Frustrated Zuckerberg Calls Obama – Snowden Doesn’t Buy It

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It All Started with Snowden’s Revelations

Snowden’s revelations have made it clear that many telecom and tech giants are working with the NSA – facilitating its mission of mass data collection. Since then, there had been many allegations originating Facebook and the NSA allegiance.

Such claims especially the ones associated with the revelations have made us believe that there’s no such thing as privacy and online freedom. Furthermore, it has also been reported that Facebook is one of the top ranked allies of the NSA – striving to serve its objective representing the PRISM program.



Zuckerberg Says Otherwise

Just like every other company blamed to work with the NSA, CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has also declined such allegations. However, the accusations just kept coming; because, the revelations were just the beginning; they formulated the plot for the debate.

So, Zuckerberg finally decided to take a stand against the victimization of our privacy – sounds funny doesn’t it? Anyway, it has been reported that Mark Zuckerberg called President Obama to talk about user privacy infiltration.

Zuckerberg’s agenda for this conversation was to protect Facebookers’ information by convincing Obama to cease privacy invasion – Lmfao. Zuckerberg, through an official statement posted on Facebook declared that he talked with the President to show his loath for the NSA’s regimes.

Moreover, Zuckerberg stated that the government must respect Netizen’s privacy. The government must take adequate measures to liberate the Internet by eliminating all threats without becoming a threat itself, said Zuckerberg.

Some of the naïve Netizens might be wondering whether Zuckerberg’s push would work or not. No one can answer your query better than Zuckerberg himself:

I’ve called President Obama to express my frustration over the damage the government is creating for all of our future. Unfortunately, it seems like it will take a very long time for true full reform” – Mark Zuckerberg.

Mark Zuckerberg

Snowden Trolling – The Whistleblower at SXSW

The Internet, a free-zone to explore the world at first, is now under curfew imposed by vigilant agencies. Our privacy is vulnerable than ever before because the agencies’ practices of data extraction are catching fire.

Despite of the awareness generated and enlightenment associated with the revelations, there are few Netizens who have actually realized the significance of their privacy and thus condemn online surveillance. The rest don’t even know – or want to know the threats surrounding their privacy and deteriorating their online freedom.

At SXSW, Snowden came up with yet another allegation. Snowden clearly stated that many companies including Facebook are still engaged in collecting user/client information. The inclination of targeted and re-targeted advertisements serves as the best rationale for such concern.


Facebook shows you the advertisements you want to see in your News Feed through their strategic approach known as behavioral targeting. These are the advertisements you would actually be interested in and access eventually.

How does Facebook know the advertisement we would be interested in? How does Facebook prioritize our preferences and show us the advertisements we want to see? This is not possible unless Facebook has thoroughly studied our needs and behavior.


Try This!

Converse with your peers about some vacation plan you’ve made lately and seek options from them with respect to the location. Continue these conversations for a few days. You would notice that Facebook will start showing you advertisements related to hospitality industry and tourism.

Facebook monitors each and every move you make online. All data you update and share on Facebook is recorded, analyzed and stored to study your behavior pattern. Now think about it for a minute. If Facebook can study your behavior just to maximize its revenue from advertisements, isn’t it possible that it might be working allegedly with the NSA.


Wrapping UP

Zuckerberg says that he called Obama to let him know that he is frustrated with the government’s invasion of Netizens’ privacy. I say, pass on the number please. We’ve got a few concerns of our own to share.

Snowden’s revelations clearly stated that there are several companies and tech giants allegedly working with the NSA under their mass data collection program.



Furthermore, there are different facts pointing fingers at Facebook for its involvement with the NSA or at least participation in NSA’s PRISM regime.

So, go fool someone else Zuckerberg!


All in one

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