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Canadian government intrusions on user privacy is a serious obstacle to online freedom of citizens. Being a member of the Five Eyes alliance, there is little reason why any citizen should trust the government fooling around with their private data. I have already discussed the importance of using a best Canada VPN for enhancing your privacy on the web.

Today, however, I’m going to discuss a different problem: that of geo-restrictions. Many services, especially streams of Canadian TV channels, are blocked outside of the country. A free Canada proxy can come in handy if you are traveling abroad but don’t want to lose access to local websites and services.

So, let’s see if there are any decent proxy services available for free in Canada.

Why you need a Proxy in the First Place?

A proxy service allows you to connect to the website you want to access through a different server than the one provided by your ISP. For instance, you can be staying in Sri Lanka and use a proxy to connect to Canadian servers to access services and websites geographically bound in your home country.

Some proxy services add basic encryption as well which improve your online security. Nonetheless, proxies generally aren’t secure enough to be trusted completely, and it is advisable to exercise caution when using one. This is one of its greatest disadvantages in comparison to VPN services.

However, if your primary objective is to bypass geo-restrictions, then a free Canada proxy can be quite useful when you are on the go.

But are there are any proxy services that you can trust?

Let’s see find out!

Secure Free Canada Proxy Services

A simple Google search yields a large number of proxy services you can use from Canada. I would strictly advise against using a proxy website unless you have done your research and sure it is safe to use.

It isn’t unheard of for a proxy website to sell user data to advertisers for a profit. This is why it pays to be sure about safety of the service you want to use before you start surfing the web through it.

Unfortunately, there are only a couple of free proxy services for Canada that I have been able to find, as most of them are shady and not trustworthy enough to warrant risking your data.

So, let’s discuss these proxies in turn:

1. VPNBook Web Proxy

VPNBook is a free service provider that offers VPN as well as web proxy. We reviewed VPNBook for its VPN services, but here we are only concerned with its web proxy.

The free web proxy allows users to select from 4 proxy location, US, UK, France, and Canada. The best aspect of this proxy service is that it uses SSL encryption to keep your online activities well-guarded behind a cryptographic wall.


VPNBook’s free Canada Proxy can be used to access blocked websites from outside of the country with decent security. So, if you find yourself on the wrong side of the fence when trying to gain access to a Canadian website, visit VPNBook’s Web proxy, select Canada proxy from the drop-down menu, enter the URL of the site you want to unblock, and get going!

Visit VPNBook

2. ProxyNova

ProxyNova keeps a list of working proxy servers for a variety of countries. There are dozens of proxy servers from Canada listed on the website. So if you want to enter a Canadian site from abroad, you can use the presented proxy addresses for this purpose.


ProxyNova is not a Proxy service itself: it only provides proxy addresses that you can use to spoof your location. There are three categories or “levels” of proxies that ProxyNova offers: transparent, anonymous, and elite.

Transparent proxies are those which let your destination server know your real IP address as well as the fact that you are using a proxy. Anonymous proxies only let your destination server know you are using a proxy, but keep your real IP address hidden. Finally, Elite proxies keep your IP addresses as well as the fact that you are using a proxy a secret from the destination server.

You should only use Anonymous and, whenever possible, the Elite level of proxy.

ProxyNova is a little trickier to use as compared to VPNBook, since it not a proxy server itself. You can use the proxy IP addresses for Canada displayed by ProxyNova and insert these addresses in your browser.

However, there is another option: using the Nova Proxy Switcher which you download here.

Once downloaded:

  1. Launch the Proxy Switcher
  2. Click “Proxy Server
  3. Enter the Proxy IP and Proxy Port information as provided by ProxyNova

The format for entering the proxy IP and proxy port address is like this:

Proxy IP: Proxy port =

3. ProxyServer


ProxyServer is another free proxy service. Unlike the two services mentioned above, this one doesn’t allow you to select any specific proxy location like Canada. However, it can still bypass a lot of geo-restrictions if you are unable to access some Canadian websites abroad.

Our review of ProxyServer discusses this service in more detail.

Visit ProxyServer

Finishing Up

VPN services and proxies are both capable tools when it comes to bypassing geo-restrictions. A free Canada proxy allows you to access blocked services and sites from Canada if you are located abroad. However, don’t expect strong security and privacy, as that is a function better served by VPN services and not the strong suit of proxies.