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Paramount Plus offers a captivating lineup of content, including the AFC Champions League 2023. However, to watch AFC Champions League in Hong Kong on Paramount Plus is a bit difficult due to content licensing restrictions.

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The AFC Champions League 2023 is a premier football tournament featuring top clubs from Asia. This prestigious competition offers a platform for clubs to showcase their talent and compete at the highest level of Asian football. Teams from various countries vie for the title, with intense matches, exciting rivalries, and thrilling moments throughout the tournament.

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How to Watch AFC Champions League in Hong Kong on Paramount Plus Live – (Quick Guide)

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  3. Connect to recommended USA servers. (Recommended Server: New York)
  4. Log in to Paramount Plus and enter your credentials.
  5. Stream the AFC Champions League live!

You’ll need a Paramount Plus USA subscription. This streaming site offers a 7-day Paramount Plus free trial to explore the AFC Champions League on Paramount Plus Free.

Where can I watch AFC Champions League 2023 Live?

You can watch AFC Champions League 2023 on Paramount Plus USA. The streaming platform will feature live coverage.

Curious about how much Paramount Plus is? This streaming site offers a variety of subscription plans. Paramount Plus Champions League price for 1 month is $4.99 with limited commercials and $9.99 for a commercial-free subscription. Before payment, you can also enjoy the AFC Champions League live stream free with a free trial offered by Paramount Plus.

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What is the AFC Champions League?

The AFC Champions League is a prestigious football competition that showcases top club teams from across Asia. It serves as a platform for these clubs to compete at the highest level of Asian football, with intense matches and thrilling moments.

The AFC Champions League offers fans exciting football action, and its popularity continues to grow. The AFC Champions League matches showcased top clubs battling for supremacy on the football pitch.

When is AFC Champions League Season 2023 starting?

The AFC Champions League Season 2023 is scheduled to begin on Monday, September 18, 2023.

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How many teams are in AFC Champions League 2023?

The AFC Champions League 2023 boasts a total of 24 participating teams hailing from diverse Asian nations.

This premier football competition serves as a platform for these teams to showcase their skills and vie for the coveted title. It’s a prestigious event that captures the essence of Asian football talent on a grand stage.

How Many Groups Will There Be in the AFC Champions League in 2023?

The AFC Champions League 2023 features a total of 10 groups, designated from Group A to Group J. Each of these groups consists of four teams, creating a diverse and competitive field for the tournament.

These groups provide the platform for teams to navigate through the initial stages of the competition, aiming for success in the later rounds.

What is the AFC Champions 2023/24 League Schedule?

The AFC Champions League 2023/24 promises an exciting lineup of matches featuring top clubs from across Asia. With teams vying for supremacy on the continent, let’s take a look at the AFC Champions League table, schedule, and fixtures for this highly anticipated tournament:

Here is the upcoming AFC Champions League 2023-24 schedule:

