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Can you get Hulu free with a VPN? Yes, you can use Hulu with a VPN free of cost, but it’s crucial to select the best free VPN for Hulu that is equipped with U.S. servers and can bypass Hulu’s geo-restrictions. Although the top free VPNs may advertise access to the platform, it’s important to understand that the reliability and effectiveness of a free VPN, can be unreliable.

Hulu actively blocks numerous VPNs, including some free ones, making it challenging to find a consistent and dependable option. When you use a free VPN, you often run into limitations like fewer server choices and restrictions on how much data you can use.

Hulu is a widely-used streaming service that offers an extensive collection of TV shows, movies, and original content. It provides users with a diverse library of on-demand entertainment, including popular series, current episodes of TV shows, and exclusive Hulu Originals. However, users may encounter difficulties accessing Hulu, but with the best free VPN, you can access the platform.

If you’re wondering what VPN works for Hulu free, ExpressVPN is our top pick. With ExpressVPN’s free trial, you can enjoy the best of both worlds – fast servers and strong encryption, all while streaming your favorite Hulu content without any restrictions. It provides a US IP address to ensure seamless access to Hulu’s US servers, making it the perfect choice for uninterrupted entertainment.

Quick Overview: Best Free VPN for Hulu in November 2023

In 2023, this is the list of our recommended free VPNs for Hulu.

  1. ExpressVPN – Best Overall VPN For Hulu with a 30-day Free Trial: Unblocks Hulu through its US servers. Fast speeds. Free 7-day trial for mobile users. 30-day money-back guarantee.
  2. Windscribe – Recommended Free VPN for Hulu with 10GB Free Data: Unblocks Hulu with its US network. Connection to 10 countries. Fast streams.
  3. ProtonVPN – Free VPN for Hulu with Unlimited Bandwidth: Effectively unblocked Hulu. No slowdowns. Connection to US for FREE.
  4. TunnelBear User-Friendly Free VPN for Hulu: Offers a wide range of free server locations including USA and Japan along with user-friendly apps for all devices.
  5. Speedify Lightning-Fast Free VPN For Hulu: With an impressive network of 200+ servers and locations spread across 35 countries, Speedify offers a wide range of options for seamless and reliable connections.

Free VPN for Hulu [Detailed Analysis] | FAQs

Get ExpressVPN Free Trial for Hulu30-day money-back guarantee

Why Should We Use a Free VPN for Hulu?

Using a free VPN for Hulu with servers in Japan and the US specifically, allows you to access geo-restricted content and enjoy enhanced security, data encryption, and protection against speed throttling. It provides a cost-effective way to enjoy Hulu’s content from anywhere while protecting your online activities.

If you ask us do any VPNs work with Hulu? Yes, VPNs help you get rid of geo-restrictions, otherwise, you will get this error if you access Hulu from the region where Hulu is not available.

“That isn’t available to watch in your location.”


You will also get this error if trying to access Hulu from its unavailable regions.

A Hulu VPN free server lets users access Hulu content not available in their region due to geo-restrictions. It works by connecting to a U.S. server, allowing access to a broader range of entertainment. Additionally, it enhances online privacy and security by encrypting the internet connection, ensuring data remains safe and unthrottled during transmission.

It is important to note that while free VPNs may offer these advantages, they often come with limitations and potential drawbacks. These can include slower speeds, limited server options, data caps, and potential privacy concerns. It is essential to thoroughly research and understand the terms and conditions of any free VPN service before using it for Hulu. We always recommend using a paid VPN to watch Hulu like, ExpressVPN.

Get ExpressVPN Free Trial for Hulu30-day money-back guarantee

Best Free VPN for Hulu – [Detail Analysis – 2023]

Seeking answers for what free VPN works with Hulu? Finding the best free VPN for Hulu in 2023 requires careful consideration and analysis. While there are free VPNs that work with Hulu, it’s important to note that they may have limitations in terms of server availability, data caps, speed, and reliability. Here is a detailed analysis of the free VPN to watch Hulu.

1. ExpressVPNBest Overall VPN For Hulu with a 30-day Free Trial


Key Features:

  • 3000+ open servers across 105+ countries including 23 servers in the U.S.
  • Media Streamer features for device compatibility
  • Allows 8 simultaneous connections
  • Unlimited bandwidth for streaming
  • Blazing fast speeds for streaming Hulu
  • Works with Hulu, Netflix, HBO, BBC iPlayer YouTube TV, and more

ExpressVPN is the best overall for Hulu with a 30-day free trial. Due to its fast servers, strong security, and a 30-day free trial, you can test its compatibility with Hulu risk-free. Its vast server network ensures reliable access to Hulu’s geo-restricted content.

