HideMyAss vs PureVPN Reveals VPN Industry King

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Welcome to the VPN industry’s show down of the year! You will read many different VPN reviews show downs on VPNRanks, but I dare you to find one as cut-throat as this one.

I will compare HideMyAss and PureVPN on just about EVERY imaginable metric I can come up with, and I will give each of them score on how they do – culminating in a final score at the end of the comparison.

By default, I will consider every VPN service provider to have full points and deduct points for comparative shortfalls and unavailability of features.

Hidemyass VS PureVPN

Round 1 – Unique Selling Proposition

First up is the Unique Selling Proposition round in which both services will put forth the one factor that makes them unique in the VPN industry.

HideMyAss comes forth with an array of services but gets over-ruled for trying to fit what is essentially an ‘Additional Service’ (and will be judged in Stage 10 in the contest) in the ‘Unique Selling Proposition’ category.

PureVPN gets a standing ovation for its ‘Split Tunneling’ feature and gives HideMyAss a run for its money in the process. PureVPN is the ONLY VPN service provider in the industry to offer Split Tunneling feature and has it fully integrated into its Windows & Mac clients.

Just when it looks like HideMyAss is going to lose out in this round, the Donkey-totting VPN giant manages to make a surprising recovery by claiming to be the VPN service provider with the largest server count; as the one factor that makes it unique in the VPN industry. HideMyAss does indeed have the VPN industry’s highest server count – giving HideMyAss the much needed score to make it through the first round with its dignity intact.


The round ends with HideMyAss and PureVPN almost neck-to-neck with a distance of only one point between them.

HideMyAss: 4


PureVPN: 5


Round 2 – Plans & Pricing

Next up, we have a comparison of plans & pricing in Round 2! We will compare the number of plans offered, the prices offered, the features offered under the pricing plans, the refund window (if any) and the frequency of discounts that the two VPN giants offer.

So let’s start off with the pricing plans!

PureVPN offers 1, 3, 6 and 12 month plans while HideMyAss only offers 1, 6 and 12 month plans. That’s three pricing plans for HideMyAss and four pricing plans for PureVPN’s.

Next, let’s take a look at the actual prices.

Pricing Plan Comparison

PureVPN’s prices are visibly lower than those that HideMyAss has to offer. But let’s break then down a bit more to see how much of a difference there really is:

price Comparision

The 1 month plan is only $1.57 apart which is not much, and the 6 month plan is $5.04 apart which is also somewhat manageable, but the 12 month plan is a whopping $28.71 apart which gives PureVPN a clear lead on HideMyAss.

Price Diffrence HMA & PureVPN

While we’re discussing prices, why not talk about pricing plans for bulk/corporate customers?

You will find that very few HideMyAss reviews and PureVPN reviews will look into the bulk pricing plans that the two VPN service providers have to offer. But then this is no ordinary review, this is D-Day ladies and gentlemen! And there will be no mercy!

HideMyAss offers no specific pricing plans for bulk customers but does provide a form on its website to cater to the bulk customer market category. PureVPN on the other hand has a separate pricing plan available for bulk customers. However, don’t get too excited though because the bulk pricing plans are so exorbitant I doubt if anybody has ever bought one of these fancy bulk pricing plans to date. HideMyAss had nothing much to show here, and the pricing plan PureVPN brought to the table in this category is a pure turn-off! Both HideMyAss and PureVPN lose a point!

When it comes to offered features, both HideMyAss and PureVPN have all-out subscription plans in which VPN subscribers get access to all the servers, protocols and services, regardless of the subscription plan they subscribe to. The scores remain unchanged!

Let’s round-off this round with a comparison of the Refund policy.

HideMyAss offers a 30-day refund window, which makes PureVPN’s 3 day refund window look like peanuts!


PureVPN manages to get HideMyAss in hot water for having a wider and cheaper range of pricing plans, and the scores remains unchanged for offered features, but the significant margin in refund allowed HideMyAss to regain the edge it lost.

