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HideIPVPN has been offering top quality VPN services since 2009. The VPN service provider is perhaps the only rapidly expanding online freedom advocate that is giving major VPN companies a run for their money with its high quality services, internet security and software.

We decided to interview the top brass at HideIPVPN in order to learn about the management’s motivation and the working philosophy that powers the company. We asked them about unique service features, focus on user-experience, packages, upcoming features and file-sharing. We even asked HideIPVPN to take a position on the Snowden blowout. That’s when it got interesting.


Q1. Why did you decide to start a VPN service?

That was just one of the ideas I had during my IT studies at university. I was lacking access to blocked sites and was concerned with my anonymity (sometimes) so… one thing led to another and HideIPVPN become a reality.


Q2. What features/characteristics differentiate you from your competitors?

We would like to think that we have very special approach to our customers. We are always open, always listening and we are trying to be as fair as possible. I don’t know if any other provide was actually giving away free VPN account to those in need who could not afford a Premium service. We are still giving away accounts quite often in form of very simple contest. All one needs to do is to read our blog or follow our Facebook profile and we are certain a free VPN will be his.

Another feature that is special about HideIPVPN is SmartDNS service included free in our VPN packages.


Q3. What features does your VPN service offer and how do you think they improve the users’ experience?

I would have to say that it would be our awesome Windows/OSX application. It is really great how such a small, well though piece of software can change experience of how you use VPN. And one more time, SmartDNS. Finally it is easy to unblock access to restricted contet even on devices with no VPN support!


Q4. What packages do you offer and how do you believe they are better than those offered by your competitors?

As I said we offer two types of service. VPN with SmartDNS included or only SmartDNS. In both I think we have found a balance between very competitive price and features our customers want to have. The same goes for quality of VPN service.

All one needs is simply peek at our Facebook Wall – no complaints there and we are certain that if one asks our other customers will confirm that they are happy with what we deliver. At the same time if anyone has a critical opinion about us and our service we will be very happy to hear it – this is the only way for us to improve the service.


Q5. What new service features can your customers expect from you in the future?

Right now we plan to introduce new faster and more secure SSL VPN protocol and VPN application for mobile platforms Android, iOS and Windows Phone. There is also a chance that new region will be added to our SmartDNS service.


Q6. Do you take feedback about your service from your users? If yes, how do you process it?

Yes, of course! And all and any feedback is welcome. We rely on community of our users to spread information about our service. With such strong customer focused approach we simply cannot afford not to listen to our users. Right now there are three ways in which our users can approach us. Facebook Wall, Google + profile and support ticket submitted via “Client area” on the website.


Q7. What is your stance on keeping customers’ activity logs and do you keep logs of your customers’ activities? If yes, what do you log and for how long do you keep the logs?

Let us repeat what we have told Torrentfreak on this issue, as nothing has changed:

“We do not log users’ IP addresses. Since we are a company registered in the US we are not required to maintain such logs. Our logs only check account name (this is chosen by the user) and if a connection was established with the VPN server.

This is the only way for us to help users in case of technical problems (we can check if there was any connection made), also this helps us to refund money if a new customer was not able to connect to any of our servers. This information is automatically overwritten with new data after 3 days.


Q8. What are your thoughts on torrent and File-sharing? Do you accommodate torrent and File-sharing users?

Our stance is very simple – if you want to use such traffic or services, please use our VPN servers located in Germany and Holland.


Q9. Which markets do you choose to focus on and why?

We would love to reach out to internet users worldwide. With this in mind we are always open for bloggers and IT sites from any country in the that would like to cooperate with us. It does not matter if you run your IT blog in Italy, UK or Peru – if you think your readers should have a chance to try our service let us know!
But of course countries with strong censorship of information or ones that do spy on its citizens are our main focus, also because site and blog is run in English.


Q10. What do you think of Edward Snowden and his mission?

We are very happy that issue of online anonymity, privacy, the need for it in live of every single one of us was raised and that it happened so loudly. At the same time we are shocked that freedom and democracy are at jeopardy. We don’t think anyone had a clue that problem is of that magnitude.


Q11. What do you think of the NSA and GCHQ’s alleged surveillance activities?

As normal citizens, simply we are not happy that in name of our safety our freedom was secretly taken away. And that politicians we vote for never even thought about civil rights where surveillance was concerned.


Q12. Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Only one simple thing. Try our services – we promise we will not disappoint you!



The interview with HideIPVPN gives a unique look in the online freedom and internet security industry. You won’t find this perspective on regular websites. Judging by the responses I got, I think we can expect HideIPVPN to grow into a major VPN service provider before the year is over.

The VPN industry is expanding rapidly, and VPN services like HideIPVPN are standing out as pioneering contributors at a time when regular internet users are concerned. Internet security and privacy are basic internet rights, and the fact that an additional price must be paid for these basic rights is unquestionably appalling. It will take some time for these issues to iron out, but for now we can thank services like HideIPVPN for providing reliable and affordable online freedom.



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