ExpressVPN boasts a remarkable network with over 3000 servers across 105 countries. This includes 23 servers in the US, enabling you to secure a US IP address and access Hulu, even if you’re not in the United States. With these free options, you can experience the best Hulu VPN service that compels you to look no further.

We tried to unblock Netflix with ExpressVPN, and it was a successful attempt. We also tested HBO Max with ExpressVPN, which enabled us to watch our favorites shows and movies without any lag. Lastly, our team tested ExpressVPN on Hulu and tried connecting at night. Despite the peak hours, we successfully connected to its NYC server without overload issues. By connecting to the NYC server (recommended), Hulu instantly loaded and welcomed us for streaming.


ExpressVPN lets us quickly unblock Hulu on its New York server.

For our ExpressVPN speed test, this premium VPN never slowed down our connection. Although VPNs cause speed slowdowns, ExpressVPN proves to the pack that it’s built differently. Its download speed reached 89.42 Mbps, and its upload speed maxed at 84.64 Mbps.


This speed is enough to stream in high resolution.

With these speeds you can use Hulu with VPN in HD quality without, also its unlimited bandwidth helps you stream your favorite shows and movies on Hulu without buffering. You can also try ExpressVPN torrenting servers for P2P file sharing and fast downloading.

For avid travelers seeking a VPN for seamless access to their preferred Hulu shows while abroad, ExpressVPN emerges as the ultimate choice. Elevating your travel experience, ExpressVPN guarantees uninterrupted and secure access to you cherished Hulu content, offering features like robust encryption, high-speed connections, and a comprehensive global server network. This establishes its standing as the premier VPN for travelers.

ExpressVPN excels in device compatibility, app downloads, and setups. It offers extensive support for major operating systems and provides dedicated apps tailored for specific devices, including iOS, Android, Chrome, and Linux, among others. With ExpressVPN, users can easily connect and enjoy a seamless experience across a wide range of devices.

ExpressVPN works well with open-source cross-platform software media players and entertainment hubs for digital media for HTPCs (Home theater PCs). For example, ExpressVPN Kodi allows a user-friendly configuration. You can also set up ExpressVPN on routers such as Asus RT-AC56(U/R/S), Linksys WRT32X, NetGear R6300v2, TP-Link, Xiaomi, and more.

ExpressVPN goes beyond mere unblocking capabilities, placing a strong emphasis on online security. In addition to its ability to bypass restrictions, ExpressVPN offers advanced security features such as an ExpressVPN kill switch, split tunneling, and Network Lock. With its high-class 256 AES encryption, ExpressVPN ensures anonymous web browsing and provides a solid defense against potential threats.

For privacy concerns, ExpressVPN’s no-logs policy is extremely strict. They authorize external audits and publication of its no-logs. Hence, you’re sure that your data will not be retained for exploitation and malicious activities. For any issues, you can rely on its 24/7 live chat support. We tested the response time of its support crew and were glad to receive a reply within a few minutes.

Get started today with ExpressVPN’s free trial. Maximize a lightning-fast, reliable, and secure service with an undetectable US IP address. For only $6.67/mo (Black Friday Deal: Grab 3 Free Months + 49% OFF 12-Month Plan), you can secure tons of additional features.

And it goes on. An ExpressVPN review is here.

  • Best free trial connection to Hulu
  • Longest free trial for premium VPNs (30 days)
  • Zero buffers when streaming
  • Fast speeds
  • Great device compatibility
  • Global networks are stable

  • Improvement on the Network Lock feature is needed

Get ExpressVPN Free trial for Hulu30-day money-back guarantee

2. Windscribe – Recommended Free VPN for Hulu with 10GB Free Data


Key Features:

  • 500+ servers in over 60 countries including free servers in the USA
  • Media streaming feature called “Windflix”
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • 10 GB FREE bandwidth
  • Fast speeds and easy unblocking for Hulu
  • Works with Hulu, Netflix, HBO, BBC iPlayer YouTube TV, and more

Windscribe is the Recommended Free VPN for Hulu with 10GB Free Data. It ensures a secure and buffer-free streaming experience while staying within data limits. It’s a reliable option for Hulu users on a budget.

