonVPN’s streaming capabilities are robust, ensuring users can access their favorite shows and movies on Roku without encountering geo-blocks. The VPN’s commitment to security does not detract from its ability to provide a smooth streaming experience.

Speed Test

In my ProtonVPN speed test in Hong Kong, it achieved download speeds of up to 65.12 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 59.32 Mbps. While these speeds are sufficient for HD streaming on Roku, they highlight ProtonVPN’s balance between maintaining privacy and delivering acceptable streaming performance.

ProtonVPN-speed-test-in-Hong Kong

ProtonVPN speeds are average across most Roku devices.


ProtonVPN stands out for its uncompromising approach to security, utilizing AES-256 encryption and a strict no-logs policy. This ensures that your streaming habits and personal data remain private and secure at all times.

Customer Support

Should you face any issues, such as ProtonVPN not working in Hong Kong with Roku, the VPN provider offers comprehensive support through their knowledge base and customer support team.

For those considering ProtonVPN for Roku, the ProtonVPN free trial in Hong Kong offers an opportunity to test its features without any financial commitment. Additionally, a thorough exploration of the ProtonVPN review in Hong Kong will provide deeper insights into its performance.


  • AES-256 encryption and a strict no-logs policy.
  • Access to over 1,400 servers in more than 60 countries,
  • Sufficient speeds for HD streaming, with download speeds up to 65 Mbps.


  • Speeds may be inconsistent when connecting to distant servers, impacting streaming quality.
  • The free version has limited server options

How to set up VPN on Roku for location change in Hong Kong?

Roku TV doesn’t directly support VPNs or Smart DNS. However, you can still enjoy streaming on Roku with a VPN by configuring it on your router instead. Follow the steps given below:

  1. Choose a VPN: Pick a VPN like ExpressVPN.
  2. Install VPN: Set up on your router or use Smart DNS.
  3. Connect Roku: To the VPN-enabled Wi-Fi or Smart DNS network.
  4. New Roku Account: Create one if changing regions.
  5. Stream: Access new content on Roku.

Comparison table for Best Free VPN to Change Location On Roku in Hong Kong

Here’s a comparison of free VPN services for Roku outlining the key features of changing location on Roku in Hong Kong:

Features expressvpn-logo windscribe-logo proton-vpn-logo
Unblocking Ability Excellent for all major streaming services Good for most services, some limitations Fair, works with popular platforms
Security Features AES-256 encryption, kill switch, no logs AES-256 encryption, firewall, no logs AES-256 encryption, secure core, no logs
Speed Rating High (89.42 Mbps download) Moderate (74 Mbps download) Moderate (65 Mbps download)
Smart DNS Yes, MediaStreamer for easier setup No No
Multiple Connections 8 devices simultaneously Unlimited devices 1 device on free plan, more on paid plans
Other Streaming Options Supports most devices and platforms Good compatibility Supports major devices
Compatibility Wide range of devices including routers Wide device support, including routers Supports major platforms, limited router support
Data Cap Unlimited (with free trial) 10GB/month free, more with activities Unlimited on free version

Risks and Limitations You Can Face Using Free VPNs For Changing Location on Roku in Hong Kong?

For individuals seeking a cost-effective way to bypass regional content restrictions on their streaming device, finding a Roku VPN free solution can offer an accessible means to unlock a wider array of programming and services.

However, here are some security risks of using free VPN on Roku to change location in Hong Kong:

  • Limited Server Options: Free VPNs often have fewer servers, leading to overcrowded connections and slower speeds, affecting streaming quality on Roku.
  • Data Limitations: A common challenge with free VPNs is their data caps, which can significantly hinder avid Roku enthusiasts’ streaming and downloading capabilities. This issue is particularly problematic for users who consume a lot of media, as it restricts their access to content.
  • Security Concerns: Free VPNs may lack robust security features, potentially exposing your data to third parties or vulnerabilities, which can compromise your privacy and safety online.
  • Streaming Restrictions: Some free VPNs struggle to bypass geo-restrictions consistently, limiting access to certain Roku add-ons or content libraries from specific regions.
  • Ads and Privacy Policies: To support their services, free VPNs might show ads or have privacy policies that allow for the collection and selling of user data, impacting user experience and privacy.

Free VPNs To Avoid  For Changing Location on roku in Hong Kong?

When considering changing location on Roku using a VPN in Hong Kong, it’s crucial to choose wisely. Based on reviews and analysis, here are three free VPNs you might want to avoid:

  1. Hola VPN: Despite its popularity, Hola VPN’s operations through peer-to-peer networks, can compromise your privacy by using your connection as a node for other users’ traffic. This setup can lead to security vulnerabilities and slower internet speeds. For more insights, read the Hola VPN review in Hong Kong.
  2. Hoxx VPN: Hoxx VPN has been criticized for its lack of strong encryption and a comprehensive privacy policy. This could expose your data to potential risks, making it less ideal for secure streaming on Roku. Detailed concerns are highlighted in the Hoxx VPN review in Hong Kong.
  3. VPN: While offering a free plan with limited data, VPN’s free version has been noted for its speed limitations and restricted server access. These factors can significantly impact your streaming experience on Roku. The VPN review in Hong Kong elaborates on these limitations.

Choosing a VPN service requires careful consideration of security, privacy, and performance, especially for activities like streaming on Roku.

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FAQs – Best Free VPN to Change Location on Roku in Hong Kong

Proton VPN is highly recommended as the top free VPN for Roku due to its unlimited data offering, which is crucial for Roku users who require extensive bandwidth for streaming. Unlike many free VPNs that limit data usage, Proton VPN ensures users can enjoy their favorite streaming content on Roku without worrying about running out of data.

While using a free VPN on Roku can offer some level of safety, choosing one that is secure and has been thoroughly vetted is crucial. Free VPNs often come with data and speed limitations, which could impact your streaming experience on Roku. Therefore, selecting a reputable VPN that prioritizes user privacy and security while providing sufficient data for streaming is important.

Yes, free VPNs typically allow usage across multiple devices, but this is often subject to limitations such as data caps. For instance, ExpressVPN’s free trial provides unlimited data, making it an excellent option for Roku users looking to stream on up to 8 multiple devices without the constraint of hitting data limits.


In conclusion, selecting the best free VPN to change location on Roku in Hong Kong is crucial for accessing geo-restricted content while ensuring your streaming activities remain private and secure. While Proton VPN emerges as a top contender due to its unlimited data offer, it’s also worth considering the ExpressVPN free trial.

ExpressVPN provides unmatched speed, security, and reliability, making it a premium choice for Roku users who prioritize quality and safety in their streaming experience.

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