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What if we tell you that you can safely access Bilibili outside Hongkong with a free VPN? Yes! A free VPN works around geo-restrictions by giving you a secure Hongkong IP address. This mechanism allows unlimited access to content while traveling.

Unfortunately, Bilibili is blocked outside of China, which is why you need a free VPN to enjoy Bilibili’s full library. So, if you’re a huge fan of streaming platforms like Bilibili or a casual streamer, a VPN is something you should not miss out on. With thousands of choices online, subscribing to a reliable one is rather difficult.

We tested over 50+ best free VPN options for streaming Bilibili to find the best free VPN for Bilibili. We extracted their features in detail and ranked them accordingly. With these supersaver VPNs, you can experience the qualities of premium VPNs – fast, stable, secure, and anonymous.

And the best part is that – it’s FREE. Who doesn’t want free things, right? Read on if you’re wondering how to use a free VPN to watch Bilibili, and more! Also, grasp the core of these free VPNs as we go further.

Quick Overview: Best Free VPN for BiliBili [Updated 2023]

The best free VPN for Bilibili with easy platform access is below.

1. ExpressVPN – The Best VPN for Bilibili with a 7-day Free Trial. This premium VPN offers blazing-fast access to Bilibili using its Hongkong servers (Lines 1 and 2).

2. Windscribe – Free Hongkong VPN for BiliBili with FREE 10GB of Data. Windscribe is a free VPN that enables borderless access to Bilibili. It unlocks, secures, and connects you to the world beyond Hongkong without issues.

3. ProtonVPN – Free VPN for Bilibili with Unlimited Bandwidth. Proton VPN is a VPN with a free app that gives fast and stable access to Hongkong platforms like Bilibili.

Our Testing Methodology & FAQs

Why is a free VPN for Bilibili important for streaming content?

You need a free VPN for Bilibili to access its content and work around certain geo-restrictions. The best free VPN for Hongkong allows a safe digital environment where you can enjoy your time through its encryption methodology.

If you try to stream Bilibili outside of China, you’ll encounter this error message:


With the best free VPN, you can safely watch Bilibili overseas in an unrestricted manner. Read on to discover the ones that stood high during our tests.

3 Best free VPNs for BiliBili in-depth Analysis [March 2023]

1. ExpressVPNThe Best VPN for Bilibili with a 7-day Free Trial



Key Features

  • Mobile FREE trial for 7 days and a 30-day Money-back Guarantee
  • Easy access to Bilibili outside Hongkong
  • 3000 global servers including 2 Hongkong lines
  • Best connections via Hongkong – 1
  • Fast speed for Bilibili streaming
  • Five (5) simultaneous connections
  • Unlimited Bandwidth using the FREE plan

Dominating the charts is ExpressVPN – the best risk-free VPN for Bilibili. This VPN offers supersaver options that you can use – either a 7-day free trial or a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Currently, ExpressVPN has 3000 servers worldwide. For Bilibili, ExpressVPN is the best choice. It has been operating in Hongkong for years now. It established two lines in Hongkong that users can connect to.

When tested for its unblocking abilities, this VPN did not disappoint. We have tested ExpressVPN in many Asian countries but its performance via its Hongkong servers deserves much praise.

This VPN gave easy connections to Bilibili. We recommend connecting via its Hongkong – 1 server for superior stability.


Aside from Bilibili, we also confirmed ExpressVPN working on Disney Plus. This VPN allowed us to watch the new episodes of Save Our Squad. Moreover, we also commended ExpressVPN on Netflix as it excelled in our unblocking tests on this streaming giant.

For its speeds, we derived our ExpressVPN speed test data on a RAM-only 100 Mbps connection. Indeed not the one that steals the fun, ExpressVPN offers lightning-fast speeds for your streams.

Its average download speed data was 83.45 Mbps and its average upload speed was 76.45 Mbps. Using these rates, we experience no trouble streaming in and out of Hongkong.


ExpressVPN provided exceptional speeds on its Hong Kong servers for streaming Bilibili in HD.

The compatibility is on point. ExpressVPN’s specialized app was brilliantly engineered to work with multiple devices. From ExpressVPN on iOS to Android and ExpressVPN for routers or any smart home devices, this VPN supports them all.

On our tests, ExpressVPN with Firestick granted us straightforward accessibility. It is easily connected to our Kodi, and we owe it to its pioneering Mediastreamer feature. 

For security, this VPN is trustworthy. We never came across a VPN whose kill switch protection is outstanding. ExpressVPN offers military-grade encryption at AES 256-bit key. For privacy, this VPN complies with an audited no-logs policy.