This round is a definite tie!

HideMyAss: 5

PureVPN: 5

Round 3 – Servers

We’re talking brass tacks on the world map here ladies and gentlemen! It is time to compare server strength and server spread to find out who has the best global network in the VPN industry!

HideMyAss rear-ends PureVPN out of the ring with its 537+ servers while PureVPN barely manages to hold on with around 300+ servers. HideMyAss further strengthens its dominance in this round with server presence spread out across 63 countries while PureVPN continues to fall half-way short of the mark with server presence in only 26 countries.

Maybe that is why HideMyAss shows off all its servers through the Server status locator on its website while PureVPN hardly ever comes out with a full listing of its servers.


HideMyAss wins this round by a landslide!

HideMyAss: 5

PureVPN: 3


Round 4 – Customer Support

This round is going to be a close one because both HideMyAss and PureVPN are VPN industry veterans and know how to make their customers happy.

HideMyAss plays a strong card with its massive array of customer support features. HideMyAss is totting LiveChat Customer Support, Email (Support Tickets), Live Chat, Community (Forum) and FAQ.

In response, PureVPN dishes out everything that HideMyAss has to offer (support tickets, FAQs, forum and Live Chat support) except for email – leading to a barely legal tie considering the presence of support tickets.

But hold on a minute! Yes we have a tie-breaker ladies and gentlemen!

HideMyAss suffers a dent due to the 12 hour limitation on its Live Chat Customer Support. Yes dear VPN lovers you read me right! VPN giant HideMyAss DOES NOT have 24 hour Live Chat on its website; whereas PureVPN is boasting a 24 hour Live Chat system for customer support and facilitation.

Phew that was a close one!


HideMyAss lost the edge it managed to gain in the last round and the cumulative scores are now tied again as PureVPN jumps forward to make up for its two-point deficiency in the last round.

HideMyAss: 4

PureVPN: 5


Round 5 – Payment Methods

PureVPN and HideMyAss are going head-to-head with each round more unpredictable than the last!

This is a pretty straight-forward round with the available number of payment methods directly reflecting a concern for customer convenience. So let’s get started!

HideMyAss accepts Credit Card, PayPal, Bitcoin and Bank/Wire Transfer!

PureVPN accepts Credit Card, PayPal, Bitcoin, Bank Transfer, Alertpay and Paymentwall!



HideMyAss and PureVPN both accept the industry’s leading payment methods – with PureVPN accepting two more (Alertpay and Paymentwall) than HideMyAss. And whenever there is a competition there has to be a winner, and PureVPN manages to make the finish line by a hair’s breadth before HideMyAss with its compatibility with Alertpay and Paymentwall.

HideMyAss: 4

PureVPN: 5


Round 6 – Compatibility

We now come to the compatibility comparison of this competition. The margin of difference between HideMyAss and PureVPN may lead to a tie if one of the two does not come forth with a ground-breaking difference soon!

HideMyAss and PureVPN, both provide custom software clients for Windows and Mac. However, PureVPN manages to strike a decisive blow by offering apps for both iPhone and Android platforms. HideMyAss offers an app for iPhone but falls short and loses a point for not having an app for Android.

There is a guide on GooglePlay to setup HideMyAss ProVPN! on Android devices, but that does not even come close to having your own app in the market.


HideMyAss: 4

PureVPN: 5


Round 7 – Tutorials provided

This is a somewhat judgmental round because we all know that you can use/setup a VPN on just about every internet-enabled device these days. Mainly because internet enabled devices are being built to facilitate VPN usage for increased online security.

There is not a device/platform in the world for which HideMyAss and PureVPN do not have tutorials. If you can’t find the tutorial you are looking for (even after searching in the forums and FAQs), the customer support teams will guide you through the VPN setup process for your device.


Full points for both VPN service providers for benchmarking tutorial availability in the VPN industry!

