Best Free VPN to Change Location on Android in Hong Kong – Top Choices 2024

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Looking to enhance your Android experience by changing your location? Changing your location on Android isn’t just about spoofing your GPS; it’s about ensuring your online activities remain private and secure. While various apps claim to change your Android’s location, a robust VPN remains your safest bet.

After extensive research, I’ve pinpointed the best free VPN to change location on Android in Hong Kong effectively and prioritize your digital safety, standing strong against various security vulnerabilities. Although no service is risk-free, these recommended VPNs provide a reliable shield for online privacy.

I’ve personally tested over 35 free VPNs and still find that ExpressVPN, with its free trial, is the safest and most reliable when changing your location on Android. However, let’s dive into the Best free VPN for Hong Kong below.

Quick Overview: Best Free VPN to Change Location on Android in Hong Kong in 2024

If you’re looking to change your location on Android, here are the top free VPNs that offer strong security features and reliable performance:

  1. ExpressVPNBest Free Trial VPN to Change Location on Android in Hong Kong: Known for its robust security and speedy servers across the US.
  2. WindscribeBest Free VPN to Change Location on Android in Hong Kong: Offers comprehensive data protection with a 10GB/mo data cap and servers strategically located across major US cities.
  3. ProtonVPNSecure Free VPN to Change Location on Android in Hong Kong: Stands out with its strict no-logs policy and unlimited data usage, ensuring privacy and security for Android users.

Detailed Analysis and FAQs

Why Do You Need a VPN for Changing Location on Android in Hong Kong?

Here are some of teh reasons why you may need to change location on your Android device in Hong Kong:

Reasons Descriptions
Hide Your Real Location Changing your Android location is streamlined with a VPN. By masking your IP address and routing your internet connection through servers in different locations, a VPN makes it appear as if you are browsing from another location.
Access Better Deals Using a VPN to change your location can help you access location-specific deals and discounts that are otherwise unavailable in your real geographical area.
Bypass Geo-blocks A VPN allows you to bypass regional restrictions and access content, websites, and apps that are blocked in your actual location.
Remote Work While Traveling For those who travel frequently, a VPN is essential for accessing work resources that might be restricted in certain regions, ensuring continuity in your professional activities.

Best Free VPNs to Change Location on Android in Hong Kong(In-Depth Analysis)

Let’s proceed with an in-depth analysis of the best free VPNs for changing your location on Android in Hong Kong.

1. ExpressVPN: Best Free Trial VPN For Changing Location on Android in Hong Kong

ExpressVPN-in-Hong Kong

ExpressVPN stands out as a premium VPN service offering an unmatched balance of speed, reliability, and security, making it an excellent choice for Android users looking to change their location.

Server Locations

ExpressVPN offers an extensive network with servers across 105 countries, including a robust presence in the United States of 23+ server locations. This extensive coverage ensures reliable and fast connections for Android users seeking to change their locations. Learn more about the ExpressVPN server list For Hong Kong Users.

My Testing Experience with Changing Location on Android

In my testing, ExpressVPN consistently allowed for easy and effective changes to my Android device’s location, providing stable and secure connections without fail. Their servers are optimized for fast switching and reliability.

Streaming Capabilities

ExpressVPN unblocks geo-restricted content, enhancing Android users’ ability to access global media. This is further bolstered by ExpressVPN MediaStreamer in Hong Kong feature, which provides enhanced streaming on devices that don’t natively support VPNs.

Speed Test

During the ExpressVPN speed test in Hong Kong, it demonstrated superior performance, achieving an impressive download speed of 89.42 Mbps and an upload speed of 84.64 Mbps. This ensures a smooth and buffering-free streaming experience on Android.

ExpressVPN-speed-test-in-Hong Kong

ExpressVPN provides the best speeds.

Ease of Use/Compatibility

The ExpressVPN app for Android is designed to be user-friendly, allowing users of all tech levels to easily install, set up, and connect to a VPN server with just a few taps. Whether you’re using a smartphone, tablet, or any other Android-based device, ExpressVPN on Android in Hong Kong ensures a seamless and intuitive user experience.

The app’s compatibility extends beyond Android, covering many devices and platforms, including a tailored experience for iPhone users. Learn more about using ExpressVPN on iPhone in Hong Kong.


Security is a top priority with ExpressVPN, which uses AES-256 encryption—the same standard the U.S. government uses. Additionally, the ExpressVPN kill switch in Hong Kong feature ensures your data remains safe even if your VPN connection drops unexpectedly.

