Free SSL Certificate Provider Gets Mozilla & EFF Support

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Those who are concerned about their website’s security will be overjoyed when they hear about a new Certificate Authority that will provide free TSL and SSL certificates to the website owners. According to a report, a new organization is currently working on it and has the backing of Mozilla and the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and others.

The initials reports suggest that the CA will be referred as “Let’s Encrypt”, and will be available for full throttle operations in the first six months of the next year. The reports also hint towards the fact that the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG) will run it.

Josh Aas, senior technology strategist at Mozilla and executive director at ISRG, said in a statement that the efforts are being put in to make the people use TSL protocol (Tunnel Security Layer) as much as possible. He further told, “The CA will not only issue free SSL/TSL certificates but they will also configure and renew to encourage the users widely to adopt TSL”.

Aas said that people are reluctant to use TSL because only getting it is one of the hardest things to do. “The new CA won’t ask you to create an account and there would absolutely be no billing interaction. You’d not need much to know about using the TSL at all, except for the fact that you just want to use it”, said Aas.

The software that CA will use to help the users configure the TSL certificates will be open source. “We are looking forward to operate in a clear way, all the revocation records will be there for anyone to inspect”, said Aas.

“It’s not about visiting the encrypted bank websites anymore, we live in an era where the users would expect more from the websites they visit in terms of encryption”, he further said.

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