Hacker Clones the Fingerprints of German Minister Using Photos

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In a first of its kind hack attempt, Chaos Computer Club, a hacking network claimed that they have cloned the fingerprints of Ursula Von Der Leyen, the Defense Minister of Germany on Tuesday. Jan Krissler, a member of the hacker group, claimed that commercial software was used and the pictures were taken at a press conference.

Speaking at a convention in Hamburg, Jan Krissler, the hacker, claimed that he used the standard camera pictures to clone the fingerprints of Von Der Leyen. He revealed his method at the convention and stated that it was done using only a “few” pictures.

According to Krissler, he had collected several pictures of Von Der Leyen from different angles including a clear shot of her thumb. Krissler joked that the politicians might start wearing gloves while addressing the public or attending conferences in future.

The fingerprints security measure is used by Apple and Samsung. And if you aren’t already aware of the fact, the Starbug aka Krissler of Chaos Computer Club, has already successfully attacked the Apple’s Touch ID last year.

According to some security experts, the users should change their thinking pattern and should look to set the face recognition and fingerprints security as secondary measures. This hack attempt has given a loophole for others to exploit. What’s more disturbing is the fact that one of the most-advanced security measures can be exploited because of a clear picture of your thumb.

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