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In an attempt to grab market for its new messenger, Facebook will soon close the option of chat messages in its Android and iOS apps, Tech Crunch reported today.

The main apps for Facebook will no longer sport instant messaging options for the mobile users. With messaging tab going, you ‘must’ have Facebook messenger in order to have one-to-one instant communications with your Facebook friends.

The messaging tab replaces a bizarre hot link for Facebook messenger, a standalone app which takes in about a good level of your Android memory with no special offers in its own. User’s who already have independent messaging app from Facebook can directly initiate chat session by pressing the ‘Messenger’ button. Those who don’t have it will be redirected to a page from where the app could be downloaded.

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg had already announced the change earlier in an interview with Josh Constine. He said that the new messenger would replace Facebook’s built-in chat/messaging feature because it created a lot of friction.

There is no denying the new app would be much more fast and feature-filled than chat options currently available in the generic Facebook app.

However, a large number of Facebook users will find the change as worse because they already have options for fast chat i.e. WhatsApp, Line, WeChat and Skype.

An abrupt forceful shift of messaging may be Facebook’s most unpopular moves. Naturally, not every user can tolerate an overly burdening standalone app given the little frequency of Facebook messages. The new chat interface may be more fast, efficient and feature-filled, but it will be a real turn-off for users who’d better be off with few, slow messages they’d ever send on the generic Facebook app.

Maybe Facebook has taken the desperate measure to voice its power in the instant messaging arena. After its WhatsApp acquisition, Facebook is keen to synergize its chat platforms, even at the cost of frustrating a few (million) users.

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