Customer Support

ExpressVPN offers round-the-clock customer support through live chat and email, providing prompt and knowledgeable assistance for any issue or query you might encounter.

Prices & 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Though not entirely free, ExpressVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all its plans, allowing users to try their service risk-free. ExpressVPN’s subscriptions start from HKD 52.1/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) - Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free.

This is an excellent option for those who want to test the service before committing. Get started with the ExpressVPN free trial in Hong Kong. Refer to my ExpressVPN review in Hong Kong to learn more information.


  • Exceptional speeds with 89.42 Mbps download and 84.64 Mbps upload.
  • Extensive server network around 105 countries.
  • Robust security features including AES-256 encryption and a reliable kill switch.


  • Higher cost compared to other VPNs after the trial period.

2. Windscribe: Best Free VPN to Change Location on Android in Hong Kong

Windscribe-in-Hong Kong

Windscribe stands out as the best free VPN to change location on Android in Hong Kong due to its generous free plan, which includes 10GB of monthly data, a rarity among free VPN services. This ample data allowance makes it particularly suitable for Android users who need to change their location frequently.

Server Locations

Windscribe offers an impressive array of servers, with over 500 servers in more than 60 countries, including dedicated options for users who want to change their location on Android devices. This vast network ensures easy access to various regional content from anywhere in the world.

My Testing Experience with Changing Location on Android

During my tests with Windscribe on an Android device, the VPN consistently changed locations quickly and effectively. The connection remained stable, essential for activities requiring a constant internet connection.

Speed Test

Windscribe’s performance in speed tests has been commendable, with recent tests showing download speeds of 65.21 Mbps and upload speeds of 34.75 Mbps. These speeds are sufficient for most online activities, including streaming and web browsing. For detailed performance metrics, check out the Windscribe speed test in Hong Kong.

Windscribe-speed-test-in-Hong Kong

Windscribe provides fast speeds on Android devices.

Streaming Capabilities

Windscribe performs well with streaming services, especially on Android devices. It effectively bypasses geo-restrictions, allowing access to a variety of international content. This is particularly useful for users looking to stream content from platforms unavailable in their actual location.

Ease of Use/Compatibility

The Windscribe VPN app is straightforward to use on Android devices. The interface is clean, and users can connect to the desired server with just a few taps. The app also supports other platforms, which can be useful for those who use multiple devices.

When comparing options across platforms, finding the best free VPN to change location on Android in Hong Kong and iOS ensures users enjoy consistent security and functionality regardless of their device.


Windscribe employs AES-256 cipher with SHA512 auth and a 4096-bit RSA key. This makes it a reliable choice for Android users concerned about their privacy. It also supports perfect forward secrecy, an important feature that regularly changes encryption keys to prevent security compromises of any single session affecting the long-term safety of user data.

Additionally, Windscribe includes a built-in firewall that blocks all connectivity outside the VPN tunnel, preventing any data leakage, including potential IP leaks.

Customer Support

If you encounter issues while using Windscribe, their customer support team is available through live chat and email. They provide prompt and helpful responses to resolve any problems. More troubleshooting information can be found at Windscribe not working in Hong Kong.

Price & Free Options

Windscribe offers a generous free plan that includes 10GB of data per month, which is ample for moderate usage. This plan is a great option for those who need a VPN occasionally but do not want to commit to a monthly fee.

For more detailed information and user reviews, you can visit the comprehensive Windscribe review in Hong Kong.


  • Generous 10GB free data allowance per month.
  • Wide server coverage with over 500 servers.
  • Strong security features to protect your privacy.


  • Speeds can be inconsistent, depending on the server and time of day.
  • Some streaming services may detect and block a VPN connection.

3. ProtonVPN: Secure Free VPN to Change Location on Android in Hong Kong

ProtonVPN-in-Hong Kong

ProtonVPN is widely regarded as one of the most secure free VPNs available for changing location on Android, thanks to its uncompromising approach to privacy and security.

Server Locations

ProtonVPN operates a global network with over 1,200 servers in 55 countries, providing reliable access points worldwide for Android users looking to change their location. This extensive coverage ensures that users can connect to a broad range of geographical locations, enhancing flexibility in accessing global content.

My Testing Experience with Changing Location on Android

Throughout my testing of ProtonVPN on Android, the service provided stable and reliable connections, effectively changing device locations without any significant issues. This reliability is essential for consistent access and performance, particularly when dealing with sensitive data or streaming content.