Windscribe provides a wide array of servers in both its free and paid versions. While the free version includes 90+ servers in 11 locations including US, the paid version significantly expands the network, offering 500+ servers in over 60 countries, ensuring access to a variety of global content and enhanced performance.

You can get Hulu unblocked free by connecting to its free US network and enjoy seamless access to Hulu originals. Its performance in this specific use case was consistent and allowed us to enjoy Hulu’s content without any interruptions.

Apart from Hulu, Windscribe also offers secure and unrestricted access to your favorite HBO Max shows and movies. When we connected to its US servers, we unblocked Windscribe with Netflix and HBO Max, providing a smooth experience despite connecting from overseas. During our streaming tests, Windscribe US – Atlanta Mountain servers allowed us to stream with the least buffers.


With Windscribe free US servers, you can stream your favorite shows on Hulu.

During our Windscribe speed test, we cannot help but stan. Its upload and download speeds were 84.8 Mbps and 88.27 Mbps, respectively. While these may not be the fastest speeds, the fact that we got this result on a 100 RAM-only connection was commendable.


Windscribe-free US server speed was quite good on a 100 Mbps connection.

The free version of this VPN offers a maximum of 10 GB of data may not be enough if you want to use Windscribe for torrenting. You can upgrade to its pro version to download files without worrying about data limits.

Windscribe ensures fast and reliable streaming and allows unlimited simultaneous device connections in its free version. It’s also compatible with multiple streaming services, offering a convenient solution for subscribers to various platforms.

In terms of device support and simple clients, Windscribe is ideal. It is compatible with all devices. It provides apps for major operating systems, such as iOS and Android. The combination of Windscribe Kodi gave us an easy setup, as well. We just followed the guide that appeared while establishing a link. Similarly, we could set up Windscribe on Firestick and multiple other devices with ease and without any conflict in speeds.

Windscribe prioritizes your security, making it a reliable choice for Hulu streaming and other online tasks. It includes robust features like AES 256-bit encryption, a verified no-log policy, and split tunneling. While advanced security features are in the PRO version, Windscribe still offers essential safeguards to protect your online activities.

You can contact Windscribe via its 24/7 live chat assistance, for example, if your Windscribe is not working and you cannot connect to Hulu. All in all, you can experience a standard-quality VPN with a Windscribe free trial. This is one of the few free VPNs that stood the test of time.

By upgrading to the PRO version, you can enhance the features of the VPN. The cost for the PRO version is US $7.75, and if you decide to subscribe to the premium plan, you have the option to cancel Windscribe within the 3-day money-back guarantee period. This allows you to experience the additional benefits of the premium plan without any financial risk.

Windscribe is the finest VPN for Hulu free service with added features. For more input, read VPNrank’s Windscribe review.

  • Easy connection to Hulu
  • Fast speeds
  • The free version is working above average
  • Native apps are functional

  • Limited country coverage

Get Windscribe for Hulu30-day money-back guarantee

3. Proton VPN – Free VPN for Hulu with Unlimited Bandwidth


Key Features:

  • 3000+ servers in 69 countries including free servers in the USA
  • Stealth (write one line for this feature)
  • Allows Only 1 connection on the Free version
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Fast speeds and easy unblocking for Hulu
  • Works with Hulu, Netflix, Max, YouTube TV, and more

ProtonVPN is a Free VPN for Hulu with Unlimited Bandwidth. Making it an ideal choice for streaming your favorite shows and movies without worrying about data limits or buffering issues. With ProtonVPN, you can enjoy seamless access to Hulu’s vast library of content, while maintaining your online privacy and security.

ProtonVPN, which is a good free VPN that works for Hulu, has one of the largest networks in the Free Hulu VPN category with 3000+ servers in 69 countries. However, the free version only connects you to the US, Netherlands, and Japan, with over 100 servers.

This is good news for Hulu subscribers, as Hulu has established physical servers in the US. Whether you travel from north to south or from Asia to Europe, you can get a US IP address for Hulu access.


With ProtonVPN free US servers you can unblock Hulu.

Aside from Hulu, Does ProtonVPN work with Netflix? the answer is a definite yes, Undeniably Proton’s workaround strategies are above average among free VPNs. It works well with Netflix and lets you access all the top shows. Plus, you can watch Netflix Anime and documentaries with this reliable free VPN for Netflix Documentary and free VPN for Netflix Anime.