Round Date & Time Match
1 18.09. 19:00 Mumbai City (Ind) vs. Nassaji Mazandaran (Irn)
1 18.09. 21:00 Al Ittihad (Sau) vs. OKMK (Uzb)
1 18.09. 21:00 Al Quwa Al Jawiya (Irq) vs. Sepahan (Irn)
1 18.09. 21:00 Al-Faisaly Amman (Jor) vs. Nasaf Qarshi (Uzb)
1 18.09. 23:00 Al Hilal (Sau) vs. Navbahor Namangan (Uzb)
1 18.09. 23:00 Al-Sadd (Qat) vs. Al Sharjah (Uae)
1 19.09. 15:00 Ulsan Hyundai (Kor) vs. Pathum United (Tha)
1 19.09. 15:00 Yokohama F. Marinos (Jpn) vs. Incheon (Kor)
1 19.09. 17:00 Johor DT (Mys) vs. Kawasaki Frontale (Jpn)
1 19.09. 17:00 Kaya (Phl) vs. Shandong Taishan (Chn)
1 19.09. 19:00 Pakhtakor (Uzb) vs. Al Ain (Uae)
1 19.09. 21:00 Ahal (Tkm) vs. Al Feiha (Sau)
1 19.09. 21:00 Istiqlol Dushanbe (Taj) vs. Al-Duhail (Qat)
1 19.09. 23:00 Persepolis (Irn) vs. Al Nassr (Sau)
1 20.09. 15:00 Buriram (Tha) vs. Zhejiang Professional (Chn)
1 20.09. 15:00 Jeonbuk (Kor) vs. Kitchee (Hkg)
1 20.09. 15:00 Melbourne City (Aus) vs. Kofu (Jpn)
1 20.09. 17:00 Hanoi FC (Vie) vs. Pohang (Kor)
1 20.09. 17:00 Lion City (Sgp) vs. Bangkok Utd (Tha)
1 20.09. 17:00 Wuhan Three Towns (Chn) vs. Urawa Reds (Jpn)
2 02.10. 17:00 OKMK (Uzb) vs. Al Quwa Al Jawiya (Irq)
2 02.10. 19:00 Al Sharjah (Uae) vs. Al-Faisaly Amman (Jor)
2 02.10. 21:00 Nasaf Qarshi (Uzb) vs. Al-Sadd (Qat)
2 02.10. 21:00 Sepahan (Irn) vs. Al Ittihad (Sau)
2 02.10. 23:00 Al Nassr (Sau) vs. Istiqlol Dushanbe (Taj)
2 02.10. 23:00 Al-Duhail (Qat) vs. Persepolis (Irn)
2 03.10. 15:00 Incheon (Kor) vs. Kaya (Phl)
2 03.10. 15:00 Kawasaki Frontale (Jpn) vs. Ulsan Hyundai (Kor)
2 03.10. 15:00 Nassaji Mazandaran (Irn) vs. Al Hilal (Sau)
2 03.10. 17:00 Pathum United (Tha) vs. Johor DT (Mys)
2 03.10. 17:00 Shandong Taishan (Chn) vs. Yokohama F. Marinos (Jpn)
2 03.10. 19:00 Navbahor Namangan (Uzb) vs. Mumbai City (Ind)
2 03.10. 21:00 Al Ain (Uae) vs. Ahal (Tkm)
2 03.10. 21:00 Al Feiha (Sau) vs. Pakhtakor (Uzb)
2 04.10. 15:00 Kofu (Jpn) vs. Buriram (Tha)
2 04.10. 15:00 Pohang (Kor) vs. Wuhan Three Towns (Chn)
2 04.10. 15:00 Urawa Reds (Jpn) vs. Hanoi FC (Vie)
2 04.10. 17:00 Bangkok Utd (Tha) vs. Jeonbuk (Kor)
2 04.10. 17:00 Kitchee (Hkg) vs. Lion City (Sgp)
2 04.10. 17:00 Zhejiang Professional (Chn) vs. Melbourne City (Aus)
3 23.10. 19:00 OKMK (Uzb) vs. Sepahan (Irn)
3 23.10. 21:00 Al Ittihad (Sau) vs. Al Quwa Al Jawiya (Irq)
3 23.10. 21:00 Al Sharjah (Uae) vs. Nasaf Qarshi (Uzb)
3 23.10. 21:00 Al-Sadd (Qat) vs. Al-Faisaly Amman (Jor)
3 23.10. 21:00 Navbahor Namangan (Uzb) vs. Nassaji Mazandaran (Irn)
3 23.10. 23:00 Al Hilal (Sau) vs. Mumbai City (Ind)
3 24.10. 15:00 Ulsan Hyundai (Kor) vs. Johor DT (Mys)
3 24.10. 15:00 Urawa Reds (Jpn) vs. Pohang (Kor)
3 24.10. 17:00 Pathum United (Tha) vs. Kawasaki Frontale (Jpn)
3 24.10. 17:00 Wuhan Three Towns (Chn) vs. Hanoi FC (Vie)
3 24.10. 19:00 Pakhtakor (Uzb) vs. Ahal (Tkm)
3 24.10. 21:00 Al Ain (Uae) vs. Al Feiha (Sau)
3 24.10. 21:00 Persepolis (Irn) vs. Istiqlol Dushanbe (Taj)
3 24.10. 23:00 Al Nassr (Sau) vs. Al-Duhail (Qat)
3 25.10. 15:00 Buriram (Tha) vs. Melbourne City (Aus)
3 25.10. 15:00 Incheon (Kor) vs. Shandong Taishan (Chn)
3 25.10. 15:00 Jeonbuk (Kor) vs. Lion City (Sgp)
3 25.10. 15:00 Yokohama F. Marinos (Jpn) vs. Kaya (Phl)
3 25.10. 15:00 Zhejiang Professional (Chn) vs. Kofu (Jpn)
