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Stream of high-level hacks continues to haunt entertainment industry, and this time HBO falls prey to the cybercrimes. It was confirmed today by HBO officials that their systems were breached while the hackers were successful in obtaining 1.5 terabytes of data from HBO.

In the midst of all the chaos, hackers released upcoming episode of Ballers and Room 104 thus confirming the hacking. Hackers further claims to have their hands on upcoming episodes and some written material from Game of Thrones’ seventh season.

The hackers have promised to release such stuff in recent future and HBO is not happy about the idea that sees new episodes of Game of Thrones floating around the internet. Leaked episodes and written material is just one side of the story and probably small potatoes when compared to the personal information and account details of both customers and employees of HBO are leaked.

HBO Chief Executive Richard Plepler declined to comment on the material stolen from their computers, neither detailing how the incident had taken place. The official statement from Richard Plepler to the Entertainment Weekly and Reuters were based around compromising of the company’s proprietary information.

Surely, the daunting images of the massive Sony hack in 2014 must be revolving around HBO. The Sony hack was just under 26 gigabytes and yet it caused massive damage. Now the HBO officials have confirmed that the hackers have stolen 1.5 terabytes of data which turns out to be big news.

An anonymous email was sent to many reporters announcing that the greatest leak of cyberspace is happening and revealed that it was HBO and Game of Thrones to be on their target list. It was further mentioned in an email that for the first time viewers will witness and download the leak. In the end, the email read ‘HBO is falling’.

To most viewers it may seem that the email is referring to Game of Thrones episodes and other related media content which they will reveal to the world, but it doesn’t rolls out the fact that they also possess personal information of HBO employees and customers.

In hacking attempts that recently hit the entertainment industry, Netflix and Disney were the prime targets. In April, a hacker was said to have penetrated Netflix and released some of the season 5 episodes of Orange is the New Black. And in May, ransomware hackers claimed to have stolen the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie but the Disney Chief later revealed that it was a hoax.

For years, HBO has been fighting cyber war to keep its Game of Thrones storyline a secret, but here we see the HBO database was itself becoming a victim to these cybercrimes which does raises an eyebrow over HBO’s cyber security.

Somehow Game of Thrones fans were afraid to come across spoilers, but instead they’ll receive a detailed written script of these episodes if claims of these hackers are true. There’s still a lot that we are unsure about, as this is a developing story. We will update the post as soon as we know more.