Goose VPN Review 2018 – The Service with a Great Potential

Goose VPN

Goose VPN

Website Goose VPN
$1.19Per Month
Goose VPN Features
  • Free Trial
  • Compatible with multiple platforms
  • OpenVPN, PPTP, IKEv2 and IPSec protocols
  • P2P compatibility
  • Military grade encryption
  • Compatible with Netflix

Goose VPN being a Netherland based VPN service has all the right reasons to become a major online privacy provider in future. The provider offers efficient privacy policy and customer support advantages to the users. Hence, the users may opt the service to attain desired level of anonymity and online protection from anywhere.


Our VPN reviews provide an honest and in-depth look into best VPN services. Read our detailed Goose VPN review to know about the features and other offerings of the service.



  • Free Trial
  • Compatible with multiple platforms
  • OpenVPN, PPTP, IKEv2 and IPSec protocols
  • P2P compatibility
  • Military grade encryption
  • Compatible with Netflix


  • Slow servers
  • Limited number of servers

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Goose VPN Review – Unique Selling Proposition

Our Goose VPN review of 2018 unveils that the service has mind-blowing feature for the users in the form of free trial. Yes, you read it correctly. Furthermore, the service provides exclusive compatibility with Android TV that allows Android TV users peace of mind straightaway.

Interestingly, the service offers its information through the official website by the help of multi lingual benefit. We hope the service will include appealing benefits for the users in terms of protocols, encryption, and other factors. By doing so, there are chances Goose VPN will increase its existing customer base to another extent.

Pricing and Plans

According to our GooseVPN review, the provider three types of pricing plans to its users. These are 50 GB monthly plan, unlimited monthly and unlimited yearly plans. However, the service does not offer six monthly pricing plans to the users.

We expect by our next analysis, Goose VPN will add another pricing plan in its armory.


You may also find a Goose VPN discount codes on different websites. These discounts are usually based on a holiday or some other event.

Online Payment Methods

Our Goose VPN review unveils that the service offers two payment; PayPal and Credit Card. Most notably the service is missing Bitcoin from its payment options. This means you have no way of conducting anonymous transaction with the service.


We would recommend the providers to include Bitcoin along with some other private mode of payments. In our experience, VPN customers prefer privacy over convenience when it comes payment methods.

Compatibility Review

According to the findings of our review, the provider offers user-friendly installation guides for various platforms. It means you can use the service on different operating systems and devices like Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and Routers.


Therefore, you can assume the service as Windows VPN, Android VPN or iOS VPN quite easily. The service has apps for different operating systems like Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. You can get these without paying anything by availing the Goose VPN free download service.

Servers Review

The provider is still in nascent stage still the provider has huge existence in terms of countries and servers availability. According to our review, the service has presence in 28 countries through 100+ servers in different parts of the world.

We expect the service will increase more servers to provide connectivity solutions to the users in near future.

Protocols and Encryption

Our review highlights that the service provides different tunneling protocols such as OpenVPN, L2TP, IKEv2 and PPTP protocols. Therefore, you should not bother yourself about the encryption level because OpenVPN applies 256-bit military grade encryption by default.


Free Trial Feature

Interestingly, the users may opt the service for thirty days without any hassle. This is because we explored during a Goose VPN free trial is available for 30 days. Likewise, the users can avail this benefit on different platforms and devices simultaneously.

You can explore our detailed guide that offers insight about priceless VPN.

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Customer Support

According to our review, the provider has impressed us through its customer support section. The provider has detailed and separate sections that include Download, Goose VPN Login option, Signup, Community, Reset Passwords, Server requests, and status page. The service offers impressive FAQ section that solves the users’ concern in no time.


Likewise, the users may contact the customer support agent through live chat option that allows them to get the solution of their queries. Furthermore, the Goose VPN download page enables the subscribers to get various installation and user-friendly tutorials for their devices instantly.

The same goes for community, login, signup and other pages because these pages allow the users to experience the service accordingly. In addition, you can check the blog section to get the latest happenings and events about online privacy.


Most notably, the service provides live chat support. We tested the support on different times of the day and it was always online. Moreover, the customer service agent proved to be well equipped with knowledge about the service.

We asked some standard queries from the representative of the service. In reply, we received a comprehensive answer. This factor impressed us largely.

Goose VPN P2P/Torrenting Review

Our review reveals that the service does support P2P activities of the users. However, the subscribers bear in mind that they should not opt US servers for streaming purpose. This is because they can become a victim of online copyright infringement. Hence, they may receive DMCA notices from copyright holders as a result.

The users should explore our guide on best VPN for torrenting to know about the repercussions of torrenting.

You can see the desktop app of the service to know which server approves P2P activities. The client marks “P2P Server” next to locations that are appropriate for torrenting functions.

