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There are literally countless free VPN for iPhone on iTunes, most of them are usually are free for a limited time or give you access to very few locations so that you move to premium. It’s not an easy task to find an iPhone VPN that actually works, but that said, we have tried to find VPNs that can stand tall against other paid VPN for iPhone services.

But how do we find out the right ones in an ocean full of options? That is why we have tried and tested the VPN providers for iPhone.

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7 Best Free VPN for iPhone

Below are the most credible free services available out there! While a lot of free VPN services claim to have great features but when it comes to free vs. premium iPhone VPN, most free VPNs simply can’t match them but worry not! We have found the ones that can at least stand tall to paid services.

List of Free VPNs for iPhone

Free VPNFeaturesPaid AlternativesMore Info
  • L2TP/IPS, OpenVPN Protocols
  • 354 Servers in 8 Countries
  • 3 Multi Login
  • Up to 128-bit Encryption
$4.17Per Month
  • PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, OpenVPN & IKEv2 Protocols
  • Over 306+ Servers in 25+ Countries
  • No Multi Login
$3.99Per Month
  • Offers Servers in 10+ Locations
  • Zero Activity Logging Policy
  • Free Trial Without Credit Card
$2.99Per Month
  • PPTP, L2TP/IPSec & OpenVPN Protocols
  • Servers in 15+ Countries
  • No Multi Login
$8.00Per Month
  • PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, & OpenVPN protocols
  • Servers in 8+ Countries
  • No Multi Login
$2.99Per Month
  • Ad Blocker
  • P2P (Peer to Peer) Support
  • 50 VPN Server Locations
  • DNS Leak Protection
$4.08Per Month
  • 500 Ultra Fast Servers in 28 Countries
  • Unlimited Simultaneous Use on 5 Devices
  • Bank-Grade Encryption
$2.99Per Month


1. TunnelBear


  • Very Easy to Use
  • Above Average Speeds
  • Supports Multiple Devices Simultaneously
  • Only 500MB a Month
  • Does not Support Torrenting
  • Bad Customer Support Service

Yet another free VPN for iPhone, Tunnelbear has rapidly turned out to be one of the most well-known VPN service choices out there. A brief experience with the app will demonstrate to you why that is so!

Tunnelbear legitimately prides itself on its UI encounter. Tunnelbear is the uncommon VPN service that doesn’t make you have a feeling that you’ve recently used some dim piece of the web that you weren’t intended to access or something like that. It flaunts a fun arrangement of features – and an odd comical inclination –along with multi-device login and genuinely great speeds.

The drawback with Tunnelbear as your free service is its 500MB multi-month top. However, in case you’re not so much worried about using a VPN constantly, that is not the most noticeably awful thing.

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2. CyberGhost


  • P2P Support
  • Romanian Jurisdiction
  • Live Chat (Available 24/7)
  • 45-day Money Back Guarantee
  • 7 Simultaneous Logins
  • Average Speed
  • Plans and Pricing
  • Servers Location
  • Features Review

CyberGhost is one of the leading service providers in VPN industry. CyberGhost VPN offers you a free VPN to maximize your online security. CyberGhost is one of the best alternatives that you should consider if you think of using a free VPN.

CyberGhost allows you to breakthrough all restrictions and evade all censorship issues by allowing you to mask your real IP. CyberGhost is not only compatible with iPhone but other devices as well. Not only this, CyberGhost supports different tunneling protocols to safeguard your online security.

However, there is a flaw associated with the VPN that CyberGhost is offering. CyberGhost’s free VPN disconnects automatically after 3 hours. You can connect the VPN again, but it will keep disconnecting after a 3-hour time frame.

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3. BetterNet


  • More Free Options than Other VPNs
  • Amazing Speed
  • Easy User Interface
  • Security Information is Vague
  • Almost No Customer Support
  • Few Servers

It’s hard not a bad idea to take a look at Betternet in case you’re in the market for free VPN for iPhone. Considering all things, it’s one of the most noteworthy applications available and flaunts some quite positive reviews from its clients.

One big reason that Betternet is so loved has to do with the unlimited bandwidth it offers, Betternet doesn’t restrict its free clients to any cap on data. You can browse limitlessly as there is no cap on data. At the same time, you’ll have the capacity to enjoy better than expected server speeds – clients in prominent territories will see little drop-off in quality – and will discover little inconvenience using the app.

In any case, there have been discussions gliding around with respect to how Betternet can keep the majority of its extensive administrations free. Some have expressed that Betternet will transfer malware to your gadget and that the administration will auction information to outsiders keeping in mind the end goal to make up income. Presently, the legitimacy of these cases is to some degree easy to refute. However, they’re sufficiently pervasive to make us ponder regardless of whether you shouldn’t consider other – possibly less well known – choices out there.

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4. Hotspot Shield


  • 1GB Every Day
  • Blazing Speeds
  • Coupled with Anti-Virus
  • Very Few Servers
  • The Free Version has Very Basic Functions

Hotspot Shield flaunts one of the more liberal VPN offers out there that we can consider. At the minimal effort of literally doing nothing, you get 1 GB of free data daily. Not monthly… daily. That is some genuine data allocation in search of free VPN for iPhone.