3 25.10. 17:00 Kitchee (Hkg) vs. Bangkok Utd (Tha)
4 06.11. 19:00 Mumbai City (Ind) vs. Al Hilal (Sau)
4 06.11. 19:00 Nasaf Qarshi (Uzb) vs. Al Sharjah (Uae)
4 06.11. 19:00 Nassaji Mazandaran (Irn) vs. Navbahor Namangan (Uzb)
4 06.11. 21:00 Al Quwa Al Jawiya (Irq) vs. Al Ittihad (Sau)
4 06.11. 21:00 Sepahan (Irn) vs. OKMK (Uzb)
4 06.11. 23:00 Al-Faisaly Amman (Jor) vs. Al-Sadd (Qat)
4 07.11. 15:00 Kawasaki Frontale (Jpn) vs. Pathum United (Tha)
4 07.11. 15:00 Shandong Taishan (Chn) vs. Incheon (Kor)
4 07.11. 17:00 Johor DT (Mys) vs. Ulsan Hyundai (Kor)
4 07.11. 17:00 Kaya (Phl) vs. Yokohama F. Marinos (Jpn)
4 07.11. 19:00 Ahal (Tkm) vs. Pakhtakor (Uzb)
4 07.11. 21:00 Al Feiha (Sau) vs. Al Ain (Uae)
4 07.11. 21:00 Istiqlol Dushanbe (Taj) vs. Persepolis (Irn)
4 07.11. 23:00 Al-Duhail (Qat) vs. Al Nassr (Sau)
4 08.11. 14:00 Melbourne City (Aus) vs. Buriram (Tha)
4 08.11. 15:00 Kofu (Jpn) vs. Zhejiang Professional (Chn)
4 08.11. 15:00 Lion City (Sgp) vs. Jeonbuk (Kor)
4 08.11. 15:00 Pohang (Kor) vs. Urawa Reds (Jpn)
4 08.11. 17:00 Bangkok Utd (Tha) vs. Kitchee (Hkg)
4 08.11. 17:00 Hanoi FC (Vie) vs. Wuhan Three Towns (Chn)
5 27.11. 15:00 Al Nassr (Sau) vs. Persepolis (Irn)
5 27.11. 19:00 Al Sharjah (Uae) vs. Al-Sadd (Qat)
5 27.11. 19:00 Nasaf Qarshi (Uzb) vs. Al-Faisaly Amman (Jor)
5 27.11. 21:00 Al-Duhail (Qat) vs. Istiqlol Dushanbe (Taj)
5 27.11. 21:00 OKMK (Uzb) vs. Al Ittihad (Sau)
5 27.11. 23:00 Sepahan (Irn) vs. Al Quwa Al Jawiya (Irq)
5 28.11. 15:00 Incheon (Kor) vs. Yokohama F. Marinos (Jpn)
5 28.11. 15:00 Kawasaki Frontale (Jpn) vs. Johor DT (Mys)
5 28.11. 15:00 Pathum United (Tha) vs. Ulsan Hyundai (Kor)
5 28.11. 17:00 Shandong Taishan (Chn) vs. Kaya (Phl)
5 28.11. 21:00 Al Ain (Uae) vs. Pakhtakor (Uzb)
5 28.11. 21:00 Al Feiha (Sau) vs. Ahal (Tkm)
5 5.11. 21:00 Nassaji Mazandaran (Irn) vs. Mumbai City (Ind)
5 28.11. 21:00 Navbahor Namangan (Uzb) vs. Al Hilal (Sau)
5 29.11. 15:00 Kitchee (Hkg) vs. Jeonbuk (Kor)
5 29.11. 15:00 Kofu (Jpn) vs. Melbourne City (Aus)
5 29.11. 15:00 Pohang (Kor) vs. Hanoi FC (Vie)
5 29.11. 15:00 Urawa Reds (Jpn) vs. Wuhan Three Towns (Chn)
5 29.11. 17:00 Zhejiang Professional (Chn) vs. Buriram (Tha)
5 29.11. 19:00 Bangkok Utd (Tha) vs. Lion City (Sgp)
6 04.12. 15:00 Al Hilal (Sau) vs. Nassaji Mazandaran (Irn)
6 04.12. 15:00 Al Ittihad (Sau) vs. Sepahan (Irn)
6 04.12. 21:00 Al-Faisaly Amman (Jor) vs. Al Sharjah (Uae)
6 04.12. 21:00 Al-Sadd (Qat) vs. Nasaf Qarshi (Uzb)
6 04.12. 21:00 Mumbai City (Ind) vs. Navbahor Namangan (Uzb)
6 04.12. 23:00 Al Quwa Al Jawiya (Irq) vs. OKMK (Uzb)
6 05.12. 19:00 Ahal (Tkm) vs. Al Ain (Uae)
6 05.12. 19:00 Pakhtakor (Uzb) vs. Al Feiha (Sau)
6 05.12. 21:00 Istiqlol Dushanbe (Taj) vs. Al Nassr (Sau)
6 05.12. 21:00 Persepolis (Irn) vs. Al-Duhail (Qat)
6 06.12. 17:00 Hanoi FC (Vie) vs. Urawa Reds (Jpn)
6 06.12. 17:00 Wuhan Three Towns (Chn) vs. Pohang (Kor)
6 12.12. 14:00 Melbourne City (Aus) vs. Zhejiang Professional (Chn)
6 12.12. 15:00 Buriram (Tha) vs. Kofu (Jpn)
6 12.12. 15:00 Johor DT (Mys) vs. Pathum United (Tha)
6 12.12. 15:00 Ulsan Hyundai (Kor) vs. Kawasaki Frontale (Jpn)
6 13.12. 13:00 Kaya (Phl) vs. Incheon (Kor)
6 13.12. 13:00 Yokohama F. Marinos (Jpn) vs. Lion City (Sgp)
6 13.12. 17:00 Jeonbuk (Kor) vs. Bangkok Utd (Tha)