Refund Policy / Money Back Guarantee

According to our Goose VPN review, the provider offers generous refund policy that you can avail within a month. Through this exciting offer, the users may find the service pros and cons in detail. Furthermore, you can obtain the impression about the performance of the service in true letter and spirit.

If the users want to cancel the subscription after 30 days period, they cannot ask for the refund. Also keep in mind; you only get your money back if you have used less than 1000MB of bandwidth.

There is also a free first month offer on all of the plans. However, the PayPal users may still be required to pay £0.45 for validating their accounts. In any case, this VPN provides you ample opportunities to test out its service without paying anything.

Logging Policy

The provider clearly follows the concept of no-logging policy. This is because the service does not record the personal information of the users that include username, password, credit card data and so on. However, the service has to record the email addresses of the users those who contact customer support section.


You can contemplate our detailed guide that offers insight about VPN that does not keep logs.

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Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of VPN service creates humongous impacts on the success and credibility of the service. In this regard, Goose VPN has obtained distinction with excellence. The service is committed to secure their users’ privacy at any cost and heading in the right direction.

The service does not record the IP addresses of the users. Interestingly, the provider does not keep the loggings of the sites users usually visit. Moreover, the service does not store the start time and end time of each session of the users.


Goose VPN Social Media Review

According to our Goose VPN social media review, the service has strong brand name in social media platform like Facebook. However, the service should realize the significance of other social media forums and communities.


We hope the service will increase more advantages in its current list of benefits to attract the attention of potential customers. Interestingly, the service also maintains a dedicated community page that allows the users to get information about different queries in timely manner.

Goose VPN Desktop Clients

You can also use Goose VPN’s service through its Windows and Mac clients. There is nothing particular noticeable about these clients. They are well-designed and navigable and let you select from the list of servers.

However, they are extremely basic. They do not let you configure the settings in details nor do they have any in-built features. Hopefully, the providers are working on some updates to improve their desktop clients.

Goose VPN Kodi Review

We were impressed to note that the service is compatible with famous open source media server Kodi. The Kodi followers may try Goose VPN to watch their favorite media content on Kodi. During our Goose VPN review, we found that the service supports Kodi streaming on different operating systems.


Still, there are users who prefer Kodi VPN than Goose VPN. Therefore, the provider needs to add more feature in its armory to become an efficient VPN for Kodi.

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Alternatives of Goose VPN

Since this service is relatively new, it lacks in some aspects that makes a VPN service appealing to some users. These users can read the reviews below to examine some of the alternatives of this service.

  1. Express VPN Review
  2. IPVanish Review
  3. Ivacy VPN Review
  4. Private Tunnel Review
  5. Astrill VPN Review
  6. SlickVPN Review

Goose VPN Reddit Review

Reddit users provide honest and first-hand experiences with VPN services. This is why we searched the forum to see what the Redditors are saying about the service.

As per the findings of our Goose VPN review, the provider has to improve its presence on famous platform Reddit. By doing so, the service can enjoy the huge benefits of larger customer base in future. At present, the users are opting Reddit VPN than Goose VPN to secure their online privacy. For more insights about VPN services, view the list of best cNet VPNs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Goose VPN?

Goose VPN is an online privacy provider that safeguards your connection from online threats. It does that by encrypting the connection between your device and their VPN servers.

To encrypt your traffic, the service uses an AES-256 bit cipher that is famous for being military-grade.

You can also use this service for unblocking geo-restricted websites.

Is Goose VPN Netflix Compatible?

Netflix has put geo-blocks on much of its streaming content. It has developed separate libraries for different countries with the US having the biggest catalogue of movies and TV shows.

Hence, the Netflix users outside of the US need a VPN service to fully benefit from the service. For this purpose, they require a VPN to provide them with dedicated US servers for Netflix.

However, Netflix uses some of the most advanced anti-VPN software available. The website started its campaign against geo-dodging few years back and since then, it has blocked many VPN providers.

The good news is that GooseVPN is not one of these VPN services. We tested this service on the popular streaming site and were swiftly connected with its US library.

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Final Verdict

Our Goose VPN review establishes that the service has grabbed the attention of different users from all over the world. In addition, the subscribers can avail various kinds of appealing features that make the service an interesting choice.

GooseVPN has a long way to go but the provider has an interesting future ahead. It suggests that the service has a huge list of eye-catching features that make the provider different from the rest. Similarly, the provider follows the notion of providing online anonymity and freedom to users in true letter and spirit.

If the users want to secure their online privacy for a month without paying a single penny, Goose VPN is the right selection. Thus, you will be able to evaluate the service’s attributes and other salient features in detail.

You can share your feedback about the service in comments section below and get information about other best VPN reviews.

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