During our ProtonVPN speed test, this VPN exceeded our expectations. It achieved an average upload speed of 89.59 Mbps and a download speed of 75.59 Mbps. At this rate, you can already binge regularly and do other tasks in the background.


ProtonVPN free US servers speed on a 100 Mbps connection.

Proton is a free VPN that provides simple access to Hulu through its specialized apps, which are available with just a click. I own multiple devices from IoT devices, to game consoles and laptops. I tried connecting them with Proton. Gladly, its native apps are compatible with all operating systems. , macOS, Windows, iOS, Linux, and Chrome devices all work.

Additionally, We had no issues setting up ProtonVPN on Roku and to other devices. You can also use ProtonVPN with Kodi and similar devices and enjoy your favorite content while maintaining a secure connection. ProtonVPN also offers its services for Android users, and many Android users consider it the best free Android VPN for Hulu.

Is ProtonVPN Safe? When it comes to online security and privacy, ProtonVPN has an excellent reputation. It boasts a 4+ star rating on the App Store, backed by positive reviews from numerous users. This indicates that it’s a secure and reliable free VPN that works with Hulu.

Additionally, ProtonVPN Torrenting ensures your online activities remain secure and anonymous while you enjoy fast and unrestricted access to P2P networks. Proton VPN uses only ciphers that offer Perfect Forward Secrecy. This standard ensures that your encrypted network is never compromised. It also incorporates an AES 256-bit key encryption, and NetShield feature to protect against viruses and annoying adverts.

Try Hulu with a free VPN using ProtonVPN’s free trial. You may also upgrade to extra features for $4.99 per month. Contact its 24/7 active support service to claim a Proton cancellation and a refund. If ProtonVPN is not working and you’re not connected to Hulu, talk to its live chat, first, for an easy fix before terminating.

ProtonVPN is the Best Free VPN for Hulu. For elaboration, answers, guides, and more, see our ProtonVPN review.

  • Effective access to Hulu
  • Fast speeds
  • Security tools for private streaming

  • Not a wide global server reach for its FREE version

4. TunnelBear – User-Friendly Free VPN for Hulu


Key Features:

  • 3000 servers in 48 countries including free servers in the USA
  • WireGuard, and robust anti-censorship technologies
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Offers up to 500MB of Data/Day
  • Fast speeds and easy unblocking for Hulu
  • Works with Hulu, Netflix, Max, BBC iPlayer, YouTube TV, and more

TunnelBear is a User-Friendly Free VPN for Hulu. It provides a free plan with a simple interface, making it ideal for beginners. Although the free version has data restrictions, it’s a great option for occasional Hulu streaming.

If you’re searching for a Free Hulu VPN with multiple server locations, this is an excellent option to consider. With a network of 2600 free servers spread across more than 48 server locations, TunnelBear offers a reliable and diverse selection of options. While most free VPNs have limitations, TunnelBear provides users with a monthly data limit of 500MB, which is sufficient for occasional streaming sessions on Hulu.

TunnelBear is a free VPN service that works seamlessly with popular streaming platforms. You can easily access Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, and Netflix with TunnelBear. It’s an excellent choice for those looking for a free VPN to access US streaming sites and bypass location restrictions effortlessly.


With Tunnelbear’s free US servers, you can stream your favorite shows on Hulu.

TunnelBear’s connection speed and quality were quite good. Even with limited data, our TunnelBear speed test showed an impressive 55.27 Mbps download speed and a 40.21 Mbps upload speed when streaming Hulu in HD from all major locations.


This speed is good for streaming in high resolution.

We also tested the compatibility of TunnelBear with multiple devices, You can easily get this Hulu VPN free download on many widely used devices such as Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac, all without worrying about any speed issues or conflicts. So, whether it’s TunnelBear on Roku or any other streaming device, your online experiences are guaranteed to be worry-free and enjoyable.

TunnelBear VPN offers top-tier security features to ensure your online privacy. With VigilantBear, your connection remains resilient, while SplitBear optimizes your traffic for faster speeds. The robust AES 256-bit encryption shields your data, and GhostBear disguises your VPN usage. Plus, TunnelBear’s nologging policy guarantees your anonymity. Enjoy a secure and private internet experience with TunnelBear VPN.