Best of all Hotspot doesn’t appear to confine its free clients as far as speed is considered. At any rate, it doesn’t appear to. Hotspot Shield is a really quick service, or, in other words, astonishing when you consider that it additionally offers a built-in anti-virus. That by itself should back the speed off. However it does great.

There is one slight issue, however. Hotspot doesn’t endeavor to trick its free clients into believing that they’re getting full services. They are definitely not. The issue is that you could make the contention that even premium clients aren’t getting full services. Hotspot’s number of accessible servers is strangely constrained, and the strength of its security is to some degree sketchy. It’s a great option for people who are not power users as it offers tons of features.

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5. SecurityKISS


  • Accepts Anonymous Payment through Bitcoin
  • Strong Encryption Protocols Offered (OpenVPN and L2TP/IPsec)
  • Offers Chat Support, FAQs and Email Ticketing System
  • Cross-Platform Availability (Windows, iOS, Android and Mac)
  • Stores Connection Logs
  • Imposes Data Cap

Keep it Smart & Simple” the name says it all. Security KISS allows you to embrace online freedom and be familiar with Internet liberation. With Security KISS connected on your device, you can cope with divergent censorship and content restriction issues you are facing.

Security KISS offers free VPN for users preferring different devices including iPhone. To configure Security KISS free VPN on your iPhone, you only need to give them your email address. Security KISS will forward individually generated configuration that you can use to strengthen your online security.

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6. Windscribe


  • 10 GB Per Month Free Data
  • Vast Range of Servers
  • Good Customer Support
  • Below Average Speed

Windscribe is, in general, is quite awesome. It’s the ideal alternative for those searching for the most part extraordinary free VPN for iPhone. For a certain something, it lets even its free clients to take advantage of a great range of services.

Additionally, Windscribe offers some extraordinary features, for example, its link shortening service which monitors each abbreviated link you may visit to ensure you’re going precisely where you mean to go. As a matter of fact, the service is quite enthusiastic about online security.

For everything that Windscribe does well, however, it comes with two or three catches. Firstly the VPNs customer support isn’t available 24/7. With everything taken into account, however, it’s an incredible service provider.

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7. SurfEasy


  • Simultaneously Supports Multiple Devices
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • 500 MB Limited Cap
  • Unstable Performance

Opera has become well known throughout the years as the pioneers of browsing experience that are pro users and not providers. Their program is broadly perceived as a standout amongst the most effective on the mobile market and is trusted by a great number of clients. It makes sense, at that point, that their free VPN for iPhone would be similarly as solid and easy to use.

SurfEasy flaunts a simple to use interface that takes advantage incredibly from Opera’s experience working with simple to use programs. It’s difficult to envision anybody getting hung up on even the apps most exceptional features.

Here’s the place the “but” comes in. SurfEasy tops you at 500 MB a month for its free app, which probably won’t be sufficient for consistent clients of VPN services. However, it may be sufficient for the individuals who simply use VPN services in specific circumstances only.

While SurfEasy’s interface isn’t best in class, this is a simple VPN for individuals who USE VPNs out in the open Wi-Fi circumstances and other such occurrences.

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Why Do I Need iPhone VPN?

Many of you might be wondering why iPhone needs a free VPN to strengthen its security. Those who are satisfied iPhone customers know that iPhone’s security standards are better than its alternatives like Android. Other than free options, you can also go for a best cheap VPN to ensure your online security on a budget.

However, security threats that we used to face are nothing as compared to the ones that we are facing at the moment. Tricks and tools used by cyber-goons have evolved with the passage of time. Furthermore, surveillance agencies like the NSA and GCHQ have become vigilant than ever before.

In these turbulent times, we can’t rely on factory settings and default security levels to meet our security standards. We need something more, something that can match-up with our security needs, we need VPN for iPhone.

Optimal Online Security without Spending a Single Penny

I know most of you don’t see VPN as a feasible option, and it is not because of its salient features of benefits offered. It is because of the price you need to pay for the service. That’s the core reason for which you prefer a proxy over a VPN.

My recommendation in this regard – don’t. Preferring an inferior security optimization tool just to save a few bucks isn’t a smart move. Let us help you in this regard. For those who don’t know, there are Best VPN service providers out there who provide free VPN service.

So, instead of preferring a proxy over a VPN, we would recommend you to try a free VPN for iPhone from the list prescribed below. In this list, we have provided the names of VPN providers that offer free apps to work with iPhone. The ranking conversed in the table is based on the performance of VPNs and users’ feedback about the service.

Free VPNs for Other Devices and Apps

In addition to iPhone, you can also enjoy free privacy on other platforms as well.

Final Thoughts

We expect you would appreciate our effort on creating an exclusive guide on free VPN for iPhone devices. Thus, you can make your iPhone devices secure from your ISPs and other data surveillance agencies to another level.

For those who are not willing to spend a few bucks for their security, there are other ways to cover your vulnerabilities. The service providers prescribed in the list given above offer free VPNs for iPhone users.