Speed Test

My ProtonVPN speed test in Hong Kong has shown solid performance in recent speed tests, achieving download speeds of up to 65.12 Mbps and upload speeds of 59.32 Mbps. While these speeds are adequate for most online activities, they ensure that streaming and browsing do not suffer from lag or buffering.

ProtonVPN-speed-test-in-Hong Kong

ProtonVPN speeds are average across most servers.

Streaming Capabilities

This best free VPN for Android allows users to access various streaming services from around the world. It is especially effective with Kodi, enhancing the streaming experience by bypassing geo-restrictions and increasing available content options. Learn more about using ProtonVPN with Kodi in Hong Kong.

Ease of Use/Compatibility

ProtonVPN features a user-friendly interface on its Android app, making it simple for anyone to change their location with minimal effort. The app provides advanced security settings in an accessible format, allowing users to manage their connections and preferences easily.

For Samsung users seeking online privacy and unrestricted content access, identifying the best free VPN to change location on Android Samsung devices are crucial for a secure experience.


ProtonVPN is committed to user security, employing strong encryption standards and maintaining a strict no-logs policy. This focus on security ensures that your activities and data are protected, particularly when connecting through less secure public Wi-Fi networks.

Furthermore, ProtonVPN’s commitment to security extends to its physical infrastructure, with servers housed in secure facilities to provide additional data protection.

Customer Support

Should you encounter any issues or have questions about using ProtonVPN on your Android device, their customer support team is available via an online ticket system. They are known for being responsive and helpful in resolving user queries efficiently. For troubleshooting, visit ProtonVPN not working in Hong Kong.

Price & Free Options

ProtonVPN offers one of the most competitive free plans in the VPN market, with no data caps, which is highly beneficial for users who need a VPN for extended periods. This makes it an attractive option for those looking to change their location without ongoing costs.


  • No data caps on the free plan, which is rare among free VPN services.
  • High-level security measures to ensure user privacy
  • User-friendly interface on Android


  • Speeds can sometimes be inconsistent, depending on the server load
  • Limited streaming capabilities on the free version

Best Free VPN to Change Location on Android in Hong Kong– Testing Methodology

When evaluating the best free VPNs for changing location on Android in Hong Kong, it’s crucial to have a thorough and consistent testing methodology. Here are five key points that guide my evaluation process:

  1. Server Performance and Reliability: I assess each VPN’s server performance by connecting to various servers around the world. This includes testing for connection drops, server availability, and how often the user might experience interruptions during typical usage scenarios.
  2. Speed Tests: Speed is critical for a good VPN experience, especially on mobile devices with limited bandwidth. I conduct speed tests on multiple servers to measure download and upload speeds to ensure that the VPN can handle data-intensive activities like streaming and large downloads without significant lag.
  3. Security and Privacy Protections: I thoroughly examine the security features each VPN offers, including encryption standards, the presence of a kill switch, and any additional security protocols. Privacy policies are also reviewed to ensure they truly adhere to a no-logs policy, providing a higher level of user privacy.
  4. Ease of Use on Android Devices: The VPN’s compatibility and user interface on Android are tested to gauge how intuitive and accessible the app is. This includes evaluating the setup process, ease of switching between servers, and the overall user experience within the app.
  5. Geo-Restriction Bypassing Capabilities: I verify each VPN’s ability to change location and access geo-restricted content effectively. This is crucial for users looking to unlock content from other regions, such as streaming services, apps, and websites unavailable in their original location.

How To Change Your Location on Android in Hong Kong With a Free VPN

Here’s a concise guide on how to change your location on an Android in Hong Kong device using a free VPN:

  1. Choose a VPN Service: Select a VPN that offers good server options and strong security features. I highly recommend ExpressVPN free trial or Windscribe.
  2. Download and Install the VPN App: Find and install the official VPN app from the Google Play Store.
  3. Set Up and Connect to the VPN: Open the app, complete any initial setup, and log in.
  4. Choose a Server Location: Pick a server in the country or city where you wish to appear.
  5. Verify Your New IP Address: Use What’s My IP Address in Hong Kong to ensure your IP address matches the selected location.

How to Change Location on Android in Hong Kong Without a VPN

Changing your location on an Android device in Hong Kong without using a VPN involves using a mock location app. Here’s a straightforward guide to setting this up:

  1. Enable Developer Options: To access the hidden “Developer Options” on your Android device, go to Settings > About Phone and tap “Build Number” seven times until you see a message that says “Developer mode has been enabled“.
  2. Download a Mock Location App: Install a mock location app from the Google Play Store. Apps like “Fake GPS Location” are popular choices.
  3. Enable Mock Locations: In the “Developer Options” menu, find and select “Select mock location app,” then choose the mock location app you just installed.
  4. Select Your Mock Location App: Open the mock location app and follow the instructions to set it up, granting any necessary permissions.
  5. Set Your Desired Location: Use the app to choose the location you want to appear from. You can enter coordinates or drag the pin to your desired location on the map.