TunnelBear also supports secure torrenting, offering users a protected and efficient way to download and share files. With a variety of protocols, including WireGuard, OpenVPN, and IKEv2. With these advanced encryption methods, your online activities remain private and secure. However, to use TunnelBear torrenting you need to upgrade to its paid plan for P2P servers and unlimited data.

The best part is that you can try the TunnelBear free trial if you’re unsure about how it works. However, If you’re not happy with it, you can also cancel its Subscription with a money-back guarantee, To cancel TunnelBear Subscription, you will need to follow the steps provided by TunnelBear’s official support or contact their customer service for assistance.

If TunnelBear Not Working you can reach out to TunnelBear’s customer support for personalized assistance and troubleshooting guidance related to using the VPN however, There’s no live chat support option available at present.

Learn more about this service in our TunnelBear review.

  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Connect multiple devices simultaneously
  • Utilizes strong encryption
  • enforces a strict privacy logging policy

  • Slow mobile video load times
  • Lack of browser extensions

5. Speedify – Lightning-Fast Free VPN For Hulu


Key Features:

  • 200+ servers in more than 35 countries including the USA.
  • WireGuard, and robust anti-censorship technologies
  • 1 simultaneous connection on its free plan & 5 devices on the premium plan
  • 2GBs data on its free plan
  • Average speeds for streaming Hulu
  • Works with Hulu, YouTube TV, Netflix and more

Speedify is the Lightning-Fast Free VPN For Hulu ensuring seamless streaming and unrestricted access to your favorite shows and movies. With its innovative channel bonding technology, you can enjoy buffer-free high-definition content from anywhere in the world, making it the ultimate solution for Hulu enthusiasts.

Speedify has an impressive network of 200+ servers and locations spread across 35 countries, It offers a wide range of options for seamless and reliable connections. Speedify allows users to connect up to five devices simultaneously with just a single account, providing flexibility and convenience.

Speedify provides free access to popular streaming platforms like Hulu, Peacock TV, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Disney+, and Netflix. To thoroughly evaluate Speedify’s performance, we tested its ability to unblock a Hulu show. It pleasantly surprised us by quickly bypassing the geo-restriction and providing access. This is impressive because Speedify is a free VPN, and it showed its effectiveness in overcoming content restrictions.


Speedify lets us quickly unblock Hulu.

Following a comprehensive speed test of Speedify for users in the U.S., we assessed its performance on a connection surpassing 100 Mbps. The results showed a download speed of 26.33 Mbps and an upload speed of 23.5 Mbps. These speeds are suitable for streaming content with occasional buffering and minimal lag.


This is the average speed of Speedify speed test results.

Speedify provides the advantage of having compatible apps for various operating systems. Whether you’re on macOS, Windows, or Android, you can effortlessly locate and install the Speedify app on your device. This compatibility guarantees that users can have a smooth VPN experience no matter which operating system they prefer.

Speedify is a secure choice for users. It provides strong ChaCha 256-bit encryption, an automatic kill switch, and DNS leak protection. While this free VPN service is based in the US, it strictly follows a no-logs policy, ensuring your privacy remains safeguarded. Additionally, it offers captive portal assistance to enhance your security when using public Wi-Fi networks.

Do VPNs work with Hulu? This is the most frequently asked question on Reddit, and many users discuss Speedify as a reliable option with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Speedify Reddit threads are filled with success stories of users seamlessly accessing Hulu content from abroad and enjoying buffer-free streaming, making it a top choice for those looking to bypass geo-restrictions while maintaining a fast and secure connection.

Learn more about this VPN service in our Speedify review.

  • Unblocked Hulu on the paid version
  • Real-time stats on apps
  • 5 multi logins are allowed
  • free trial period before subscribing to any package
  • Channel Bonding technology

  • Servers are slow while switching
  • 1 device connection on the free version

Get Speedify for Hulu30-day money-back guarantee

Comparison Table of the Best Free VPN for Hulu

What VPNs work with Hulu is a common question among users seeking to access Hulu’s content from outside the United States. Here is the comparison table of the best free VPNs for Hulu.