Sensibly, you can access Bilibili with the best speeds and strong security with ExpressVPN. You never have to worry about traveling and missing out as this reliable VPN offers unlimited services fit for travelers like you.

ExpressVPN’s free trial is available for Bilibili users. You can also start by signing up for ExpressVPN and availing of its money-back guarantee. Whatever your choice is, hit up its 24/7 live chat support for assistance.

You can also find out more interesting ExpressVPN facts in this ExpressVPN review.

  • Bilibili VPN FREE trial is available
  • Best VPN for streaming
  • The free trial offers its complete features
  • No bandwidth and connection limits
  • Very easy setup across devices
  • Works outside Hongkong
  • Responsive chat support
  • The free plan is cancellable on your own accord.

2. WindscribeFree Hongkong VPN for BiliBili with FREE 10GB of Data


Key Features

  • Large network of 3000+ servers
  • Allows connection to 63 countries, including Hongkong
  • FREE plan available
  • Stable speeds using its Hongkong servers
  • 10 GB data and access to ten countries using the FREE app
  • AES-256-bit key encryption
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections (free!)

Windscribe is a free Hongkong VPN that connects you to Bilibili while overseas. It is a  free and reliable VPN for Bilibili with free 10 GB data, which allows you to stream your favorite Bilibili originals while experiencing another country’s culture.

Practically speaking, free VPNs offer fewer features than paid ones. But we were amazed at how this free VPN even outranks the premium VPNs for Bilibili.

Windscribe easily got rid of the error message when accessing it outside Hongkong. The way it bypassed geo-restrictions was beyond satisfactory.

Similarly, you can effectively access Netflix with Winscribe. Using this VPN for unblocking Netflix’s content in and out Hongkong is easy. You can choose from any country server you like, and you’re set.


For our Windscribe speed test data, this VPN gave decent streaming speeds. Its upload speed was 65.21 Mbps and its download speed was 34.75 Mbps. With these speeds, our Bilibili streams were continuous.


Windscribe has lightening fast speed to download and upload on over 100 Mbps connection.

You will also not worry od device limits. Using its free plan, you get to enjoy unlimited simultaneous connections at 10 GB FREE.

You can connect Windscribe for Roku apps and Windscribe for Forestrick. When we tested it with these devices, we got fast and easy connectivity. Similarly, Windscribe apps for Kodi and Android were great and user-friendly.

With so much in store for your streaming, Windscribe is the ideal free VPN. If you torrent, Windscribe’s best torrenting abilities are top-notch. Though, you should beware of its data limits using the free plan.

This VPN also has security tools to ensure anonymous streams. Currently, it employs the industry-standard AES 256-bit key encryption. Its no-logs policy is also legitimate, as found by our tests.

You can experience uncompromised access to Bilibili using Windscribe Bilibili VPN free trial. If you choose to purchase its premium version, you can also claim its 3-day money-back and file for a Windscribe refund policy.

If you want more information before you choose this VPN, read our Windscribe review.

  • Easy access to Bilibili
  • No network throttling
  • UltraHD streams were achieved
  • Data limits
  • Fails to connect to HBO during our tests

3. ProtonVPNFree VPN for Bilibili with an Unlimited Bandwidth


Key Features

  • Large server network of 1906+ servers
  • Available in 67 countries, and 22 Hongkong servers
  • Completely risk-free VPN for Hongkong
  • Fast streaming for Bilibili at UltraHD
  • FREE Unlimited bandwidth with NO data caps
  • AES 256-bit key encryption
  • 1 connection allowance for the FREE plan

ProtonVPN easily activates your restricted connection to Bilbiili. This Free VPN is a reliable free option for Hongkong access.

Specifically, you can connect to its 22 Hongkong servers wherever you may be. In case of Proton VPN not working issues, you can simply reconnect to another server to refresh your connection.

In our tests, using Proton with Bilibili works smoothly. We were able to stream normally; as though it was not under a VPN-enabled connection.

You can maximize these speeds by streaming ‘til your heart’s content. You can use Netflix with Proton and stream other countries’ catalogs. Proton VPN for Disney Plus also pairs up well. Disney Plus’ IP blocking was not as powerful as this VPN’s unblocking technique.


Aside from streaming, you may want to use Proton for torrenting. With its free plan, you can torrent safely through its encryption standards.

Its easy access is also manifested in our Proton VPN speed test data. You can effectively work around the restrictions at a fast speed with Proton VPN.  Its average download speed was 65.12 Mbps and its upload speed was 59.32 Mbps.


Enjoy ProtonVPN decent speed on a 100 Mbps connection.

For device setup, this VPN is not a pain. Its free plan is compatible with most OS. It also has apps for almost any device. Proton VPN with Kodi, routers, desktops, phones, and smart TVs is a perfect pair.