The AFC Champions League 2023 qualifiers determined the elite teams vying for glory in Asia’s top-tier football competition. Get ready for the ultimate football showdown in AFC Champions League 2024!

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What Else can I watch on Paramount Plus besides AFC Champions League 2023?

Curious about what to watch on Paramount Plus? Here are some exciting titles you can enjoy on Paramount Plus:

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Explore a world of entertainment with the best shows on Paramount Plus. From thrilling sports events like the AFC Champions League 2023 to a variety of captivating series, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

AFC Champions League 2023


The AFC Champions League 2023 will take place at various locations across Asia. The AFC Champions League group stage draws occurred at the AFC House in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The matches will be held in different cities and stadiums throughout the competition, with the group stages commencing on September 18, 2023, and the final scheduled for May 2024.

The biggest football tournament in Asia is the AFC Asian Cup, also known as the Asian Football Confederation Asian Cup. It is a premier international football competition in Asia, featuring teams from the continent. The tournament has a rich history, with the inaugural title won by South Korea.

In AFC competitions, including the AFC Cup, the number of foreign players allowed to play has been increased to Six in total. This change in the rule allows clubs to have more foreign talent on their rosters, enhancing the competitive nature of these continental football competitions.

Wrap Up

If you’re eager to watch AFC Champions League in Hong Kong on Paramount Plus, mark your calendars for the release date, Monday, September 18, 2023.

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