VPNs expressvpn-logo-new Windscribe-logo ProtonVPN-logo TunnelBear-logo
Speeds Very fast Fast Fast Average Average
Data Usage Limit Unlimited 10 GB Unlimited 5 MB 2 GB
Server Locations 94 10 3 51+ 36
Simultaneous connections 8 no limit 01 no limit 05
Streaming Platforms HBO Max, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime HBO Max, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime HBO Max, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime HBO Max, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime HBO Max, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime
Logging Policy no-logs policy no-logs policy no-logs policy no-logs policy no log VPN policy
Official Website Visit Site Visit Site Visit Site Visit Site Visit Site

How We Tested the Best Free VPN for Hulu

Our testing process for Best Free VPN for Hulu involved a comprehensive assessment of various criteria that includes reliability, security, and the ability to unblock Hulu, to ensure users a satisfying streaming experience.

  • Evaluating Media Streaming Capabilities: We scrutinized each free VPN’s capacity to facilitate the successful unblocking of Hulu. This encompassed thorough tests on multiple servers, confirming consistent access to Hulu’s extensive content library.
  • Emphasis on No-Logs Policy: Our priority was given to VPN providers adhering to a strict no-logs policy. This assurance signifies that they refrain from retaining any records of user activities, thereby ensuring utmost privacy and anonymity during Hulu streaming sessions.
  • Prioritizing Speed and Security: We conducted a thorough evaluation of each free VPN’s speed performance to guarantee seamless, buffer-free streaming on Hulu. Additionally, we sought out strong security measures, including robust encryption protocols and supplementary privacy features, to safeguard user data and guarantee a secure streaming experience.
  • Ensuring Unwavering Reliability: Reliability was a pivotal consideration in our testing methodology. We scrutinized the consistency of connections, uptime, and the VPN’s ability to maintain a stable link to Hulu’s servers, guaranteeing uninterrupted streaming sessions.
  • Global Server Network: The availability of a diverse array of server locations holds significant importance for accessing Hulu’s geo-restricted content. We focused on VPN providers with an expansive global server network, enabling users to effortlessly connect to servers in the United States for seamless access to Hulu’s extensive streaming library.

Why is Hulu not working with a free VPN?

There are several reasons why Hulu not working with VPN.

  • VPN blocking: Hulu actively detects and blocks VPN traffic to enforce its geo-restrictions. Free VPNs are more likely to have their IP addresses and servers identified by Hulu and subsequently blocked. Hulu invests in technologies to detect and restrict VPN usage to protect its licensing agreements and regional content restrictions.
  • Limited server locations: Free VPNs typically have a limited number of server locations available for users. As Hulu requires a connection from a U.S.-based server, the chances of finding a reliable and unblocked server within a free VPN’s limited server network become significantly reduced.
  • Bandwidth and speed limitations: Free VPNs often impose limitations on bandwidth and connection speeds. Streaming video content like Hulu requires a stable and fast connection, which may not be achievable with a free VPN due to restrictions placed on data usage and reduced network capacity.
  • VPN service quality: Free VPNs may not prioritize maintaining high-quality services, including optimized servers for streaming. The lack of investment and resources in free VPNs can result in unreliable connections, buffering issues, and poor overall streaming experience on Hulu.
  • Overused and blacklisted IP addresses: As free VPNs are widely used by a large number of users, the IP addresses associated with these services can become overused and blacklisted by Hulu. This can lead to frequent connection issues and difficulty in accessing Hulu’s content.
  • IP and DNS Leaks: Hulu may not work with a VPN due to IP address and DNS request leaks. These leaks reveal your geographical location data. If either of them becomes visible, Hulu can promptly detect it and block further access.

It’s important to note that while some users may have success accessing Hulu with certain free VPNs temporarily, the continuous effort by Hulu to block VPN traffic makes it difficult to rely on free VPN services for consistent and reliable access to Hulu’s content. In such cases, using a reputable paid VPN service, like ExpressVPN, is recommended for a more seamless and uninterrupted streaming experience.