To install Roku with Proton VPN, you only need to follow the onscreen instructions when downloading Proton on Roku. We got a relatively easy setup on our Roku devices.

Now, let’s get to the more serious stuff. For the skeptics, the question “is Proton VPN safe?is often posed. And a one-word answer is YES.

You can achieve 100% security and privacy with Proton VPN. With its free version, they maintain an AES 256-bit key encryption. Your data is also protected with its no-logs policy.

What’s more, is that Proton VPN constantly improves its security features. It has a ProtonVPN Kill Switch perfect for disconnection and power outages.

Experience a supersaver VPN like no other. Proton VPN’s free trial is open for you. No costs. No hidden charges. No signups are required.

You can reach out to its live chat support for real-time assistance. Proton VPN refund policy is also one of the quickest money-back that we encountered. Contact them for more details.

You can also check and read our team’s Proton VPN review to unlock a greater understanding of free VPNs like Proton.

  • Provides stable access to Bilibili
  • Fast streams were achieved
  • Undetected by the IP monitoring system
  • Great for torrenting
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Secure VPN that never compromises our data
  • No simultaneous connection is allowed for the FREE Plan

Methodology: How We Evaluate these Free VPNs for Bilibili

For Bilibili access outside Hongkong, we tried 50 VPNs based on the following criteria.


We looked at the powerful encryption of free VPNs and how anonymous we can get. The best free Bilibil VPNs use the premium AES 256-bit key encryption. At this standard, defeating censorship like a ghost is achievable.

Large Servers

A global network of servers gives access to Bilibil. We tested this criterium by looking at the number of VPN servers in Hongkong. Proton VPN bested the test as it has 22 servers in one Hongkong city.

Unblocking geo-restrictions

We tested the unblocking abilities of a VPN by connecting to its nearest server. The best free Bilbili VPNs got through the streaming platform in one go.


We tested a VPN’s speed on a 100 Mbps RAM-only connection. The top-ranking free VPNs showed fast and reliable VPNs for Bilibili. Our streaming was uninterrupted with Windscribe. We also achieved minimal throttling and slowdowns.


Free VPNs should not compel you to sign up for your card details and information. As it is free, there must be no hidden charges or successive fees.

Free VPNs to Avoid for BiliBili

You should avoid these VPNs outside of Hongkong for being unreliable and failing to access Bilibili.


Hoxx VPN does not have physical servers in Hongkong. As this VPN works more like a proxy, its servers are virtual and unstable. We were unable to connect to Bilibili. Definitely, not useful for Bilbili streaming. Check out our Hoxx VPN reviews.


Hola VPN is a free Hongkong VPN. However, Hola VPN did so poorly during our tests for Bilibili. Its encryption was subpar, hence, it was easy for Bilbili to blacklist us. Our team’s complete Hola VPN reviews also revealed that this VPN is unsafe for streaming.


HMA is transparent that it does not have servers in Hongkong. The closest you can get is through its Macau servers. Because of this lack of servers, Bilibili access is impossible. Finally, our HMA VPN reviews tell us that this VPN is less secure than it purports to be.

FAQ: Free VPN for BiliBili

A free VPN unblocks Bilibili content by establishing a VPN connection through its servers. When connected, it provides a Hongkong IP address that will not restrict your access to Bilibili. We recommend Proton VPN which works in and out Hongkong and is available for FREE.

The best VPNs for Bilibili that are ideal alternatives for streaming are the following:

  1. ExpressVPN – Best VPN, Our top recommendation for Bilibili outside Hongkong.
  2. NordVPN – Largest VPN. Fast Streaming and stable conenctions.
  3. Surfshark – Budget VPN with complete features for Bilbili.

To use ExpressVPN free trial, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for ExpressVPN by visiting their order page.
  2. Enjoy your Bilibili streams by connecting via its Hong Kong servers.
  3. Keep your purchase or cancel within the money-back period for a refund.


A Free VPN for Bilibili grants easy, fast, and reliable access to this streaming platform outside Hongkong. You can experience a quality VPN without paying anything. Free VPNs offer easy-to-download apps that are compatible with your devices. With a VPN app, you can start connecting to its Hongkong servers to get a Hongkong IP address.

Based on our testing methodology with over 50 VPNs, the best VPN is ExpressVPN’s free trial. This leading VPN provides a free trial that you can avail of. Technically, you don’t get to pay anything if you claim its refund policy on time. With ExpressVPN, you can enjoy unlimited access to Bilibili wherever the world takes you.

You can also try Windscribe and Proton VPN for FREE. These VPNs perform top-tier unblocking functionality when tried with BilIbiili.