General Motors Acquires First Cybersecurity Chief

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General Motors appointed its first cybersecurity chief, Jeff Massimilla, on Tuesday to enhance the security of their vehicles against malicious software and hackers.


According to GM Vice President, Mark Reuss, the company has promoted Jeff Massimilla to the post of cybersecurity chief to review the design and engineering of the product for at least eight months. He stressed the need of cybersecurity chief by stating that the technology used in the modern cars makes them autonomous and semi-autonomous.

He further said that the company has to take pre-emptive measures to combat the potential threats of hacking to provide faultless cars to the customers. “So that’s the competitive advantage we’re trying to really put in place for General Motors”, Reuss said.

The modern vehicles are more dependent on tiny computers than ever. They are used to manage everything from engines to windshield wipers. Many security experts have expressed their concerns and maintain a common opinion about hackers looking for vulnerabilities in the software to exploit them to harm the drivers.

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GM and other automakers were warned by renowned hackers and security experts in an open letter in August. They suggested them to adopt basic security guidelines to protect their cars from the potential threats of hackers and malicious software.

The recent wave of cyber-attacks on banks and other important institutions have left them wondering if they would be the next target on the hackers’ list. Jeff Massimilla, now the cybersecurity chief has been associated with GM since 2010 and was recently working as the director of global validation.

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