How to Watch Deadliest Catch Season 20 in Hong Kong on Max

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Watch Deadliest Catch Season 20 in Hong Kong on Max by using ExpressVPN to access geo-restricted content and enjoy seamless streaming from anywhere. This thrilling new season, premiering on June 11, 2024, features the return of King Crab, a derby-style race, Jake joining Sig as co-captain, Sophia’s hip injury, a fire on the Wizard, and Bill’s toughest challenge yet.

To watch this event on Max, you’ll need a VPN to access the content. Using a VPN like ExpressVPN allows you to stream your favorite shows without restrictions. Learn how to watch HBO Max in Hong Kong with the right VPN setup, ensuring you never miss an episode of Deadliest Catch Season 20.

According to TV Shows Ace, The season is further complicated by a rare super El Niño weather pattern, which intensifies winter storms and adds to the already high risks of crab fishing. The extreme weather conditions underscore why Alaska crab fishing is dubbed the “deadliest catch”​.

How to Watch Deadliest Catch Season 20 in Hong Kong on Max? [5 Simple Steps]

To watch Deadliest Catch Season 20 in Hong Kong on Max, follow these 5 simple steps:

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN. I recommend it for its unmatched unblocking capabilities and reliability.
  2. Download the VPN app on your device.
  3. Connect to a US server. The New York server is recommended.
  4. Log in to your Max website.
  5. Start watching Deadliest Catch season 20 New Season 2024 in Hong Kong on Max online!

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    Won 16 Primetime Emmys. 29 wins & 84 nominations total

Where Can I Watch Deadliest Catch Season 20 in Hong Kong?

Max is your best bet for watching Deadliest Catch Season 20 in Hong Kong! To ensure smooth access and overcome geo-restrictions, I recommend using ExpressVPN, which efficiently navigates regional restrictions.

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Geo-restrictions can be a hurdle, but using a VPN allows you to mask your IP address and appear as if you’re browsing from the US. This enables you to watch Deadliest Catch Season 20 in Hong Kong on Max seamlessly.

How Can I Watch Deadliest Catch Season 20 in Hong Kong For Free?

Using ExpressVPN is your ideal option to watch Deadliest Catch Season 20 through various platforms in Hong Kong on Max, as accessing the HBO Max free trial is not an option.

  • Hulu Gift Card: Use a Hulu gift card to subscribe and unlock Max content via Hulu add-ons.
  • Through Amazon and Hulu add-ons: Subscribe to Max via Amazon and Hulu add-ons, which often provide trial periods for new users in Hong Kong.
  • Free Episodes Available: Occasionally, Max offers episodes for free as part of a promotional campaign. Watch for these opportunities to view without a subscription.


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What is the Release Date of Deadliest Catch Season 20?

The release date for Deadliest Catch Season 20 on Max is June 11, 2024. This highly anticipated new season will be available for streaming on this date, offering fans the latest adventures that continue to blend personal stories with professional challenges.

What is The Deadliest Catch Season 20 About?

Deadliest Catch Season 20 focuses on the perilous adventures of crab fishermen in the Bering Sea as they face intense weather conditions exacerbated by a rare super El Niño. This season features the return of several veteran captains, including Sig Hansen, Johnathan Hillstrand, Keith Colburn, and Wild Bill Wichrowski, who contend with derby-style fishing, amplifying the competition and danger​.

Additionally, the season highlights the personal struggles and professional challenges faced by the crew, including health issues and high-stakes rivalries. New faces, such as Sophia “Bob” Nielsen on the F/V Seabrooke and Steve Harley Davidson on the upgraded F/V Pacific Mariner, add fresh dynamics to the fleet as they navigate the treacherous waters in search of a lucrative catch​.

How Many Episodes Will be There in Deadliest Catch Season 20?

Deadliest Catch Season 20 will feature a gripping lineup of episodes, each packed with high-stakes drama and intense moments on the Bering Sea. Here’s a look at the episodes announced so far:

Episode Title Synopsis
Episode 1 – King Crab Derby King Crab’s return ignites a derby-style race; after losing the Saga, Jake joins Sig as co-captain; a serious hip injury tests Sophia; fire on the Wizard traps Keith’s deckhand below deck; Bill faces his hardest test yet.
Episode 2 – Bering Sea Gut Check Bering Sea Gut Check<br>As competition heats up on the King Crab grounds, Jake’s next move puts him at odds with Capt. Sig. Wild Bill battles heavy seas and side effects; Sophia Bob Nielsen attempts to pop in a deckhand’s dislocated hip to avoid steaming back to town.
Episode 3 – A Titan Among Men A Titan Among Men<br>Jake aims to prove himself on the Titan Explorer after he leaves Sig’s boat; Sig and Johnathan race to get ahead of a migrating king crab hoard in an underwater canyon; Rick incurs Keith’s wrath when his captain-in-training launches a rogue set.

These episodes promise to deliver the edge-of-your-seat excitement and raw, unfiltered look at the lives of the crews braving the Bering Sea. Stay tuned for more episodes as the season unfolds.

What Will Be the Cast & Crew of Deadliest Catch Season 20?

Deadliest Catch Season 20 promises to bring back familiar faces and introduce some new ones, continuing to captivate viewers with their high-stakes adventures. The cast and crew bring a wealth of experience and drama to the show, making each episode a thrilling watch.

Name Role
Mike Rowe Narrator
Sig Hansen Self
Mandy Hansen Self
Andy Hillstrand Self
Johnathan Hillstrand Self
Neal Hillstrand Self
Bill Wichrowski Self
Linda Greenlaw Self
Jake Anderson Self
Sophia “Bob” Nielsen Self
Keith Colburn Self
Jacob Hutchins Self
Steve “Harley” Davidson Self
Jack Bunnell Self
Sean Dwyer Self
Rick Shelford Self
Thom Beers Executive Producer
Doug Stanley Producer
Todd Stanley Producer
Shane Moore Producer

These individuals will once again take viewers on a journey through the dangerous and exhilarating world of crab fishing in the Bering Sea.

Is There Any Trailer of Deadliest Catch Season 20?

Yes, there is a trailer for Deadliest Catch Season 20! Check out the thrilling preview below to get a glimpse of the intense action and drama that awaits this season.

If you’re excited about the new season, don’t miss out on streaming it. Learn how to watch Deadliest Catch Season 20 in Hong Kong using ExpressVPN to ensure you can catch every episode without restrictions.


Yes, you can watch Deadliest Catch all seasons on HBO Max in Hong Kong by using a reliable VPN service like ExpressVPN to access the content.

You can watch new episodes of Deadliest Catch season 20 in Hong Kong on Max. To access it, use a VPN such as ExpressVPN to eliminate regional restrictions.

Jake Anderson left the Saga to take on a new opportunity after receiving a call from previous Saga Captain Elliott Neese. Neese offered Jake the chance to captain the boat, which he accepted, even though it meant leaving shortly after his son Aiden was born.

Yes, Deadliest Catch is returning with a new season titled Deadliest Catch Season 20, which will be available for streaming on Max starting June 11, 2024.

Wrapping Up

Watch Deadliest Catch Season 20 in Hong Kong on Max by using ExpressVPN to ensure smooth and unrestricted access. This exciting new season, premiering on June 11, 2024, continues the legacy of one of the most intense reality TV shows, capturing the perilous lives of crab fishermen in the Bering Sea​.

With a premium VPN, you can easily navigate geo-restrictions and enjoy seamless streaming. Don’t miss out on the latest episodes—get started with ExpressVPN and begin streaming Deadliest Catch Season 20 on Max.

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