Troubleshooting VPN Connection Issues on Android in Hong Kong

If you’re experiencing issues with your VPN connection on your Android device in Hong Kong, here are some quick steps to help diagnose and resolve common problems:

Issues Solution
GPS Not Updating Correctly Make sure your device’s location services are activated and set to the highest accuracy. For mock location apps, ensure it’s selected in your Android’s developer settings.
VPN Connection Failures Verify your internet connection’s stability first. If it’s stable, attempt connecting to a different server or restart your device. If the problem persists, reach out to your VPN’s customer support.
Apps Detecting Mock Location Some applications are able to detect and block the use of mock locations. If you encounter issues with an app after enabling a mock location, try turning off the mock location feature for that specific application to see if it resumes normal function.
Battery Draining Fast Using VPNs and mock location apps can lead to quicker battery depletion. To minimize battery usage, consider disconnecting the VPN or deactivating the mock location feature when not necessary.

Risks and Limitations You Can Face Using Free VPNs For Changing Location on Android in Hong Kong

Using free VPNs to change your location on Android in Hong Kong comes with several risks and limitations that are important to consider:

  1. Ads and Privacy Concerns: To support their business models, free VPNs often rely on advertising, which can be intrusive and potentially compromise your privacy further.
  2. Security Risks: Free VPNs often lack robust security features, which can leave your personal information vulnerable to hackers. Some free services might even track and sell your data to third parties.
  3. Limited Data and Bandwidth: Many free VPNs restrict the amount of data you can use or throttle your internet speeds, which can significantly impact your browsing and streaming experiences.
  4. Fewer Server Options: Free VPNs usually have fewer servers than paid services, which can lead to overcrowded servers, slower speeds, and less reliability in maintaining a stable connection.
  5. Potential Malware Risks: Some free VPNs can be shady and potentially harbor malware, which poses a serious risk to your device’s security and your personal data.

Free VPNs To Avoid For Changing Location on Android in Hong Kong

When considering free VPNs for changing your location on Android in Hong Kong, there are several that you might want to steer clear of due to various concerns such as security issues, privacy risks, and poor performance. Below is a table summarizing the VPNs to avoid and links to reviews for more detailed information:

VPN Services Reason to Avoid
Hola VPN Operates as a peer-to-peer network, which can expose users to security risks as their internet connection is shared with others. Read the Hola VPN Review in Hong Kong for more insights.
Hoxx VPN Logs user data and lacks robust encryption, making it unsuitable for those prioritizing their privacy and security. Read the Hoxx VPN review in Hong Kong for more information. VPN Although offering a free version, it comes with limited data and has been reported to have speed and stability issues. Read the VPN review in Hong Kong to learn more.

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FAQs – Best Free VPN to Change Location on Android in Hong Kong

To set a mock location on Android, first enable Developer Options by tapping on “Build Number” in “About Phone” under Settings seven times. Then, go to “Developer Options,” select “Select mock location app,” and choose your mock location app. Finally, open the mock location app and set your desired location.

To manually change your mobile location, you can use a VPN or a mock location app. For VPNs, download and install a VPN app, connect to a server in your desired location, and verify your new IP address. For mock locations, follow the steps outlined above to set a mock location app on your Android device.

ProtonVPN often ranks as one of the fastest free VPNs for Android. It provides respectable speeds suitable for streaming and browsing, without imposing a data cap, which is a significant advantage for uninterrupted usage.

Among free VPNs, Windscribe offers a notable server network. It provides access to servers in 10 countries, which is extensive for a free service, allowing greater flexibility in server selection and better chances of finding a fast connection.

Yes, changing your location on an Android device using VPNs or mock location apps is generally legal. However, while the technique itself isn’t illegal, using it to access geo-restricted content may breach certain service terms, potentially leading to restrictions or bans by service providers.


If you’re looking for the best free VPN to change location on Android in Hong Kong, it’s important to choose one that offers a balance of speed, security, and reliability without costing a dime. However, free solutions often have limitations such as data caps, slower speeds, and fewer servers.

For those seeking a more robust solution, consider trying the ExpressVPN free trial. It provides enhanced security features, extensive server choices, and reliable speeds, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to change their location on Android with greater peace of mind and flexibility.

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