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Global Television Network is a Canadian broadcast television network. The channel started its transmission on January 6, 1974 and has been a subject of various revamps since then. According to the latest stats, Global TV Canada is the second most watched TV channel in Canada.

Global TV Canada is one of the major TV networks and has 12 owned-and-operated (O&O) stations in the country. It offers a diverse range of programs to its viewers. From news to entertaining TV shows, there is almost everything for everyone. It runs original and acquired TV shows as well.


Go Past the Restrictions for Global TV Live Streaming

You can still stream Global TV live on your laptops and other devices (without being present in Canada). Yes, you read it right. Remember you can always use a proxy server or a VPN that will help you bypass the geo-restrictions and will you get exclusive access to all the Global TV shows.

A Proxy server, when compared with a VPN might compromise on your security, whereas a VPN makes sure your online identity is safe and secure with it. Streaming from Proxies may prove to be a frustrating process even if you get access to blocked content because of low speeds and the ads that keep popping up.

VPNs are not only ads-free but they also make sure that you get unlimited bandwidth to enhance your streaming process.

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Global TV Live Streaming outside Canada

We hate to break it to you, but if you are not in Canada or at least connected with a Canadian server, there is no way you can live stream Global TV outside Canada unless you work your way around it. View our guide of Canada VPN to stream Global TV worldwide. Global News and Global TV Shows are strictly restricted for viewership in Canada only.

This means that all the programs offered by Global TV Canada are aimed at the Canadian audiences. If you happen to be a fan of its programs, you can’t view them due to the geo-restrictions and limitations imposed on them.

We tried accessing the Global TV shows from a non-Canadian IP address and received the following message.

Global TV Live Streaming

Popular Global TV Shows

Global TV Canada runs original and acquired TV shows that are not only popular among the viewers in Canada but also among non-Canadian viewers. Here are the trailers of a few popular Global TV shows to help you experience a bit of what you might be missing out on.


(1) Border Security: Canada’s Front Line

As the name suggests, this Canadian TV show deals with the security agencies putting all their efforts in to make sure their borders are safe. The agencies enforce immigration, financial and several other Canadian customs. The show has drawn criticism as well due to the nature of its programming but mainly received good response from the viewers.


(2) Rookie Blue

This Canadian police drama series features Missy Peregrym and Gregory Smith (the guy who played Alan in the movie ‘Small Soldiers’) in the lead roles. The story revolves around 5 young cops who look forward to take on challenges after completing their training from the Academy. But the reality dawns upon them as soon as they join the elite Police force. Not only do they have to perform their duties, they have to fulfill the expectations of their families and friends as well.


(3) The Aviators

This award-winning Canadian weekly documentary series is perhaps the best program on Global TV Canada. The show features the latest aircrafts, fly-in destinations, and the latest technologies. It was first aired on 2010 and has 5 seasons till date. The show has a rating of 9.5/10 on and 8.7/10 on iMDb. Need I say anymore?


Global TV App for Android

You can easily find the Global TV App for Android in the Google Play Store by typing Global Go in the search bar. The app is free and easy to install and operate on all Android devices. It offers full-length episodes and video clips at fine video quality. It is a great source of entertainment for those who enjoy watching their favorite TV shows while travelling.

Unfortunately, the app has a restricted access just like the channel itself. It is subjected to work within the premises of Canada. If you wish to make it work outside Canada, you might have to consider using a VPN app for Android.

global tv

Global TV iPhone App

If you want to watch Global TV shows on your iPhones or iPads, you can equip your devices with the Global TV iPhone App. But just like the Android App, the Global TV iPhone App works in Canada only and will need a VPN app for iPhone to run outside Canada.


Global TV Canada is the second best TV channel in Canada and it deserves all the praise for the programs that it offers to its viewers. Having been in the industry for 4 decades, it is growing and expanding rapidly. But even after all the expansion and growth, it restricts its content outside Canada which is something of a turn off for non-Canadian viewers.

To view its programs, non-Canadian viewers either opt for a proxy server or a VPN, depending upon their needs and their mindsets about online privacy.

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