HideMyAss: 5


PureVPN: 5


If you ask me, the first thought that comes to mind is that both (HideMyAss and PureVPN) have run out of features to bring to the battle. But you need to look closer to see that this is only because both competitors are equally matched in terms of industry experience, exposure, and dedication to online security. They’re battling it out with everything to lose with none of them willing to accept a draw!

Round 8 – Protocols & Encryption

Both, HideMyAss and PureVPN, have the technical expertise to offer every protocol and encryption under the sun. But there is more here than meets the eye friends!

A look at the client interface reveals just what type of encryption features both VPN service providers are actually plating for VPN users.

The HideMyAss ProVPN! app for Windows is only offering PPTP and OpenVPN protocols. VPN giant HideMyAss surprise with the absence of any SSTP support!

PureVPN steps forth bravely with its PureVPN app for Windows – offering PPTP, L2TP and SSTP protocols.

PureVPN is able to boast an Encryption configuration feature in the ‘Settings’ tab of its VPN client. The configuration feature lets you decide if you want to accept a connection if it comes with/without optimal and maximum encryption. This leads me to believe that PureVPN’s encryption features me be somewhat inconsistent.


None of the two provide any quantified specifics of their encryption levels in the VPN clients. There are details on the website and customer support will be more than willing to provide specifics – but I’m talking about the end-user’s experience here.

I’m deducting a point from both VPN service providers for not being clear on their encryption features, and an extra point from HideMyAss for not having encryption settings as neat as PureVPN’s.

HideMyAss: 3

PureVPN: 4

Round 9 – Client Application

One of the most cut-throat rounds is the client application round. Here, I pick one platform for which both VPN services provide client applications (usually Windows) and I compare the living daylights out of them!

Both HideMyAss and PureVPN have great VPN clients with Tabs aligned to the left. Both VPN service providers follow the Dashboard approach and give the user complete control over server selection in tabs dedicated to this purpose.

However, just when you thought that this competition was over before it  started, HideMyAss comes out with the ‘Secure IP Bind’ and ‘Speed Guide’ features in the client application. The ‘Secure IP Bind’ doesn’t raise any eyebrows because it is nothing more than an auto-disconnect feature, but the ‘Speed Guide’ feature leaves PureVPN trailing far behind.


HideMyAss has a clear advantage over PureVPN with three different kinds of speed tests: Ping Test, Express Test and Full Test. PureVPN doesn’t even have a speed test on its website to save face.

HideMyAss: 5

PureVPN: 3

Round 10 – Additional Services

The last round is finally here people! The round in which VPN service providers are allowed to throw-in everything but the kitchen sink into the ring in a last shot at winning the face off.

PureVPN comes out first with 3 unique add-ons to its VPN plans! PureVPN is offering NAT Firewall protection for $3/month, Dedicated Streaming (20MBPS speed boost) for $5/month and Dedicated IP for $2/month make PureVPN a very strong contender!

HideMyAss comes in strong throwing in what seems to be the defining blows for this competition.

HideMyAss offers free WebProxy Service, Port Proxies, Anonymous email and a special super-secure HideMyAss File Upload feature. These are all great jabs at the title but HideMyAss makes the mistake of boasting about features that don’t have any impact on its VPN users. At best, HideMyAss barely managed to keep itself from getting washed away with the tide in this specific round.


PureVPN came strong and confident in this round but HideMyAss managed to save itself from the competition’s first ‘0’ with its host of additional services.

But it’s going to be a tough one to decide and the numbers will be the last word!

HideMyAss: 3

PureVPN: 5



The Coronation

Hidemyass & PureVPN Scoore Sheet

PureVPN wins with 45 points while the donkey stares on in awe as the seemingly docile VPN service provider runs off with the trophy. Maybe HideMyAss could have tied if not won had it come with better additional features.

Either way, PureVPN plays has proven to be a strong contender and HideMyAss should watch out for PureVPN’s silent but steady expansion in the future.

The competition was close; perhaps too close! But the numbers ran the game and the final score is the final say!


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