Heartbleed: An Imminent Threat Isn’t Completely Neutralized

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Heartbleed bug took the Internet by storm a few months back. This security loophole posed great threat and was possibly one of the greatest security hazards ever encountered. They say that it is safe now, they say it is over. However, it certainly isn’t. Heartbleed still beats, Heartbleed is sentient.

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At the time of chaos, security researchers along with other individuals considered responsible to bring an end to this menace did an outstanding job. They did patch-up the Internet security for this loophole.

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Yet, it is believed that a huge chunk of Internet was left out. In short, the digital plague wasn’t 100% cured. Thus, there’s no room for complacency here. The monster is still alive and silver bullets can only neutralize it for a moment despite getting rid of it for good.

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Security researchers need to be more curious than cautious now. And closing your eyes won’t make the monster disappear. Thus, we need to be watchful of our online activities. We have a bad habit of getting used to things. This generates complacency which is unaffordable considering the threats associated with Heartbleed bug.

By the time we became aware of Heartbleed and its dangers, more than 600,000 servers had already been affected. However, security researchers along with other concerned personnel took charge and retrieved approximately 50% of affected servers leaving 318,239 vulnerable to Heartbleed contamination.

Nevertheless, the control measures adopted became sluggish in time. After remarkable achievement of recovering around 50% of affected servers in a month, the progress refers to the recovery of 3% of remaining servers in 75 days. This means 309,197 servers are still affected from Heartbleed.

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World’s leading sites and popular networking platforms successfully grasped the attention of concerned personnel here. The sites with slightly lower popularity as compared to the giants are still believed to be vulnerable to Heartbleed.

Considering the current progress, it can be stated that there’s no getting rid of Heartbleed any time soon – at least for those ranked on moderate or low popularity scale.

Being an ordinary user, you can’t do anything about it. So, leave it to the pros. However, you can ensure your security by being cautious. You can’t tell either a site has been patched for Heartbleed or not. But, you can surf safely by not logging into old sites that haven’t been maintained for quite some time.

The sites that have been patched for Heartbleed confirmed it. Those that haven’t updated status with respect to the Heartbleed patch are probably still vulnerable to the bug. So, refrain from surfing these sites.

Heartbleed or not, having same username/password for different sites makes your vulnerable to unauthorized assault. So, refrain from such naïve practices. Always use a distinct username/password for different sites.

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Through this approach, if your account details are compromised, there won’t be a snowball effect making your other accounts vulnerable to unauthorized assault. Thus, this decreases your vulnerability to Heartbleed bug.


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