Risks of using a free VPN for Hulu

Before you look out for how to get Hulu for free hack, check out several risks associated with using the best Free VPN for Hulu:

  • Limited security and privacy: Free VPNs often lack robust security features, such as strong encryption protocols and reliable privacy policies. They may log user data or sell user information to third parties, compromising your online privacy and exposing you to potential security risks.
  • Data leakage and tracking: Some free VPNs have been found to leak IP addresses, DNS requests, or other sensitive information, potentially exposing your identity and online activities. Certain free VPNs may track and sell your browsing data to advertisers or other entities, undermining the purpose of using a VPN for privacy.
  • Advertisements and malware: Free VPNs often rely on displaying advertisements to generate revenue. These ads can be intrusive and may contain malware or malicious links, posing a risk to your device’s security and potentially compromising your data.
  • Slow speeds and bandwidth limitations: Free VPNs typically have limitations on bandwidth and impose speed caps. This can result in sluggish streaming and buffering issues while trying to access Hulu’s content. The limited resources of free VPNs are often shared among many users, leading to decreased performance.
  • Unreliable access to Hulu: Due to Hulu’s efforts to block VPNs, free VPNs are more likely to have their IP addresses and servers detected and blocked by Hulu. This can lead to inconsistent access to Hulu’s content, making it frustrating and unreliable to stream your favorite shows or movies.

Note – You may find many Hulu VPN free services over the internet, but it’s essential to choose a reliable free Hulu VPN provider like the ones we have mentioned to ensure seamless access to Hulu’s content.

It is recommended to opt for a reputable paid VPN like ExpressVPN that prioritizes security, privacy, and reliable access to Hulu. Paid VPNs offer better protection, faster speeds, and dedicated servers optimized for streaming, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable streaming experience on Hulu.

Free VPNs To avoid for Hulu

After experiencing the adverse effects of connecting through a free VPN Hulu, we ranked the ones you should avoid. These VPNs gave us the worst experience while attempting to connect to Hulu.

Free VPN Provider Why You Should Avoid It
HOXX VPN This VPN does not work like a VPN but as a proxy. This VPN does not provide a virtual private network that encrypts our traffic for anonymous streams. Hoxx VPN was unable to unblock Hulu. We tried it multiple times, but the error prompts do not disappear as Hulu easily blacklisted our IP address. Check this Hoxx VPN review for more insights.
HOLAVPN This VPN has an inferior server network in the US. Thus, using Hola VPN for Hulu is impossible. Hola’s unblocking ability was not even average. As it was a total failure on Hulu, we tried it on Netflix but still failed to establish a virtual link. We suggest you read this HolaVPN review for more details.
HIDEMYASS Our tests showed that getting a US IP address is not a smooth task for HMA. This VPN did not excel in speeds and unblocking, too. Its ideal download speed peaked at 31.09 Mbps; which was not enough for streaming—course through or HideMyAss review for additional information.

FAQs – Free VPN for Hulu

Yes, you can use a free VPN for Hulu, but it’s not recommended. Free VPNs may compromise your online privacy and often result in slower internet speeds, impacting your streaming experience. Opting for a paid VPN service is a more secure and reliable choice for seamless Hulu access.

Here is a trick to Hulu with a free VPN service:

  1. Sign up for a reliable free VPN that offers US servers. We suggest using Windscribe.
  2. Install the VPN software and connect to a server in the United States.
  3. Go to the Hulu website to log in or sign up for an account.
  4. Alternatively, you can download the Hulu app.
  5. Search for your preferred content and start enjoying it!

Yes, Proton VPN allows users to enjoy their favorite Hulu shows from anywhere. Moreover, with Proton VPN, you can stream Disney+, HBO Max, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video too!

Yes, you can change the Hulu location with a VPN. Just activate your VPN before signing in to your Hulu account. Select a VPN that suits your requirements. (We’ve provided a list of top VPNs for streaming above.)

ExpressVPN is compatible with popular streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, and DAZN for sports and live streaming. If you face content access issues, consider switching to a different server.

Hulu uses lists of IP addresses to confirm your current one. If it’s on the free VPN list, Hulu will block it. When many users stream content from the same IP address, it often raises suspicion, indicating the use of a free VPN.

Wrapping UP!

How to make Hulu work with VPN is a common question for users. So, while it is possible to access the Best free VPN for Hulu, the reliability and effectiveness of such free services can be questionable. Hulu actively blocks many VPNs, making it challenging to find a consistent and dependable option.

However, Windscribe and ProtonVPN are free VPNs that work with Hulu. They have open servers that provide you with a US IP address at fast speeds. If you intend to use the best free VPN for Hulu, these two are reliable options that exceed our standards when it comes to free VPNs.

Be careful when using free VPNs for Hulu, as the risks outweigh the benefits. If you value safety and reliability, I recommend trying ExpressVPN‘s 30-day free trial, which provides a fast, secure, and undetectable connection, making it the top choice for Hulu access.